Narrations from Ahl-AlBayt present in the main books of Ahlesunnah

Narrations from Ahl-AlBayt present in the main books of Ahlesunnah

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Whenever the Ahl Al-Sunnah(People on the methodology of Prophetic Sunnah) claim to be the “real followers” of the Prophet(saw), his FAMILY AND his COMPANIONS, one can see them provide ample evidences, based on authenticity, not fiction or rubbish from history books (i.e. weak and unauthentic narrations). This takes us straight to the Shia Imamite sect, that believes by citing a bunch of misused/misinterpreted Sahih narrations, and a bunch of fabricated narrations(which is mostly the case) that are filling the books of history (that is why one can see them quoting day and night from Tabari and Kanz Al-Ummal!) that they are on the straight path. Thus, it is no wonder, that even Shia scholars themselves don’t give much with regards to the authenticity of the narrations. You see them quoting from their own narrations, just for the sake of backing a dogma within their own sect, without clarifying if their own Hadith which they quote is authentic or not.

So let us prove before you the shocking reality of the SAHIH narrations from Ahl Al bait in the books of Ahle Sunnah and in Shia books.  Because most of the time shias make propaganda against Ahle sunnah by raising questions like “why don’t you narrate from Ahl Al-Bayt?” Or some who are a bit more intelligent say at least “Why do you narrate so FEW narrations from Ahl Al-Bayt?”!

We know and they too know that most of them(shias) never checked the books of the Ahle Sunnah to see if this claim that was spread by their scholars is actually right or not. It’s just been repeated and in their fantasy they believe they are the followers of the AHL AL-BAYT, for they claim so, and have given the Ahl Al-Bayt all sorts of superstitious qualities, so who else are the “followers” of the Ahl Al-Bayt if not the Imamites? Well, this logic is ofcourse fatal, for this is exactly the way Mushriks, pagans, Cross-worshipers think. They too believe that they are upon the teaching of Jesus and his disciples, but we know better who is further away from Jesus. Right, those who CLAIM to follow him, and those who INVENTED superstitions, Kufr and Shirk in his name are in fact the biggest enemies of Jesus, no matter if they claim to love and follow him. So let us discover who has really narrated the treasures i.e. knowledge of the pure Ahl Al-Bayt? The People(Ahl) of the Sunnah, or the Imamite Shias?

According to Imam Ibn Taymiyyah and all of the Ahl Al-Sunnah, the greatest and most knowledgable members of the Ahl Al-Bayt are Ali Ibn Abi Talib, then Abdallah Ibn Abbas(the one who pledged alliance to Abu Bakr). Let us get into the topic with a beautiful narration of him: [Al-Lalika’i mentioned in ‘Sharh Usul I’tiqad Ahl as-Sunnah’ (1/72) that the first person to have actually used the term ‘Ahl as-Sunnah‘ was Ibn ‘Abbas, when explaining the verse: {“…on the day when some faces will be brightened, and some faces will be blackened…”} [Al ‘Imran; 106] He said: “Those whose faces will be brightened are Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. As for those whose faces will be blackened, then they are the people of innovation and misguidance (ahl al-bida’ wad-dalalah).”] Praise be to Allah who made the Ahl Al-Bayt calling “Ahl Al-Sunnah” the saved sect.

The most authentic books according to Ahle Sunnah

According to the Ahlesunnah the most authentic books of Ahadith are: “al-Jaami’ al-Sahih al-Musnad al-Mukhtasar min Umur Rasool Allah wa sunanihi wa Ayyamihi” (complete title of “Sahih Al-Bukhari”), afterwards the compilation of Imam Muslim Al-Nisaburi(Known as Sahih Muslim).

The authentic hadeeth book of Shias

The most authentic Hadith book for the Imamite Shias is “Al-Kafi” from Kulayni. Al-Kafi is divided into four categories: Usul Al-Kafi (Mainly based around the foundation i.e. Usool of the Deen.) Furu’ Al-Kafi (Book of Fiqh) Raudah Al-Kafi (Covers religious matters including a collection from their “Infallibles”.

