The relation between verse of purification and divine commands before it.

Verse of purification:

“Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless”(33:33) has no relation with the verse connected to it as this is half portion of (33:33)

The shias always argue that the verse of purification has its content  apart from the verses connected to it, before it and after it . But even they acknowledge that what the verses connected to it(ayat tatheer), before it and after it were revealed for wives of prophet(saw) and the commands present in them were for wives of prophet(saw).

Now lets see the part that is connected to verse of purification and which is the same verse:

And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore; and keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger.(33:33)

Here we’ll prove inshallah that the verse of purification has a very strong relation with the  verse connected to it, because the verse connected it contains means of purification through which purification can be achieved by the wives of prophet(Saw).

In verse of purification, Allah actually commands the wives of prophet(Saw) which were themselves kinds of purification of soul(tazkiyyah), like offering prayer is kind of purification as offering prayers removes our sins.  Paying zakat which too is a kind of purification and even obeying prophet(Saw) is a purification of soul.  Thus its very simple to understand the concept of purification, which shows us that if the ones to whom these commands were given follow those commands(which are themselves different types of purification) then surely Allah will purify them.


Now lets see in brief:

And establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger.Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless(33:33)

And if we closely look into the  divine directions that Allah gave to wives of prophet(saw) in this verse we will find that those directions were themselves a source of purification. That is Tazkiyyah(purification of soul) . Some of those divine commands were :

1. salah

2. zakat

3. obeying Allah and his messenger

1. Salah: Is a type of tazkiyyah(purification of soul), it contains purification of body(wudoo) as well as purification of soul(tazkiyyah). Salah purifies those who perform it through removing the evil deeds as the quran says:

And establish regular prayers at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: For those things, that are goodremove those that are evil : Be that the word of remembrance to those who remember (their Lord): (11:114)

Ablution (wudoo) purifies those who perform it. Refer quran (5:6)

2. Zakat: Zakat is also one kind of  purification, practicing this one becomes purified as the quran says:

Take alms out of their property, you would cleanse them and purify them thereby, and pray for them; surely your prayer is a relief to them; and Allah is Hearing, Knowing. (9:103).
3. Obeying Allah And His Messenger(Saw): Obeying Allah and his messenger(saw) encompasses all the forms of purification of soul(tazkiyyah) as the quran says:

Then He inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it;.Truly he succeeds that purifies it(91:8-9)

Shia tafseer for this verse: “Thus, those who are successful and those who fail in their lives, in this world, are defined here. The characteristic of these two groups is only the following: Piety and the growth in the spirit of virtue and obeying Allah. or impiety and polluting the soul with sin and corruption. A tradition from Imam Baqir and Imam Sadiq ( , commenting on this verse. says:Indeed he succeeds who obeys, and he is deprived who disobeys” Majma’-al-Bayan, vol. 10, p. 498. (The Light of The Holy Qur’an  by Ayatullah Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani and A Group of Muslim Scholars, under explanation of verse 91: 10)

Sunni tafseer for this verse: “This verse means: He who purified his soul obeying Allah (S.W.T), and purified it from vices and bad manners, he succeeded. And he who corrupted it by immersing it in sins and disobeying Allah (S.W.T), he utterly failed.” This verse was also interpreted by Ibn Abbas (R.A.). He said: “He whom Allah (S.W.T) purified his soul, he succeeded, and he whom Allah (S.W.T) corrupted his soul, he failed utterly.”(tafseer ibn katheer, chapter 91: 8-10)

Thus after analyzing  the context, we found that Allah Almighty was giving the prophet’s wives(ra) some divine directions(which were themselves types of purification) to be done. What all he commanded them do and to abstain from it was because if they conformed to his commands and abstained from what he forbade, He would reward them by removing all abomination from them and make them pure and stainless.  What we observe here is that here Allah speaks of  legal(tashri’i) purification and not the creational(takwini) purification.

And what we analyze here is that the words here are to the effect: “Allah intends to remove uncleanliness from you and purify you completely. ” The context also does not tell that the object here is to mention the virtues and excellences of the Holy Prophet’s household. On the contrary, they have been advised here what they should do and what they should not, because Allah intends to purify them. In other words, they have been told that if they adopted such and such an attitude and way of life, they will be blessed with cleanliness, otherwise not. However, if the words “Allah intends to remove uncleanliness from you . . . ” are taken to mean that Allah has made them infallable, then is no reason why all the Muslims who perform their ablutions before offering the Prayer, who pay zakat, who perform salah are not held as infallable, because about them also Allah says: “But Allah wills to purify you and complete His blessings upon you.” (Al-Ma’idah: 6)  similarly (11:114), (9;103). As for what has been said in the verse under study it obviously means that through these instructions Allah will remove the impurity from ahlebayt of prophet(Saw) and will cleanse them pure.

Thus we see how the verse of purification is related to the verse connected to it which has the commands in it and those commands themselves are means of purification of soul. So  its simple and crystal clear for a sensible person to understand that Allah wanted first the wives of prophet(saw)  to purify themselves by the commands he gave them, then in “that relation” he said that he will to purify them.

Allah knows the best.

May Allah’s (swt) blessings be upon His Messenger, his household, and companions.

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4 thoughts on “The relation between verse of purification and divine commands before it.

  1. Only a donkey would deny that prophet mohamed(saww) had four blessed daughters from khadija and only a donkey would attribute this to shias of ahlbait(as) based on some useless views of some useless modern scholars and some of their useless followers.
    so what did you achieve ?
    al-kulaini and al-tabrassi and almost all our great scholars know this fact.
    i am a shia and i know the prophet (saww) had four daughters without a doubt.

    • Thank you brother for acknowledging this fact which has been rejected by many shias. And don’t worry not only you, even if the most pathetic shia with an unbaised view reads this article will without a doubt change his view and acknowledge the fact that prophet(Saw) had 4 direct daughters. And from you say, the team of Answering ansar is filled with donkeys. (smile) and a list of many shia scholars who held this view were the same. (smile)… thats more than a achievement brother.

  2. I have no problem saying that answeringansar and bunch of wannabe scolars who are more stupid than donkeys.
    but if you were honest you would have said this :” many shia today and some shia scholars believe rasool allah (saww) had only one daughter but most shia of the past and genuine shia didn’t have any problem accepting that rasool allah (saww) had four dauthers.”

    but you are claiming that this is the opinion of shias meaning all shia which is a lie or at least misinformation.

    the true opinion of shiites is that he (saww) had four daughters.

    • Thanks for your comment, so acc to you majority of shias are worst than the donkeys… (smile)
      And i know that there is a dispute among shia scholars regarding the number of daughters of prophet(Saw) , so i cant create categories among shiism that so and so are true shias and so and so are false shias, it depends on your perspective. And its a fact that a vast majority of shias today(expect a minority who are negligible) believes that prophet(Saw) had just one daughter.

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