Did Sheikein(Abubakr and Umar) ever attack Ahlebayt?

Did Sheikein(Abubakr and Umar) ever attack Ahlebayt?

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The Shias claim that after few days the Prophet(saw) died, Umar(ra) went and beat up Fatima(ra) when she was pregnant and her unborn baby who was called Muhassan died in her womb. But these fabricated stories were created by the Shias which are hard to be accepted by people who are learned and unbiased. That is why not only the scholars of Ahlesunnah declared these stories to be absurd fabrications, but even some of the esteemed and knowledgeable Shia scholars held the similar view.

The reality behind the story of the unborn baby who supposedly died in his mother’s womb.

Doesn’t this seem to be strange that an unborn child has a name before he was born and that his parents even knew he was a boy?  Let us show you the reality that from where and why he got his name. And was it before his birth or was it after it.

We only know of this “Muhassan bin Ali” through the narration of Hani bin Hani who narrates it directly from Ali bin Abi talib RA with a Sahih Chain:

علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه قال : لمَّا ولد الحسن جـاء رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال : أروني ابني ما سميتموه ؟ قلت : سمّيته حرباً ، قال : بل هـو حسن ، فلما ولد الحسين قال : أروني ابني ما سميتموه ؟ قلت سميته حرباً ، قال : بل هو حسين . فلما ولد الثالث جاء النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال : أروني ابني ما سميتموه ؟ قلت حرباً ، قال : بل هو محسَّن ثم قال : إني سمّيتهم بأسماء ولد هارون شبّر وشُبَيْر ومشبّر
Ali bin Abi talib RA said: When al Hassan was born the Prophet PBUh came and said: Show me my boy, what have you named him? I said: I called him Harb, he said: Nay He is Hassan, When al Hussein was born the Prophet PBUH said: show me my boy, what have you named him? I said: Harb, he said: Nay he is Hussein, and when the third was born the Prophet PBUH came then said: Show me my boy, what have you named him? I said: Harb, He said: Nay he is Muhassan, then He said: I have named them after the names of the children of Haroun(Aaron) they are Shibr, Shubeir, Mushabbar.
source: مسند أحمد (1/98) إسناده صحيح .
Musnad Ahmad 1/98, Isnad is SAHIH.

Of course al Muhassan bin Ali RA died as little baby.
source:التبيين في أنساب القرشيين لابن قدامة المقدسي 133
Al Tabyeen fi ansab al Qurashiyeen for Ibn Qudamah al Maqdisi p133.

Comment: Thus the story of miscarriage of Fatima(ra) has no base at all, because the son who supposedly died in the womb of Fatima(ra) as per shias. That child took birth in reality during the lifetime of Prophet(saw), but died in a younger age. And the mischievous Shia fabricators took the undue advantage of the early death of this child and manipulated the historical incidents inorder to create one of the most absurd myth that Umar(ra) killed the unborn child of Fatima(ra). But this authentic report exposes the reality of the fairytale of Umar bin al Khattab(ra) slamming the door on Fatima(ra) and crushing her while she was pregnant with Muhassan.


The stance of some esteemed Shia scholars on this fabricated story of miscarriage of Fatima(ra).

1. Shia scholar Ayatullah Fadlullah said: “It has reached my attention that many of our scholars have reported in their books that lady Fatima was viciously attacked while she was staying at her home with Imam Ali, and their children along with some of the sahaba of Rasoul Allah, some of our scholars agree that “the attackers” who attacked the house of Imam Ali did actually do so as we arrogate to the masses, but the truth is that “the man” only threatened her. In his speech “the man” said: “wa in lam yakhrojoo”, the words in arabic “wa in” shows “ee7aa2″/”shame” of Alzahraa, so how can we say that he broke her rib while he showed shame towards her? I personally reject the stories regarding the attack on her house along with breaking her ribs since our shia history doesn’t prove that this incident has occurred to sayeda Alzahraa”. [Sayed Fadhulla, a speech that was given on mothers day, 1999, Beirut lebnan. This is recorded in: “Almula7azat” by Sayed Yaseen Almusawi, Published by “Dar Al9eddeqa Alkubra” in Beirut Lebanon, 2000]

2. Shia scholar Ayatullah al-Sayyed al-Khoei:

When al-Khoei was asked about this incident:
س 980: هل الروايات التي يذكرها خطباء المنبر، وبعض الكتاب عن كسر ((عمر)) لضلع السيدة فاطمة (عليها السلام) صحيحة برأيكم؟ الخوئي:ذلك مشهور معروف، والله العالم. صراط النجاة: ج 3/ ص 314
Question 980: Are the narrations mentioned by the speakers on the Mimbars and some of the books about ‘Umar breaking the rib of Fatima, authentic according to you?