In the introduction of al-Kāfī, Al kulayni(the author) explicitly said:

وقلت إنك تحب أن يكون عندك كتاب كاف يجمع فيه من جميع فنون علم الدين ما يكتفي به المتعلم ويرجع إليه المسترشد ويأخذ منه من يريد علم الدين والعمل به بالآثار الصحيحة عن الصادقين عليهم السلام والسنن القائمة التي عليها العمل وبها يؤدي فرض الله عز وجل وسنة نبيه صلى الله عليه وآله وقلت لو كان ذلك رجوت أن يكون ذلك سببا يتدارك الله تعالى بمعونته وتوفيقه إخواننا وأهل ملتنا ويقبل بهم إلى مراشدهم

“Verily, you solemnly wished that you possess a book which is sufficient, brings together the entire Islamic sciences of the knowledge of religion within it, wholly satisfies the needs of the student, acts as a reference for the seekers of guidance, and would be used by those who want to attain the knowledge of religion and practice upon it by deriving correct [şaĥīĥ] narrations of the truthful ones (as) and the upright and acted upon traditions from it—through which the compulsory duties of Allāh, the Powerful and Exalted, and the tradition of His Prophet (saws) can be fulfilled. And you said: ‘If that happens, I can hope that (the book) would be a means through which Allāh will rectify our brothers and people of our religious community through his support and grace, and take them closer to their salvation.’”[al-Kāfī, of Abū Ja`far al-Kulaynī (d. 329), volume 1, page 8 [Tehran] ]

The Imamite Shi’ites as we said before, claim to follow Ali Ibn Abi Talib and the Imams of Al-Hussein’s lineage. They even named their Madhab after Ja’far Al-Sadiq. Well, Allah knows how a sane man can convince himself to be a follower of Ja’far Al-Sadiq, though all his narrations were narrated by FALLIBLE men in KUFA (the fortress of Bid’ah and heresy). Also, interestingly not ONE of the 12 Imams left a book written by themselves, so how can shias claim to be upon the Madhab of Imam Al-Sadiq? Simply due to them following the thousands of Ahadith in Shia books from Al-Sadiq(6th Shia Imam)? Well, there are endless narrations of Imam Al-Baqir(5th Shia Imam) as well in shia books. Where as when we compare, all the major schools of the Ahle Sunnah, then they are based on books of their MAIN scholars. I.e. Imam Malik compiled a FIQH book that is named “Al Muwatta”, Imam Al-Shafii wrote some books, like the unique “Kitab Al Umm”, even Imam Ahmad compiled a compilation of Ahadith. But what do the Imamites have? ONLY narrations NARRATED by FALLIBLE kufans? Well we got thousands of narration narrated by FALLIBLE humans but there are three important and crucial differences:

1. Firstly, our “fallibles” are not some Kufans, rather they are the companions and family of the Prophet (saws).

2. Secondly and most importantly the last man in our chain is the HEAD of all (if you like to call it) INFALLIBLES i.e. Prophet Muhammad (saws). So why shall we go to fallibles to narrate to us from the infallible no. 5,6,7,8 if we can go straight to the SOURCE of ALL infallible (Prophet Muhammad)?

3. Thirdly the shia infallibles Imams/Fallible narrators  used to narrate many narrations under taqiyyah that is why we find a large amount of contradictory narrations from them. Which makes it difficult to check that which narrations were said under taqiyyah and which were not. Where as the narrations of Prophet(Saw) and his Companions are free of such major defects.


Analyzing the main books of Ahlesunnah and Shia

Let us prove before you the shocking reality of the SAHIH narrations of Ahl Al bait in the books of Ahle Sunnah and in books of Shia. Because most of the time shias make propaganda against Ahle sunnah by raising questions like “why don’t you narrate from Ahl Al-Bayt?” Or some who are a bit more intelligent say at least “Why do you narrate so FEW narrations from Ahl Al-Bayt?”!

So let’s check who narrated more authentic narrations of the great Imams of the Ahl Al-Bayt. Let us see how true the “Umavids” prevented the narration of the Ahl Al-Bayt, or undermined their status” etc.

(Note: Ahl Al-Bayt are Wives and children of the Prophet and Aal(progeny) Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Aal Aqil, Aal Jafar, Aal of Al-Abbas as being authentically reported by Zaid Bin Arqam in the Sahih of Imam Muslim. Yet, we will concentrate on the AHL AL-KISAA’ i.e. Muhammad, Ali, Fatimah, Al Hassan and Al Hussein , because these are the members who are considered as PURIFIED Ahlebayt without any dispute in the sight of Ahlesunnah as well as Shias.

Comparing the TWO sahihs of the Ahle Sunnah with the Al-Kafi of the Shia Imamites:

This is more than fair for Al Kafi alone contains more than 16,000 narrations! Whereas Bukhari AND Muslim altogether contain a little bit more than 13,000 narration

The narrations of the Ahl Al-Bayt in the two Sahihs (Sahihayn) compared to those in the “Al-Kafi” and the other 3 main Hadith books of the Shia Imamites. Narration that go directly back to the Prophet – peace be upon him – also known in the science of Hadith as “Muttasil”.

Who narrated greater number of MUTTASIL narrations from Prophet(saw)?

