Salat and Salam(Salawaat) Series

The Fact about Aale Muhammad regarding which Shias are unaware

A MUST READ article where we tried to educate those people who aren’t aware of the true meaning of Aal e Muhammad(saw). Though they send Salat and Salam on Aal e Muhammad yet they don’t know that what is the meaning of Aale Muhammad(Saw). Thus we gathered proofs from Quran, authentic ahadeeth and Arabic Linguistics which shows us the true meaning of Aale Muhammad(Saw). And this article even refutes some silly arguments of Shias.


Can we ask Allah to grant “blessings” and “peace” to non-prophets?

This article covers lot of proofs from Quran, authentic ahadeeth from Sunni and Shia books, acts of Sahaba(AS) and works of Scholars which shows that Salam and Salat on Non-Prophets( Specially Sahaba) can be sent.


Ignorance(Jahalah) and Deception of Shias regarding Salat(blessings) and Salam(peace) upon Non-Prophets unveiled.

This article is a counter refutation of Shia article which they wrote inorder to refute the above article. This counter refutation crushed their deception and ignorance. Praise be to Allah.


Sending Salat upon Prophet Muhammad(Saw) during supplication(Dua)

This article covers a lot of issues related to Salat and Salam Prophet Muhammad(Saw), and this article even refutes some silly arguments of Shias which they made to criticize Ahlesunnah.


In defence of the right of Aal-e-Muhammad(saw)

This article is NOT a refutation of Shias. This article refutes the arguments of an scholar who tried to take away the rights of Aale Muhammad(saw).

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