Twelver Shia adopted the Sunnah of Jews over Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

Twelver Shia adopted the Sunnah of Jews(Yahood) over Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

There is no doubt that the Twelver Shiites are the furthest of all the factions of the innovators from the Book and the Sunnah. Due to their severe hatred and enmity for the Muslims upon the Sunnah(Ahlus-Sunnah), they are very particular to take positions in opposition to Ahlus-Sunnah. For this reason they are well-known amongst the general-folk as having opposition to the Sunnah.

To legalize their opposition with Ahlus-sunnah, they have even fabricated reports and attributed those to Imams from Ahlulbayt[Imams are free from these false attributions to them, just like Isa(AS) is free from the false attributions of Christians]. Here are some examples of those reports which the Twelver Shia attributed to Ahlulbayt.

Illal ul Sharai of Shia Shaikh Sadooq, Under : Chapter on the reason due to which it is wajib (obligatory) to follow the opposite of what the ‘aama (Commoners/Sunnis) state.

– حدثنا أبي رحمه الله قال: حدثنا أحمد بن ادريس عن أبي اسحاق الارجاني رفعه قال: قال أبو عبد الله (ع) أتدري لم امرتم بالاخذ بخلاف ما تقول العامة؟ فقلت: لا ندرى، فقال: ان عليا (ع) لم يكن يدين الله بدين الا خالف عليه الامة إلى غيره أرادة لابطال أمره وكانوا يسألون أمير المؤمنين (ع) عن الشئ الذي لا يعلمونه فإذا أفتاهم جعلوا له ضدا من عندهم ليلبسوا على الناس

Told us my father(ra), who said: Told us Ahmad b. Idris from Abi Ishaq al Arjani who lifted it (the sanad/chain by narrating in marf’oo manner), he said: Imam Ja’far al Sadiq(as) said “Do you know why you people have been ordered to follow the opposite of what ‘aama(Commoners/Sunnis) say? I said “We do not know.” (Imam) said “Verily Ali(as) did not judge in religion of Allah(swt) but the ummah would dissent on it to other than it so as to topple his government and they(aama) would ask Amirul momineen(as) about the things which they did not know, so when Ali (as) would give them his fatwa, they(aama) would impose to it the opposite(fatwa) from themselves so as to cause confusion upon the people.”( Illal ul Sharai,Volume 2 Page 531)

Similarly we read:
حدثنا علي بن أحمد بن عبد الله بن أحمد بن أبي عبد الله البرقيو محمد بن موسى البرقي و محمد بن علي ماجيلويه و محمد بن علي بن هاشم و علي بنعيسى المجاور رضي الله عنهم قالوا حدثنا علي بن محمد بن ماجيلويه عن أحمد بن محمدبن خالد عن أحمد بن محمد السياري عن علي بن أسباط قال قلت للرضا ( ع ) يحدث الأمر لاأجد بدا من معرفته و ليس في البلد الذي أنا فيه أحد أستفتيه من مواليك قال فقالايت فقيه البلد فاستفته في أمرك فإذا أفتاك بشي‏ء فخذ بخلافه فإن الحق فيه
Told Ali b. Ahmad b. ‘Abdullah b. Ahmad b. Ahmad b. Abi ‘Abullah al Barqio Muhammad b. Musa al Barqi and Muhammad b. Ali Majiloyeh and Muhammad b. Ali b. Hashim and Ali Bina’see al Majaawar radhi Allah Anhum said “Told Ali b. Muhmmad b. Majiloyeh from Ahmed b. Muhammad b. Khalid from Ahmed b. Muhammad al Sayyari from Ali b. Asbaat said to Imam ar Redha(as) “Sometimes an issue/affair occurs and I don’t have recognition/knowledge(of its ruling) and in the town I live there’s no mawali who I can ask.” Imam(as) replied “Ask the fatwa from the town’s faqih(i.e. the town’s non shia mufti) about the issue and whatever fatwa he gives do the opposite for haq(truth) is in it(i.e doing opposite of the mufti’s fatwa).” [Uyun akhbar ar-Redha, vol 1, chapter 28, p 275, hadith no. 10.]