Number of narrations from Prophet Muhammad(Saw) in shia books:

The four main Hadith books of the Imamites are: Al-Kafi, Man la yahduruhu Al-Faqih, Al-Tahdhib und Al-Istibsar. There are approximately 44,000 narrations in the four MOST authentic, most important Ahadith books of the Shia Imamites, and among them are only 644 Ahadith of the Prophet! It gets even worse, If we take Al-Kafi alone (which is absolutely fine for Shia book Al-Kafi consists more narrations than Sunni books bukhari and muslim altogether!) we will find 92 narrations from Rasulullah (saws) ONLY! Let us repeat ninety-two(92) narrations out of more than 44,000 narrations, moreover according to some shias 2/3 of AlKafi is weak so Allah knows how many among the 92 are authentic.

Number of Muttasil narrations in books of Ahlesunnah:

Narrations that go directly back to the Prophet(saw) also known in the science of Hadith as “Muttasil”. Then we proudly declare that Alhmadulilah ALL HADITH in Bukhari and Muslim are Marfu/MUTTASIL, except narrations which are NOT reports BUT STORIES, like the alleged suicide attempt of the Prophet. It is in Al Bukhari, but it is NOT a Hadith of the Prophet, it is only something a Tabi’i narrated i.e. he simply said what SOME UNKNOWN people used to say). For SAHIH OF AL BUKHARI AND MUSLIM: There is no need to give numbers, for as we said ALL narrations in bukhari and muslim and in other hadith books are (IF MARFU) ALWAYS from the prophet himself.


Who narrated greater number of narrations from Ali(ra)?

Narrations from Ali(ra) in shia book:

The narrations of the commander of the faithful, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (ra) in Al kafi: In Al-Kafi (as we said it contains more narrations than Bukhari and Muslim altogether), there are 66 narration from Ali only! (and since according to some shias 2/3 of Kafi is weak so Allah knows how many among the 66 are true!)

Narrations from Ali(ra) in authentic books of Ahlesunnah:

The narrations of the commander of the faithful, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (ra) in the two Sahihs: Ali Ibn Abi Talib narrated (more than Abu Bakr and Othman altogether, though Omar might have one narration more) 98 narrations, including repetitions, without repetitions 34. So basically he narrated 72 narrations (Fiqh etc.) in the two most authentic books of AhleSunnah (remember he narrated in the shia book Alkafi which contains more narrations than bukhari and muslim altogether only 66 narrations!). He narrated more than Abu Bakr(ra) AND Othman(ra) in the two sahihs.

Note: 8 Books of Ahl Al-Sunnah[bukhari, sahih muslim, sunan al tirmidhi, sunan al nasaai, sunan Abi dawood, ibn maajah, musnad ahmad and musnad al daarimi] have 1583 narrations narrated by ALI IBN ABI TALIB (ra). After all of that, who dares to claim that the Ahl Al-Sunnah are “followers of Bani Umayyah”? Did the Umavid Caliphs felt asleep and didn’t recognize over 1500 narrations narrated by the one they hated so much?.


Who narrated greater number of narrations from Fatima(ra)?

Narrations from Fatima(ra) in shia book:

Narrations of Fatimah Bint Muhammad(ra): In Al-Kafi there are, or shall we say there IS exactly ZERO (0) narration in Al-Kafi! Keep in mind: Al Kafi contains more narration than Al Bukhari and Muslim altogether it has NINE volumes, yet there is not one narration in the shia book.

Narrations from Fatima(ra) in Sunni books:

Narrations of Fatimah Bint Muhammad(ra) in the sahihayn: In Sahih Al-Bukhari, there is one narration(No. 4462) from Fatimah (ra).


Who narrated greater number of narrations from Hassan(ra) and Hussain(ra)?

Narrations from Hassan(ra) and Hussain(ra) in shia book:

Narration from Al Hussein (ra) in Al-Kafi: There is exactly ONE narration by Al Hussein and one By Al Hassan

Narrations from Hassan(ra) and Hussain(ra) in Sunni books:

Narration from Al Hussein (ra) in the Sahihayn: There are four narrations from Al Hussein in the Sahihayn. And it is not just random story, rather Hussein narrates from ALI (no. 1127 in the book of the five wajibat, no.3091), same in Sahih Muslim. (Remember there is ONE narration of Al Hussein in AL Kafi)


Why didn’t Sunni Scholars include a significant amount of ahadith narrated from Imams of Ahlelbayt in their books?


