Our articles proving Wives of Prophet(Saw) being part of Aal and Ahlelbayt of Prophet(saw).

These are our articles covering different issues regarding Wives of Prophet(Saw), being part of Aale Muhammad(Saw) and Ahlelbayt Muhammad(Saw).


Wives of Prophet(saw) are part of Aale Muhammad(saw):

1.  The Fact about Aale Muhammad regarding which Shias are unaware


Wives of Prophet(Saw) are part of Ahlelbayt Muhammad(Saw):

1. For whom the verse of purification(tatheer) was revealed and what is the concept of purification? Let the quran answer.[Must Read]
2.  The relation between verse of purification and divine commands before it.
3.  Quran and several SAHI narrations explicitly shows that wives of prophet(Saw) are ahlebayt
4. Why did KUM(Masculine plural) come in 33:33 instead of KUNNA(feminine plural)
5.  A Scientific Dialogue Regarding Incident Of KISA (revealing some facts)
6.  Does verse of tatheer(33:33) makes anyone infallible?
7.   Consensus among Ahlesunnah Scholars that Wives of Prophet(saw) are included in Ahlebayt mentioned in (33:33)
8.   Logical and correct explanation of verse of purification(ayat e tatheer) (33:33)
9.   Usage of word Ahl/Ahlebayt in Quran
10.   Definition of “Ahlel Bayt” from linguistic perspective
11. Deception of shias by categorizing the Ahlebayt of prophets(pbut)
12. What was the reason for the purification of blessed wives of prophet(Saw)?
13. Can the incident of MUBAHILA be used as an evidence to exclude wives of prophet(Saw) from his Ahlebayt?

May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet(saw), his household, his companions and those who follow them.

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