In the Shia fiqh(jurisprudence) they have a major rule that says, “do the opposite of Sunnis”. For example, when there are conflicting hadeeth, they look to the Sunni hadeeth and do the opposite. Or, if they are in doubt of a ruling, they could approach a Sunni Mufti for the ruling and do the opposite of what ruling he gives. This is one of the main reasons why Twelver Shia sect is considered a reactionary sect. And there are several other evidences which prove Twelver Shia sect to be a reactionary sect. The most obvious evidence is that: The main four books of Twelver Shiism hadith were written at least a century after the main Sunni books. Due to this, we find hadiths attributed to the Imams that quote Sunni opinions then respond to them. On the other hand, we don’t find this going the other way around. We don’t find Sunni hadiths quoting the Imams and responding to their opinions.

However, in this article we would like to highlight an astonishing fact that; In the process of opposing the Muslims upon the Sunnah(Ahlus-Sunnah), the reactionary Twelver Shia sect deviated from the Sunnah to such an extent that, they ended up adopting the Sunnah of Jews over the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS). Therefore, we would like to present some apparent examples where we find that the Twelver Shia adopted the way(Sunnah) of the Jews over the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) due to their opposition towards the Muslims upon the Sunnah(Ahlus-Sunnah).


Examples of Twelver Shiism adopting the way(Sunnah) of the Jews over the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

Example #1: Envy with people upon Sunnah for saying “Amin”.

It was narrated from ‘Aishah that the Prophet (SAWS) said: “The Jews do not envy you for anything more than they envy you for the Salam and (saying) ‘Amin.” [Sunan Ibn Majah, Book 5, Hadith 905 ; Grading: Sahih]

Similarly we read:

It was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said: “The Jews do not envy you for anything more than they envy you for the Salam and (saying) Amin, so say Amin a great deal.” [Sunan Ibn Majah, Book 5, Hadith 906]

The Jews envied Muslims upon the Sunnah(Ahlus-sunnah), for Saying ‘Amin’, likewise even the Twelver Shia adopted the way of Jews in envying the Muslims upon the Sunnah(Ahlus-sunnah) for saying ‘Amin’ in their prayers, hence they fabricated reports undermining this Sunnah, and negating the Sunnah.

We read the  verdicts of esteemed Shia Scholars:

Esteemed Shia Scholar al-Toosi says:
قول آمين يقطع الصلاة سواء كان ذلك في خلال الحمد أو بعده للإمام و المأمومين و على كل حال في جهر كان ذلك أو إخفات
Saying Ameen breaks your Salaah whether during Al-Hamd (Al-FaatiHah) or after the Imaam and followers (in the jamaa’ah) and in EVERY situation whether (it is) outloud or done softly”. [Source: Al-MabsooT fee fiqh Al-Imaamiyyah, vol. 1, pg. 106].

Esteemed Shia scholar al-Sadooq stated:

وَ لَا يَجُوزُ أَنْ يُقَالَ بَعْدَ قِرَاءَةِ فَاتِحَةِ الْكِتَابِ آمِينَ لِأَنَّ ذَلِكَ كَانَتْ تَقُولُهُ النَّصَارَى
“And it is not permissible that he says after FaatiHah al-Kitaab: Ameen, because that is the saying of the Christians” [Source: Man Laa YaHDuruh al-Faqeeh, vol. 1, pg. 390]

Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) :

However, the fact is that the Prophetic Sunnah of saying Amin behind the Imam in prayer is authentically reported through several companions of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

(i). Wa’il bin Hujr narrated: “I heard the Prophet recite: (Not (the way) of those who earned Your anger, nor those who went astray) and he said: ‘Amin.’ And he stretched it out with his voice.”[ Jami` at-Tirmidhi #248 ; Grading: Sahih]

