If The Khawarij Ever Gained Strength in Iraq and Syria, There Would Be Mass Killing

If The Khawarij Ever Gained Strength in Iraq and Syria, There Would Be Mass Killing.

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Our intention behind this article is to save the Muslim youth from the misguidance being spread by Khawarij in the name of Islam, and youth due to ignorance of the correct Islamic knowledge, fall into the trap of Khawarij and go astray, from the straight and moderate path of Islam. Therefore we want to spread awareness among the youth about the reality of the Khawarij, who are spreading corruption in the world in the name of Islam, while in reality, Islam has nothing to do with these misguided people and their extremist ideology.

The Imam, al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer (died, 774AH, rahimahullaah) stated in “Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah” (10/584-585) regarding what the Khawarij would do to the Ummah if they ever attained strength:

قال الحافظ ابن كثير الدمشقي ـ رحمه الله ـ في كتابه “البداية والنهاية”(١٠/ ٥٨٤-٥٨٥) عن ما سيفعله الخوارج بالأمة إذا قووا

إذْ لو قَووا هؤلاء لأفسدوا الأرض كلها عراقاً وشاماً، ولم يتركوا طفلاً ولا طفلة، ولا رجلاً ولا امرأة، لأن الناس عندهم قد فسدوا فساداً لا يصلحهم إلاّ القتل جملة

“If they ever gained strength, they would surely corrupt the whole of the earth, Iraq and Syria (Shaam) – they would not leave a baby, male or female, neither a man or a woman, because as far as they are concerned the people have caused corruption, a corruption that cannot be rectified except by mass killing.

Today we see the reality of this affair at the hands of ISIS and other Jihadist insurgencies in Iraq and Syria. These fighters who in the name of Islam have instituted the mass killing of Muslims on the basis that rectification cannot take place except by the death of the masses. The murder perpetrated by the Khawaarij is worse than the murder committed by the sinners, because the sinners do not claim that they have license to kill from the Lord of the Worlds whilst the Khawaarij claim that Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, has commanded them with this slaughter. They have invented a lie against Allaah and His Messenger. It is for this reason  that Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam) said regarding them:

“Dogs of the Hellfire, dogs of the Hellfire! The most evil of killers that are killed under the sky.”[Narrated by Aḥmed in his ‘Musnad‘, ibn Abī Shaybah in his ‘Muṣannaf’, at-Tirmidhee in his ‘Sunaan’ he declared it to be ‘ḥasan’.  Tabrāni and Ḥākim in his ‘ṣaḥīḥ’ on the conditions of Muslim, ath-Thahabi said it was ṣaḥīḥ].

Ibn al-Jawzī (d. 597 AH ) said:

“There are many long stories about them and their strange methodologies. I will not elaborate by mentioning them.  Rather, the intent here is to study the deception of Iblīs(Satan), and how he deceived these fools, who reacted hastily to all that they encountered. They believed that ʿAlī bin Abī Tālib  was wrong, and those who were with him from the Muhajirīn and the Ansār were also wrong, and that they themselves were upon the truth.

They made ḥalāl the blood of children, yet they did not allow the eating of any fruits of trees without paying for it.  They tired themselves out with worship, and would frequently stay awake; yet they raised their swords against the Muslims.

And even Iblīs(Satan) could not have imagined the extent of this evil. We seek refuge in Allāh from being forsaken.” [Talbīs Iblīs by Ibn Jawzī; Chapter: The Devil’s deception of the Khawārij, p.91.]

Shaykh ul Islam Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah (died 728H) stated:

“The Khawarij were the first ones to declare a Muslim to be outside the fold of Islam due to his sins – rather to be precise, with what the Khawarij thought were sins! And they made lawful the spilling of the blood of the people of Islam due to this.

Al-Ajuri (died 360H) said:

Neither the scholars of old nor of new, ever differed about the Khawarij. They regarded them an evil people who were disobedient to Allaah and His Messenger even though they prayed, fasted and exerted themselves in worship, and all of this was of no benefit to them, even though they were apparent in enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and that did not benefit them because they were a people who interpret the Qur’an upon their desires.”[Kitābush-Sharīʿah by al-Ājurī,  vol.1/325].

‘Ali bin Abi Talib said about the Khawarij:

“They are not Fuqaha (scholars) of the Religion, nor are they scholars of its understanding, and there is none that has preceded them in this matter in Islam, I swear by Allaah that if they ruled over you, they would do the actions of Cesar and Heraclius.”


“And thus We have made you a wasata (middle way – just/balanced) community…” (Al-Baqarah 2:143).

Courtesy: Abu Khadeejah.com

3 thoughts on “If The Khawarij Ever Gained Strength in Iraq and Syria, There Would Be Mass Killing

  1. If all real Muslims used the name Khawarij or Kharijite to refer to ISIS, Boko Haram etc then it may be taken up by the non-Muslims. When many actual Muslims themselves refer to the killers in Iraq as the “Islamic State” they are helping spread a slander against Islam – one that is being used as a justification by various persecutors of Muslim minorities.

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