Most of the Imams from Ahlelbayt did not narrate large number of marfoo’ hadith. If they had done so, then we would have found their narrations in any of the book of hadith, be it in the books which collect fabricated and weak narrations. Moreover, not all of the Imams were on the level of Huffaz. Many of them were not known for narrating narrations. That doesn’t mean they were weak. But their Hifz was not scrutinised due to lack of their narrations. They were considered saleh, saduq, righteous but not Huffaz. So, it is totally illogical if one assumes that all the sunni scholars INTENTIONALLY AVOIDED them while at the same time considering them Thiqah(trustworthy). Instead of assuming that Muhadditheen did not narrate from the Imams, what should be said is that, the Imams did not narrate to Muhadditheen. Because even the worse narrators like Waqidi etc, have their marfu narrations recorded down, just because he used to narrate.

Hence, when we don’t find large number of their narrations in books then that means most of Imams from Ahlelbayt did not narrate large number of marfoo’ hadeeth. If sunni scholars wanted to avoid these Imams from Ahlelbayt then they would have simply called them weak or muztarib etc, and it wouldn’t have been a big deal to them. All this factors shows the sincerity of scholars.

The reality is that even the Shias don’t have much of the sayings of the Prophet(saw). Rather there is no individual reality of the Prophet as a Shari’ in shia hadith. Those few narrations which are narrated from the Prophet (saw) in Shia books are disconnected between Imam and the Prophet (saw). So not only Sunni scholars but even shia scholars couldn’t find enough Musnad narrations of the Prophet (saw) through latter Imams. Hence Shias have disconnected reports. After all these, coming back to the real issue which is that Shia Imam did not narrate large number of hadith, and this being the case with Shia books too. Some Shias claim that, there are near 11000 authentic hadith in shia books. We ask them that, how many of these are sayings or actions of the Prophet(saw). And then how many of these are connected till the prophet (saw) without having a generation gap? Obviously Shias won’t be able to present any significant amount of hadeeth that could stand these conditions, which proves that shia Imams, according to shia hadith books, do not narrate large number of Musnad narrations.

If one questions that why would they not narrate large number of hadith then the answer is that, many of the scholars did not narrate good amount of ahadith, either because they were more involved in worship and abstinency or because their interest was in Fatawa and Fiqh or because they were involved in Siyasah or because they were too much fearing that a mistake might not be attributed to the Prophet (saw) and so on.


Comparision of narrations of the Imams of Ahl Al-Bayt and the rightly guided Caliphs

Note: Under this title we will concentrate only on those members of Ahlebayt whom the Shia consider as their infallible Imams.

Zayn Al Abidin(ra)

Narrations of Imam Ali Ibnu Al-Hussayn Zayn Al-Abidin Al-Sajjad (ra), according to the AhleSunnah a reliable great scholar of the Salaf from Ahl Al Bait, and according to the Imamite the “4th Infallible” Imam.

Sahih Al-Bukhari: (25) narrations via Zayn Al-Abdidin and (25) narration via Khalifatu-Rasulullah Othman bin Affaan.

Sahih Muslim: (15) narrations via Zayn Al-Abidin and only (9) via Abu Bakr(first caliph).

Abu Dawud: (11) via Zayn Al-Abidin, (11) via Abu Bakr(first caliph).

Muhammad Al baqir(ra)

Narration of Imam Muhammad Abi Jafar Al-Baqir (ra), according to the AhleSunnah a reliable greats scholar of the Salaf from Ahl Al bait, accrding to the Imamites, the “5th infallible” Imam.

There are 240 narrations in the kuttub-tis’a (nine major books of the sunnah)

To make it clearer let us compare his narrations to those of Abu Bakr Al Siddiq(ra):

Al-Baqirs narrations in Sahih of Muslim = 19
Abu Bakrs narrations in Sahih of Muslim = 9

Al-Baqirs narrations in Sunan of Al-Nisai = 56
Abu Bakrs narrations in Sunan of Al-Nisai = 22

Al-Baqirs narrations in Sunan of Abi Dawud = 7
Abu Bakrs narrations in Sunan of Abi Dawud = 11

Al-Baqirs narrations in Sunan of Al-Tirmidhi = 23
Abu Bakrs narrations inSunan of Al-Tirmidhi = 22

Al-Baqirs narrations in Sunan of Ibni Majah = 24
Abu Bakrs narrations in Sunan of Ibni Majah = 16

To make it even clearer let us tell you the number of ALL the narrations by Abu Bakr in the SIX (kutub sitta) books of Ahadith with those of Al Baqir:
Al-Baqir = 229
Abu Bakr = 210

Comment: Astonishing isn’t it? The evil Bani Umayyah did really miss to eradicate the narrations of the Ahl Al Bayt. After all their mission was to undermine the status of Ahl Al bait, and raise the status of the Khulafa. How did they do it? By letting the Sunnah scholars narrate MORE narrations from Baqir than Abu bakr? Those who seek the truth may ponder over the reality.