(ii). Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (SAWS) said, “When the Imam says ‘Amin’, then you should all say ‘Amin’, for the angels say ‘Amin’ at that time, and he whose ‘Amin’ coincides with the ‘Amin’ of the angels, all his past sins will be forgiven.”[ Sahih al-Bukhari #6402]

The Ahl Al-Bayt said “Ameen” after Al-Fatiha:

(iii). It was narrated that ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) saying ‘Amin after he said, ‘nor of those who went astray.’[1:7]. [Sunan Ibn Majah, Book 5, Hadith 903 ; Grading: Sahih]

(iv). Imam Ibn Kaṭhīr stated:

” آمّين البيت الحرام.”نقل أبو نصر القشيري عن الحسن وجعفر الصادق أنهما شددا الميم من ” آمين ” مثل : ( آمين البيت الحرام ) [ المائدة

Abū Naṣr Al-Qushairī narrated from Al-Ḥassan and Jaʿfar Al-Ṣādiq, that they used to stress the Mīm in “Āmīn”(Ameen), like: Āmmīnall-baytal-ḥarām. [Tafseer Ibn Katheer].

(v). Here is a pro-Ameen Shia narration from Shia book:

[ 7366 ] 5 ـ وعنه ، عن ابن أبي عمير ، عن جميل قال : سألت أبا عبد الله ( عليه السلام ) عن قول الناس في الصلاة جماعة حين يقرأ فاتحة الكتاب : آمـيـن ؟ قال : مـا أحـسـنـهـا واخفض الصوت بها.
التهذيب 2 : 75|277 , الاستبصار 1 : 318|1187 , وسائل الشيعة ج 6 ص 68
[7366] 5 – From ibn abi ‘Umayr from Jameel bin Darraj al-Nakh’ee: I asked abu ‘Abdullah (as) about the saying of the people during Salat after the Fatiha of the Book: Ameen? He (as) said: “How good it is when in a low voice.” [Source: al-Tahtheeb 2 : 75/277, al-Istibsar 1 : 318/1187, Wasael al-Shia 6/68.]

al-Khoei said this narration is SAHIH in al-Mustanad fi Sharh al-‘Urwah al-Wusta 5/514: “ربّما تعارض هذه النصوص بصحيحة اُخرى لجميل ظاهرة في الجواز”.


Example #2: Declaring the Meat of Rabbit as Haram(forbidden).

We read in Jewish Dietary Law:

Animals allowed are those with cloven hooves that chew a cud (ruminants). This includes cattle, sheep, goats, deer and and bison. Pigs, rabbits, camels and rock badgers are specifically forbidden. In addition, approved animals must be slaughtered, all blood drained and otherwise prepared in accordance with kosher law and all under strict rabbinical supervision to be rated “kosher”.

Rodents are all forbidden including rabbit.

[Source: Jewish Dietary Law] {Screen Shot}.

It is a well-known fact that Jews consider the meat of Rabbit as forbidden, likewise even the Twelver Shia followed the Sunnah of Jews in forbidding the meat of Rabbit.

Imam Ridha (as) says: “Since the rabbit has blood similar to that of women [which is discharged during menstruation], its meat is haram.[ Wasailul-Shia, vol.24, pg.109.]

Esteemed Shia Ayatullah Sistani stated:

It is haraam to eat the meat of rabbit, elephant, bear, monkey, jerboa, mouse, snake, hedgehog, and crawling animals and insects.

[Source: Official Website of Ayatullah Sistani] {Screen Shot}.

Grand Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani stated:

  1. Meat and milk of a Najis animal, such as dog and pig are Haraam. Also, meat and milk of carnivorous animals which usually have claws and flange such as lion, leopard, panther, wolf, hyena, jackal, fox and Maskh animals such as elephant, bear, ape, rabbit are Haraam.

[Source: Official Website of Ayatullah Lankrani] {Screen Shot}.

Interestingly, there are authentic Shia traditions which state that Prophet(SAWS) did not make the meat of rabbit Haram, however due their bigotry the Shia scholars discarded the ruling present in those reports by claiming that those were said under Taqiyyah(dissimulation).