Answer: That is what’s popular and known and Allah knows best.  [Sirat al-Najat 3/314].

Note: This reply of Ayatullah khoei shows that he didn’t consider those reports present in shia books to be authentic. Al-khoei said that those reports were popular but he didn’t declare them to be authentic.

To clear this up let us see what al-khoei writes in his books:
لا ينجبر ضعف السند بالشهرة
“The weakness of Sanad is not fixed by the popularity of a Hadith” (kitab al-Khums 1/18)

Al-khoei also says about another narration:
وجه الاشكال هو أن المعروف والمشهور بين الأصحاب وإن كان ذلك إلا أنه لا دليل عليه
“The problem is that even if it is known and popular amongst our companions, yet there is no proof for it”  ” (Mabani Takmilat al-Minhaj 2/434)

Comment: Thus as we see , popularity of a report doesn’t makes it authentic according to al-khoei himself. And Al-khoei not authenticating that story shows us that even in shia books this story doesn’t have any authentic route.

Even if the above doesn’t seem to be a clear proof from al-khoei to our readers, then here is something which al-khoei said regarding Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) which will clear the issue in a crystal clear manner.

Ayatullah al-Sayyed al-Khoei says while commenting on the first Caliphs in “Fiqh al-Shia” vol 3 pg 126, also in “Mabani Minhaj al-Saliheen” vol 3 pg 250 by Taqi al-Qummi:

ومن هنا يحكم باسلام الأولين الغاصبين لحق أمير المومنين عليه السلام إسلاما ظاهرياً لعدم نصبهم – ظاهراً – عداوة لأهل البيت وإنما نازعوهم في تحصيل المقام والرياسة العامة
Translation: “From this we conclude the Islam of the first two who usurped the right of Ameer al-Momineen (as) an apparent Islam because of them NOT being Nasibis apparently and NOT dispplaying enmity towards ahlbait(as) but they disputed them for the sake of status and general leadership.

Comment: This shows that al-khoei testifies that Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) were not Nasibis(enemies of Ahlebayt). If khoei believed that Abubakr or Umar attacked Fatima(ra) or killed her unborn child, then he would have never said that Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) were NOT nasibis.


Points to Ponder:

(i). We find in the authentic ahadith of Ahlul-Sunnah the Prophet(saw) tells Fatima (ra) that she will be the first member of his family(Ahlul-Bayt) who will die after him.[Refer Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 5, Book 57, Hadith 62], but as per the fabricated Shi’ee reports, the first who died is her unborn child Muhassin, so which one is right? Is Fatima the first to follow him from his Ahlul-bayt as stated in the authentic narrations or is Muhassin the first to follow him? A clear contradiction. Which shows that the Shia narrative is fabricated and unreliable.

(ii). Fatima (r.a) died 6 months after death of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). Shias claim that: In these 6 months after death of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) Abu Bakr (r.a) stole caliphate from Ali (r.a), Umar (r.a) wanted to burn house while Fatima (r.a) was inside and even killed her unborn son. Keeping in mind these mentioned claims, let us go back to other historical facts.

After these 6 months, Ali (r.a) married to other women. It’s well known fact that Ali (r.a) had sons from other wives with names Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman.  Imam al-Hasan (r.a) named one from his children Talha. Imam al-Hussain (r.a) named his two sons Abu Bakr and Uthman. So how is it possible to unite historical facts and shia false charges against companions?! Can anyone even think about naming his child with name of person, who stole his rights, who killed his wife?

This is a summarized version, when historical facts and shia charges against companions are combined together:

Abu Bakr (r.a) stole caliphate, Umar (r.a) tried to killed Fatima (r.a) with door and killed her unborn son who was in her womb (these were shia charges), and after this theft, and her death Ali (r.a) married other woman and named his son Umar (this is fact). Which sane man could believe in such thing?