Jafar bin Muhammad(ra)

Narration of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Abi Abdallah Al-Sadiq (ra) according to AhleSunnah a reliable great scholar of the Salaf from Ahl Al bait, According to the Imamites, the “6th infallible” Imam.

His narrations in the books of the Ahle sunnah:

Sahih of Muslim: (17) Ahadith via Imam Al-Sadiq and only (9) via Abu Bakr.
Sunan of Abi Dawud: (11) via Al-Sadiq and (11) via Abu Bakr and (15) via Othman.

Sunan of Al-Tirmidhi: (20) via Al-Sadiq and only (22) via Abu Bakr and (19) via Othman.
Sunan of Al-Nisai: (44) Ahadith via Al-Sadiq and only (22) via Abu Bakr and (27) via Othman

Sunan of Ibn Majah: 19 via Al-Sadiq and 16 via Abu Bakr.

Note: In the Main(9) books of ahlul Sunnah Imam Ja’afar al Sadiq RAA narrated 2032 Hadiths.


Out of the five Rashidun caliphs Ali (ra) narrated the most from the prophet PBUH because he died later and there were many narrators at his time and many students of religion who sought knowledge and sought to collect Hadiths.

As for his son al-Hassan bin Ali(ra), he was not old enough to narrate directly from the Prophet PBUH like other young companions such as Mahmoud bin Rabi’i and Abdullah ibn Abbas, when the prophet PBUH died al-Hassan was only seven years of age but he still narrated a couple of Hadiths he memorized from him. Those who narrated from al-Hassan were his son al-Hassan bin al-Hassan, Abu al-Hawraa al-Sa’adi, al-Shu’ubi, Hubairah bin Barim, Suweid bin Ghaflah and others.

Fatimah(ra) died early whereas the mother of the believers lived long time after the prophet and ALLAH ordered them in 33:33 to teach quran and hikma (sunnah) (after all they were in time with the prophet i.e. they knew DETAILS of the sharia).

And the rest of the Imams of Ahl Al bait narrated more from the prophet than Abu Hanifah, Al-Shafii, Al-Awzai, Al-Thawri, Al-Layth etc.

If we compare what Ahlu-Sunnah narrated from the companions of the Prophet(saw) who were Caliphs and those who were from Ahlul Bayt we will notice, by looking at Musnad Imam Ahmad, that he only narrated about 500 hadiths of Abu Bakr(ra) , Omar(ra) and Othman(ra) COMBINED and the narrations of Ali(ra) are more than 700, thus the 3 Caliphs out of the companions of the Prophet(saw) constitute a small amount of the narrations in Sunnah. In fact a much much greater amount of the Sunnah comes through Ahlul- Bayt (Aisha, Umm Salamah, Hafsah, Ali, Hassan, Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Zaynul-Abedeen, Muhammad Al-Baqer, Jafar Al-Sadeq – may Allah be pleased with them-) than from narrations of  3 Caliphs amongst the companions who are not from Ahlul-Bayt (Abu Baker, Umar, Uthman,  may Allah be pleased with them-). Thus plain reality is that a huge portion of the Sunnah HAS BEEN indeed NARRATED by the Ahl Al bayt. Though comparing these narrations to the thousands of lies and superstitions ascribed to the Imams in the books of the shias, the Ahle sunnah amount may seem less, but it is because Ahlul Sunnah do not accept any narration about Ahlul Bayt except from authentic narrators as opposed to the dubious sources of the Shia, who narrate anything from Ahlul Bayt and famous narrators from Shia were renown for reporting lies about Ahlul Bayt, as Imam Jafaar himself confessed in their own books. Thus Ahl Al sunnah do not accept any fairy tale and heresy in the name of Ahl Al Bayt.


The example of Golden Chain

Ibn Kathir, student of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said:  The healthiest (strongest) chain is: Ja’far (Al Sadiq) from, Muhammad (Al-Baqir), from Ali (Al-Sajjaad), from Al-Hussein, from ALI IBN ABI TALIB. THIS IS THE GOLDEN CHAIN.  Source [ “Al Baith Alhathith Gair Ma’moor” (الباعث الحثيث غير مأمور)]

Comment: All the narrators are from Ahlebayt in this chain. What a so called “nasibi” standard Ibn Kathir set and probably learned from his teacher, the Imam of the “Sunnis” the Shaykh of Al-Islam ABUL-ABBAS IBN TAIMIYYAH (Rah). Its a pity that seeing all these examples from Ahlesunnah which explicitly proves their love and respect for Ahlebayt, the shiatu dajjal shamelessly accuse Ahlesunnah of being Nasibis.


