Books in several languages regarding the relationship between Ahlebayt and Sahaba

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh(Peace and Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon you)

A unique project is under process by few Scholars of Ahlesunnah, where they are writing some excellent books regarding the beautiful nature of relationship between Ahlebayt and Sahaba. These books have been translated in several languages like Urdu, Persian, Azerbaijan, etc.

Books on Relationship between Aal e rasool and Sahaba e rasool

Shia and Ahlebayt [urdu]

Shia and Ahlebayt [Arabic]

We encourage our readers to read these books in the respective language they are comfortable with, to get an idea that how beautiful relationship Sahaba and Ahlebayt maintained among each other, unlike what the shian e dajjal always try to portray.

Excellent Books refuting Shiism:

Books on refuting shiism in 15 different languages

Many Books refuting shiism in Urdu language (different website than above)

Some useful books


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