Defence of Ahlelbayt[wives of Prophet/mothers of believers] from the Religious Slanderers.

Defence of Ahlelbayt[wives of Prophet/mothers of believers] from the Religious Slanderers.

This is a collection of articles in defence of Ayesha(alaiha salam), where we have refuted and answered several slanders and accusations of Shiatu dajjal against the mother of believers.

Lo! This(Ayesha) is the mother of the believers and her virtue reported to us in the Surah Al-Ahzab. O Mother, verily I’ve written in defence of you, and tears are running from me, like running of dews. Who is it that dares to open the doors of his mouth to insult the wife of best(Muhammad) among the Ajams and Arabs? O you [Rafidah] who claim to love the family of your Prophet, your scalps have been deprived from your brains. You walk in a path of misguidance, a path of a downfall and a veiled pitfall.

Refutation of various Shia slanders against Ayesha(alaihasalam)

What was the role of Mother of believers, Ayesha(alaihasalam) in battle of Jamal?

The virtues and honor of Ayesha(alaihasalam) from Quran and Ahadeeth.

Nature of Relationship between Ahlebayt(alaihumsalam) and Ayesha(alaihasalam)

Response to: Open Challenge to the Son’s of A’isha

Response to: What does Mother of Believers Really Mean?

Response to: A’isha Punished On The Day Of Judgement?

Response to: Aisha in the Bible

Response to: Prophet (saw) Would Pray Towards Aisha’s While Her Legs Were Open!

Response to: The Prophet (saw) Fondled Aisha Whilst Menstruating!

Response to: The Prophet (saw) Would Bathe With Aisha In A Single Pot

Response to: The Life Of The Prophet (saw) From The Wife of the Prophet (saw)

Response to: The Prophet (saw) Married A’isha at 6!

Response to: Prophet (saw) Is Affected By Black Magic!

Response to: The Prophet (saw) Would Indulge Himself In Romantic Pursuits While Fasting!

Nasheed in defence of our mother Aaisha (alaihasalam)
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Video:  Shia scholar busted  — Prophet’s Will’ testify Ayesha(as) in Paradise

Video:  Rafidi ayatollah  got owned !!!

Video:Heart moving reply to rafidi allegation against wives of prophet (saw)

The view of Haqeeqi(real) Shias regarding Ayesha(alaihasalam)

The Shias consider Ammar bin Yassir(as) to be very close companion of Ali(as), they consider him to be a TRUE[HAQEEQI] Shia. So let us see what was the view of a true Shia, regarding Ayesha(as).

“On the day of the camel(jamal), Ammar [Ibn Yassir] saw a congregation, so he asked: ‘What is this?’So it was said to him: A man who curses Aaishah and reviles her. So he(Ammar) went to him and said: ‘Shut up ! You are rebuked and you are refuted ! Do you revile the Habibah (the beloved one) of the Prophet (pbuh) ? Indeed she is his wife in Paradise”.(Hadeeth No. 1647, Fadha’il Al-Sahabah by Imam Ahmad, authenticated by Shaykh Al-Muhaddith Wasiyullah Al-’Abbas Al-Hindi ).

So we find that according to Ammar bin Yasir(as) who is honored and respected by both Ahlesunnah and Shias, Ayesha(as) is going to be in paradise as the wife of Prophet(Saw) .

Infact, When a man mentioned Ayesha(AS) in a bad manner in al-Hasan bin Zaid(bin Mohammad bin Ismaeel bin al-Hasan bin Zaid bin al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib d. 270)’s presence, he ordered to kill this man by sword. The Alawiyyoon said: he is one of our Shia. So Al-hasan said: “we seek refuge with Allah from this, this man slandered the Prophet(SAWS). Allah Almighty says: “Indecent woman are for indecent men and indecent men are for indecent woman. Decent women are for decent men and decent men are for decent women. The decent people are innocent of what people allege. They will receive mercy and honorable sustenance.”(Quran 24:26), So if Ayesha(AS) is indecent woman then the Prophet(SAWS) is also indecent. Thus, this man is infidel; kill him by sword, so they killed him. [Sharh Usool I`tiqad Ahl AsSunnah by Al-Lalikai, vol 7, page 1087].

May Allah grant Hidayah to truth-seeking Shias.

All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. We ask Allaah to exalt his mention as well as that of his family and all his companions.

A Gift from Mother of Believers(alaihasalam):

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