Some additional Information

Musnad Ahmad:

The narrations from Ahl Al-Bayt in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, one of the Imams of Ahlesunnah:

Imam Ahmad collected only 500 narrations from the FIRST THREE khulafa, i.e. Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman.  Shockingly : He narrated 804 narrations from Ali(ra) alone!

He also narrated 18 narrations from Al Hassan Ibn Ali (ra) whereas the Shia Imamites narrated only 21 narrations from him in ALL THEIR 4 MAJOR BOOKS OF HADITH.

Musnad Beqi:

In the Musnad of Beqi bin Makhlad al-Andalusi (died 276 AH) there are 586 Hadiths from the Prophet PBUH narrated by Ali.

Sihah Sitta:

In the six main books of ahlul-Sunnah Ali has narrated from the Prophet PBUH 322 Hadiths, Bukhari and Muslim agreed on 20 of them while Bukhari narrated 9 others and Muslim narrated 15 others.


let us give you a glimpse of the compilations of some scholars from Ahlesunnah with regards to the Ahl Albayt

1. “The virtues of Ali (فضائل علي).” By Imam Muslim and Al-Bukhari .

2.“Die great virtues of the (Ahl Al-Bayt) (الخصائص الكبرى)” – Al-Nasai

3. “The virtues of Fatimah” -by Al-Suyuti

4. Ahya-il Mayyit Be Fazaile Ahlul Bayt -by Al-Suyuti

5. “Musnad Ahl Al-Bayt ridwanullahi alayhim ajmain (مُسْنَدُ أَهْلِ الْبَيْتِ رِضْوَانُ اللَّهِ عَلَيْهِمْ أَجْمَعِينَ” ) by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal.

6. Huquq Ahl Al-Bayt bayn Al-Sunnah wa Al-Shia – (the rights of ahl al bait, acc. to sunnah and shia). Compiler: Abul-Abbas Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah Al-Harrani (ra). A wonderful compilation, proving that the wasatiyyah (middle path) is the path between ghuluww (extremism) WITH AHL AL BAIT (i.e. Rafidah) and hatred for Ahl Al Bait(i.e. Nasibah) the middle path is AHL AL SUNNAH WA AL JAMA’AH). He also praises Ali and Al Hussein (in Minhaaj Al Sunnah) and curses those who killed him (yet people ignore the MUHKAM/CLEAR-CUT sayings of Ibn Taimiyyah regarding his pure-orthodox sunni stance on ahl al bait.

7. Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihayah – Ibn Kathir, the student of Ibn Taimiyyah covers there many matters with regards to the Ahl Al Bait, he sincerely collects authentic narrations regarding the incidents, praises al hussein AND condemns the Nasibis AND rafidah who both (especially the later) made a show out of the incident (read his beautiful quotes here )

8. The position in regards to the ahl al bait/Mawqifu min Aal Al-Bayt alayhim al-Salam by Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab (King of nasibis according to the shias). [Muhammad ibn abdilwahhab, explaining the sound, sunnah position in regards to Ahl al bait. He had among his kunya: ABU ALI! he had two sons : hassan and Hussein and the name of his daughter was FATIMAH!]


Imam of Ahlul Bayt in the Fourth Century

This information is taken from Tareekh Nisapur by Al-Hakim (p. 232):

[Al-Hussain bin Dawud bin Ali bin Eisa bin Mohammed bin Al-Qassim bin Al-Hasan bin Zaid bin Al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, according to Ibn Khuzaimah was the Imam of the Muslims in his time. He died in 355 AH.

Al-Hakim Al-Nisapuri, often seen as one of the more objective Sunnis (by Shias) due to his tashayyu states: He was the shaikh of the aal of the Prophet (pbuh) in his times in Khurasan, and he was one of the closest people emotionally to the companions of the Prophet (pbuh). I accompanied him for a period of time, and I prayed with him the Friday prayers for ten something years, and I never heard him say the name of Uthman without him saying, “Ameer Al-Mu’mineen,” and he would cry. Nor would he mention A’isha without saying, “The sideeqa the daughter of al-sideeq the habeeba of the habeeb of the Prophet (pbuh),” and he would cry.]

This was a scholar of Ahlelbayt, since Ahlelbayt include the children of Al-Hasan, and isn’t restricted to fourteen individuals.

