Defence of Sahaba(as) from the religious Slanderers/Deceivers.

Defence of Sahaba(As) from the religious Slanderers/Deceivers.

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Bismillah wal Hamdulilah was Salatu was Salam ‘ala Sayyidina Rasul Allah.

If you ask the Jews, who are the best of people after Moses(as), they will say the companions of Moses(as). If you ask the Christians, who are the best people after Jesus(as), they will say the disciples of Jesus(As). If you ask the Muslims who are the best people after Muhammad(saw), they will say the Companions of Muhammad(saw). But if you ask the Rafidah(Shia of Dajjal) who are the worst people, they will say the companions of The Prophet Muhammad(saw)!

This distinguishes Shiatu dajjal from the general Muslims and their beliefs, and also from the general beliefs of people of the book regarding the companions of their Prophets, because all of them believed that the religious teachings they received was due to those teachings which were transferred by the companions of Prophets they follow, and attacking their credibility is attacking the religion they are upon. But the Shiatu dajjal originated with a motive of destroying Islam from within, thus they disguised themselves Muslims and attacked the main source of Islamic Knowledge, that is the Companions of Prophet Muhammad(Saw), who are called as Sahaba(as). The primary sources of Islamic knowledge(QURAN AND TEACHINGS OF PROPHET) were discredited by Shiatu dajjal since Quran as well as a large portion of prophetic teachings were transferred to people by the Sahaba(as).

As we have proven in our other articles that it’s from the religious teachings of Shias to lie on opponents, to slander and deceive opponents, thus they take the maximum usage of these benefits while Slandering the Sahaba(as). So, when we verify their slanders against Sahaba(as) we find that their(rafidah) hatred for Islam and Sahaba(as) have pushed them to make arguments which  clearly reflect, deceptions such as Half quotations or mistranslations or usage of some weak and fabricated reports which were unreliable, they lack common sense or  are tricky misinterpretations etc.

With their deceptive tricks Shiatu dajjal mainly try to target the lay Muslims, who lack basic Islamic knowledge, since they find easy to deceive such people because they know that lay Muslims don’t have access to the books they are going to quote, or they know that lay Muslims can’t differentiate between a weak and authentic report. That’s why we would like to emphasize on some of the BASIC issues which every Muslim should know regarding our belief in Sahaba(as), because once we are strong in basics, then Inshallah no Shiatu dajjal could deceive us.


1.The first basic which every Muslim should keep in mind is the definition of Sahabi(companion), since we find that not only many lay Sunnis but even many lay Shias aren’t aware of definition of Sahabi or Sahaba. So here is the definition for Sahaba as per Sunni and Shia standards.

As per Sunni standard:

Esteemed Sunni Scholar Imam Ibn Hajar said regarding definition of Sahabi: The most correct of what I have come across is that a Sahabi(companion of Prophet) is one who met the Prophet (saw) whilst believing in him, and died as a Muslim. So that includes the one who remained with him for a long time or a short time, and those who narrated from him and those who did not and those who saw him but did not sit with him and those who could not see him due to blindness.(Al-Isaabah of lbn Hajar (1/4-5).

Defination of Sahabi as per Shias:

A Sahabi (pl. Sahabah) or “Companion”, is someone who met the Prophet (S), believed in him and died a Muslim.
Source: Introduction to Hadith including Dirayat Al-Hadith, Shahid Al Thani – pg 25 – Section IV (terminology pertaining to the names and generations of reporters). [Scan page]

Thus, it must be clear now that, when we talk about Sahaba(as), we only talk about those, who fit into the definition we just gave, and apparently this definition excludes all those hypocrites/apostates who might have excepted Islam during lifetime of Prophet(saw) but they didn’t die as Muslims, for example the people who denied to pay Zakat after the death of Prophet(saw).

2. Second Basic belief regarding Sahaba(as) which we should keep in mind is that, Sahaba(as) were not infallible. Though they were the best people after Prophets, yet they were not immune to sins. They used to commit sins, but as Allah commanded they used to sincerely ask for Allah’s forgiveness, and surely Allah likes the people who ask for His forgiveness. A beautiful verse of Quran gives us a message that what should be our attitude towards the Sins of Sahaba(as). Allah said in Quran: Those who have come after them say, Our Lord, forgive us and our brethren who preceded us in faith. And do not put in our hearts rancour towards the Believers. Our Lord, You are Most Kind, Most Merciful.” Quran (59:10). So in accordance to this command of Allah the duty of believers is not to hold hatred for Sahaba(as) even if they find their mistakes, but rather the duty of believers is to ask for their forgiveness.

So these were two most important basics which we must always remember regarding the Sahaba(as).

The signs of the people of innovation and misguidance is slandering and insulting the companions, So ‘O Allah be a witness that we have loved the Companions of your Messenger (Peace be Upon him and his companions).

May Allah save the Muslims from the deceptive traps of Shiatu dajjal and May Allah guide the Shias who are unbiased and who seek for true guidance.

Here are some of our articles, in defence of Sahaba(as) from the slanders of the religious slanderers(shias). These articles contains the refutations for various slanders of Shiatu dajjal against Sahaba(as).

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Beautiful Poem About Sahaba(as)

We would like to present before our respected readers a beautiful poem about the Sahaba(as), However, poems in Arabic are hard to translate, so the translation is not for the complete poem but just half of it.
(( ياذاكرالأصحاب ))

ياذاكرالاصحابِكنمتأدباً *** واعرفعظيممنازلَالأصحابِ

همصفوةًرفعوبصحبةِأحمدَ *** وبذاكقدخصومنالوهابِ

همناصروالمختارفيتبليغهِ *** فجزاهمالرحمانخيرثوابِ

مابالأهلالغيطاللسانهم *** وتجرأوورموهبسبابِ

سبُخيارالخلقمنلهمالعلى *** ولهمالمقامفيذرىالاحسابِ

منقبلصرحاعوجعنحقدهِ *** فيسبشيخمتقاوابِ

ياثانيالاثنينفيالغارالذي *** شهدةلهالاياتخيركتابِ

واليومَقدصدعالخبيثبجرأة *** ووقاحةمنسافلكذابِ

اذىالنبيمحمدفيعرضهِ *** سيعمهذلٌوشرعقابِ

اذىالنقيةبنتخلالمصطفى *** فليخسئسعيةكسرابِ

هاتيكامالمؤمنينوفضلها *** يروىلنافيسورةالاحزابِ

ياامانيقدكتبتمدافعا *** والدمعمنيكالذىمنسابِ

منذاكيجرؤانيناللسانهُ *** منزوجخيرالعجموالاعرابِ

يامنزعمتمحبآلنبيكم *** أخذتجماجمكممنالألبابِ

تمشونفيدربالضلالمعتباٍ *** قداخفيتعثراتهبضبابِ

ياذاكرالأصحابكنمتأدباً *** واعرفعظيممنازلالأصحابِ

همصفوةًرفعوبصحبةِأحمد *** وبذاكقدخصومنالوهاب

Oh you who mentions the Sahaba, behave yourself!

And comprehend the glorious status of the Sahaba,

They are the elite, who are elevated through their companionship with Ahmad

And therefore they were selected by [Allah] Al-Wahhaab.

They helped the chosen one [Muhammad] in his mission to victory,

Thus Al-Rahmaan [Allah] has rewarded them with a best of rewards,

What is wrong with these (Ahl Al Ghai?), they have become shameless

and with obscenity they slander those great ones.

They slander [one of] the best of the creation who hold a high status.

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