For more details

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13 thoughts on “Did Sheikein(Abubakr and Umar) ever attack Ahlebayt?

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  2. “doesn’t it seem strange to name an unborn child” the narrator asks, not if you’re Muslim no! It is strongly recommended to name a Muslim child whilst you are carrying it so that in the case you do miscarriage in accordance with Muslim Shariah – shi’a and sunni you bury it with the name you referred to it. All Muslims know that there are burial rites for a child you miscarry as we believe it to be a life and therefore do not agree with abortions. So you pick a female and male name if you do not know the sex and should anything happen it is buried with that name – simple. There is wisdom in Allah’s laws, there could be nothing worse than miscarrying a child and then having the pressure of naming it when you go to bury it.
    You should know that. Who can listen to the rest of your piece when the first line is so flawed? If you’re going to argue something, my God do it well, not in ignorance.

    • Salamalikum, we referred Shia articles regarding the imaginary story of attacking Fatima(ra), we found in there that, Prophet Muhammad(Saw) had given the name to the child of Fatima(ra) as Muhsin. But interestingly we find that Prophet Muhammad(Saw) himself preached that naming a child should occur AFTER THE BIRTH. For eg: Rasulallah(s.a.w) said that “Every child is held in pledge for his Aqeeqah which is sacrificed for him on his seventh day, and he is named on it and his head is shaved.”[‘Saheeh’ by Shaikh al-Albanee ‘1165’ Abu Dawood ‘vol: 2, no: 2831’ and as well others]. Even in Shia sources we find the similar thing, for eg:The author of the book, Makarim-al-Akhlagh has narrated the Immaculate Imams saying there are these traditional acts for the time of CHILDBIRTH. The first of these is naming the child, then shaving the head, giving charity equal in weight to the cut hair, sacrificing an animal, rubbing saffron on the head of the baby, circumcising the boys, and feeding sacrificial meat to the neighbors. [Vasa’il, v.21, pp.411-413].

      Moreover, even in the hadeeth which we presented showed that Prophet(Saw) named Muhsin after his birth which you chose to ignore. Anyways, though a comment from us may not seem convincing to you, but just based on that if you are going to reject an AUTHENTIC HADEETH OF PROPHET(saw) which testifies that Muhsin was named after his birth, then that would be irrational,unjust and bias.

      Lastly, there is another authentic proof which exposes the Shia imaginary stories which were fabricated to attack Islam. It is reported in the SAHIH Ahadith of Ahlul-Sunnah and even in the books of Shias, the Prophet(saw) tells Fatima(ra) that she will be the first member of his family who will die, but as per Shia fabrication the first who died is her baby boy Muhassin, so which one is right? Is Fatima the first to follow him from his family as stated in the authentic narrations or is Muhassin the first to follow him? A clear contradiction.

  3. Assalam o Alaikum!
    I need to know the complete history of Shiasm! A friend of mine wants to convert from shia to sunni. Pls. guide me and with complete references.

    JazakAllah Khair!

    • Walaikumsalam,

      Sister, I can guide you to books regarding history of Shiism, but I would like to know that which language would you prefer? Urdu or English.

      And Since your friend wants to accept the true path of Islam(i.e Ahlesunnah wal Jama’ah) then I suggest you to give dawah to her on the topic of Shiism and finality of Prophethood. I have experienced that this topic{Click Here} is playing a vital role for giving dawah to Shias.Alhamdulilah. Since its not related to some minor fiqh issues but its major issue related to Aqeedah.


    • The presence of any incident in Sunni books doesn’t make it a fact, just as any report being present in Shia books won’t make it reliable in the eyes of Shias. Presence of reports in Sunni books is not even the condition of authenticity. The condition of authenticity is that, the chain of narrators should have trustworthy narrators, it should be connected, and some other conditions. So when you verify those reports it turns out that, either they reach us through chain-less or disconnected reports, or the chain of narrators contain liars, abandoned narrators or anonymous narrators. And more over these reports contradict some established facts, which is why we declare these reports to be fabrications and concoctions.

  4. The question is: What if it is true? One needs to probe in detail on the lives of the four khalifs to discern the truth

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