Number of narrators from Ahlebayt present in the books of Ahlesunnah

فقد صحت الرواية من ولد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : عن فاطمة ، والحسن ، والحسين ، والحسن بن الحسن بن علي ، وعبد الله ، وحسن ، وعلي ، وزيد بني الحسن بن الحسين بن علي ،
وعمرو بن الحسن بن علي ، ومحمد بن عمرو بن حسن بن علي ، والحسن بن زيد بن حسن بن علي ، وموسى بن عبد الله بن حسن بن حسن ، ومحمد بن عبد الله بن حسن بن حسن بن علي ، وعن علي بن الحسين بن علي ، وفاطمة بنت الحسين بن علي ، ومحمد ، وعبد الله ، وزيد ، وعمر ، وحسين بني علي بن الحسين ، وعن جعفر بن محمد بن علي ،
والحسين بن زيد بن علي ، فهؤلاء قد صحت عنهم الروايات ، وقد روي الحديث عن زهاء مائتي رجل وامرأة من أهل البيت

There are authentic narrations from the children of the Prophet (pbuh) like from, Fatima, al Hassan, al Hussein, al Hassan bin Hassan bin Ali, Abdullah, Hassan, Ali, Zayd bin al Hassan bin al Hussein bin Ali, Amru bin al Hassan bin Ali, Muhammad bin Amru bin Hassan bin Ali, al Hassan bin Zayd bin Hassan bin Ali, Musa bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Hassan , Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Hassan bin Ali, Ali bin al Hussein bin Ali, Fatima bint al Hussein bin Ali, Muhammad, Abdullah, Zayd, Amru, Hussein bin Ali bin Al Hussein, Jafar bin Muhammad bin Ali, al Hussein bin Zayd bin Ali, and these are the people from whom narrations have been received authentically and we have over two hundred(200) narrators from ahlul bayt both men and women.[Ma’rifat Uloom Al-Hadith page 221]


The Hadith of Ahlul Bayt

The following is a list of narrators that are considered to be from Ahlul Bayt according to Shia standards. We don’t need to spell it out because anyone who reads this can make their observations themselves. We chose to keep things simple by quoting the judgements Ibn Hajar in Al-Taqreeb (Dar Ibn Hazm – First Edition) and Al-Jawahiri in Al-Mufeed min Mu’jam Rijal Al-Hadith (Mu’sasat Al-Tareekh Al-Arabi – First Edition) because they generally included final judgements on narrators based on the opinions of early scholars. Furthermore, even though none of the two are perfect, they are considered reliable references when it comes to determining the general status of narrators.

hadith of ahlelbayt

Fadhel = Virtuous ; Jaleel = Dignified ; Majhoola = Anonymous

The Muftis who used to issue religious verdicts after the death of Prophet(saw)

Ibn Al-Qayyim says:The Muftis (those who possess the knowledge to pass Fatawah i.e. Mujtahids) among the Sahaba, who passed most Fatwas after Rasulullah (saws) were seven and generally there were 130 Muftis among the Sahaba, among them men and women. However the seven were:

1. Umar bin al-Khattaab
2. Alee bin Abee Taalib (Sahabi from Ahl Al-Bayt)
3. Abdullah bin Mas’ood
4. Ai’shah Ummul Mu’mineen (Sahabiyyah from Ahl Al-Bayt)
5. Zaid bin Thaabit
6. Abdullaah bin Abbaas (Sahabi from Ahl Al-Bayt, and student (after Rasulullah) of Abu Hurayrah!)
7. Abdullah bin Umar

Ibn Hazm counts the Sahaba with a average of Fatwas:

1. Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq
2. Umm Salamah (Sahabiyyah from Ahl Al-Bayt)
3. Anas bin Maalik
4. Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri
5. Abu Hurairah
6. Uthmaan bin Affaan
7. Abdullah bin Amr bin al-Aas
8. Abdullah bin Zubair
9. Abu Moosaa al-Ash’ari
10. Sa’ad bin Abee Waqqaas
11. Salamaan al-Farsi
12. Jaabir bin Abdullah
13. Mu’aadh bin Jabal


Ridiculous accusation of Shiatu dajjal on Ahlesunnah

As we have witnessed in the article that Ahlesunnah do acquire their deen from Ahlelbayt from Prophet(saw) and  they love and respect Ahlelbayt. Though we just presented the view of Ahlesunnah regarding a small portion of Ahlelbayt[Ahle Kisa and Imams from Ahlebayt whom shia considers as their infallible Imams], not the vast portion[wives of Prophet, progeny of Hassan(ra), etc] which is also respected and honored by Ahlesunnah, but these were abandoned by the Rafidah. Yet ironically the shameless Rafidah accuse Ahlesunnah for hating the Ahl AlBayt, this reminds us a saying in Urdu language “Ulta Chor Kotwal to Daante” its similar to the idiom”pot calling the kettle black”. Unbiased readers can judge themselves, that these accusations hold no ground, these are just made by shiatu dajjal in order to refrain and block their followers from acquiring the true teachings of Ahlebayt and from loving and respecting Ahlebayt in correct form, which is free from the Ghulu(exaggeration) of Ghali Shias. That is why they have labelled almost every scholar from Ahlesunnah as Nasibi(though they might have written books regarding virtues of Ahlebayt), refer this link for the list of Scholars of Ahlesunnah who were labeled as Nasibis by the Shia of Dajjal. This is similar to the accusations of christians who claim that Muslims don’t love Jesus(pbuh), just because they don’t accept the false believes which Christians have attributed to Jesus.(pbuh). But we know that, its the Muslims who are worthier of being called as true lovers and followers of Jesus(pbuh). So we request the unbiased readers to be the judge , as to who are the true lovers and followers of COMPLETE Ahlebayt and who are the pseudo claimants of Ahlelbayt.

[O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah and be just witnesses and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do] [Al-Maeda 5:8]

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  1. Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi wa barka tahu,
    Jazak Allah, This is one of the wonderful Job you all did, I dont have word’s enough to tahnks to all of you but this is my Dua to all of you( Allah (SWT) aapko aur kamiyab kare duniya mein bhi aur Akhirat mein bhi)
    Thanks a Loooooooooooo………….t

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  5. is there any book in which all narration by ahlu bait in sunni books is collected ,,,
    i once had a arabic book but deleted it by mistake…now i dont remember..plz help

  6. most narrations Shias have from Imam Rida are from Sunnis :
    ‏أكثر الأخبار المنقولة عن الرضا -الإمام المعصوم عند الشيعة- توافق أخبار العامة.
    ولأنها توافق أخبار العامة-أي أهل السنة- قال المجلسي “تقية”.
    س/مالدليل على أن أخبار الرضا تقية؟
    س/لماذا لا نقول:الرضا من أهل السنة وأن علماء الشيعة يكذبون؟؟

    Majlisi interprets all narrations in the light of Taqiyyah. The truth is Al Rida was a Sunni and the Rafidi lie about him (by twisting his pro Sunni statements).[rozat-ul-muttaqeen, vol1 page 33]

  7. Book name:
    الرد الجلي على شبهة عدم رواية أهل السنة عن آل علي
    al-Radd al-Jalee `ala Shubhat `Adam Riwayat Ahlul-Sunnah `an Aal-`Ali
    “The manifest answer to the doubt of Ahlul-Sunnah not narrating from the family of `Ali” by Faysal Noor.

    This is a 5,562 pages book of Hadith that contains ONLY narrations from `Ali’s (ra) family and his progeny, from the classical books of Ahlul-Sunnah.

    The following members may Allah have mercy on them are included:

    -`Ali ibn abi Talib.
    -Fatima bint Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAWS).
    -al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -`Ali Zayn al-`Abideen.
    -Muhammad al-Baqir.
    -Ja`far al-Sadiq.
    -Muhamamd ibn al-Hanafiyyah.
    -`Umar bin `Ali bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Fatima bint `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -al-Hassan bin al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -al-Hassan bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Fatima bint al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -`Abdullah bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Zayd bin al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Muhammad bin `Umar bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -`Umar bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -`Abdullah bin al-Hassan bin al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Ibrahim bin al-Hassan bin al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Zayd bin Ja`far bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja`far bin `Isa bin `Ali bin al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -al-Hussayn bin Zayd bin `Ali bin al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -`Umar bin `Ali bin al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Musa bin Ja`far bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin al-Hussayn bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    -Muhammad bin `Amro bin al-Hassan bin `Ali bin abi Talib.
    and apparently others…

    The total of narrations of Ahlul-Bayt in the classical books of Ahlul-Sunnah is around 25,713 narrations.

    NOTES: The author does not take into consideration: Authenticity, repetition or abrogation as the goal is simply to collect all narrations from the family of `Ali (ra) [Not the family of the Prophet (SAWS) as that would include many other companions].

    It’s not been verified that these Ahadith are Marfu`ah to the Prophet (SAWS), or they are Athar from Ahlul-Bayt? or Both? Most likely they are both.

    `Ali ibn abi Talib (ra) = 15,266 narrations.
    Fatima bint al-Rassul(ra) = 260 narrations.
    al-Hassan ibn `Ali (ra) = 715 narrations.
    al-Hussayn ibn `Ali (ra) = 589 narrations.
    `Ali bin al-Hussayn (rah) = 1,228 narrations.
    Muhammad bin `Ali (rah) = 2,953 narrations.
    Ja`far bin Muhammad (rah) = 2,030 narrations.
    Zayd bin `Ali bin al-Hussayn (rah) = 107 narrations.

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