We read:
عَنْهُ عَنِ ابْنِ أَبِي عُمَيْرٍ عَنْ حَمَّادِ بْنِ عُثْمَانَ عَنْ أَبِي عَبْدِ اللَّهِ ع قَالَ كَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ ص عَزُوفَ النَّفْسِ وَ كَانَ يَكْرَهُ الشَّيْ‏ءَ وَ لَا يُحَرِّمُهُ فَأُتِيَ بِالْأَرْنَبِ فَكَرِهَهَا وَ لَمْ يُحَرِّمْهَا
From Hammād b. `Uthmān said the Messenger of Allāh (SAWS) would abstain himself and he hated things, but did not make it harām, when a rabbit was brought to him, he hated (i.e.makrooh) it, but did not make it harām. [Source: Al-Toosi, Tahdheeb Al-aHkaam, vol. 9, pg. 43, hadeeth # 180 ; Grading: Al-Majlisi has said this hadeeth is SaHeeH. Milaadh Al-Akhyaar, vol. 14, pg. 202]

Esteemed Shia Scholar Al-Majlisi said in his commentary after this hadeeth:

“and it is possible to hold these narrations (that make it makrooh to eat rabbit) as based on taqiyyah, due to the popularity of the position of it being permissible amongst the ‘aammah (non Shi’ahs/Sunnis).” [Source: Al-Majlisi, Milaadh Al-Akhyaar, vol. 14, pg. 202].

Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS)

However, as per Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(SAWS), eating the meat of rabbit is permissible in Islam, there are several authentic reports which prove that Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) declared the meat of rabbit as permissible.

(i). Narrated Anas: We chased a rabbit at Mar-al-Zahran and the people ran after it but were exhausted. I overpowered and caught it, and gave it to Abu Talha who slaughtered it and sent its hip or two thighs to Allah’s Apostle. (The narrator confirms that he sent two thighs). The Prophet (SAWS) accepted that. The sub-narrator asked Anas, “Did the Prophet; eat from it?” Anas replied, “He ate from it.”[ Sahih al-Bukhari #2572]

(ii). It was narrated that Muhammad bin Saifi said: “I slaughtered two rabbits with a sharp-edges stone and brought them to the Prophet (SAWS), and he told me to eat them.”[Sunan Ibn Majah, Book 27, Hadith 3296 ; Grading: Hasan]

(iii). Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: That a man from his people hunted a rabbit or two and slaughtered them with Marwah. Then he hung them up until he met the Messenger of Allah (SAWS), so he asked him about that, and he (SAWS) told him to eat them. [Jami` at-Tirmidhi #1472 ; Grading : Hasan]

(iv). It was narrated that Musa bin Talhah said: “A rabbit that a man had grilled was brought to the Prophet and when he offered it to him he said: ‘O Messenger of Allah(SAWS), I saw some blood on it.” The Messenger of Allah did not eat it, but he said to those who were with him: “Eat; if I felt like it, I would have eaten it.’ There was a man sitting, and the Messenger of Allah said: Come and eat with the people.‘ He said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, I am fasting.’ He said: ‘Why don’t you fast Al-Bid?’ He said: ‘What are they?’ He said: “The thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth?”‘.[ Sunan an-Nasa’i #2429 ; Grading: Sahih]

Hence, we find that the Twelver Shia adopted the Sunnah of Jews in forbidding the meat of Rabbit, over the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS), who deemed it Halal.


Example #3: Deeming wiping over the socks in ablution as unlawful.

Sheikh al-Islam Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah stated: The Jews do not see it lawful to wipe over the socks during ablution, as is the belief of the Rafidhah. [Minhaaj As-Sunnah, vol 1, page 24]

We read in the traditions of Twelver Shia:

عَلِيُّ بْنُ إِبْرَاهِيمَ عَنْ أَبِيهِ عَنْ حَمَّادٍ عَنْ حَرِيزٍ عَنْ زُرَارَةَ قَالَ قُلْتُ لِأَبِي جَعْفَرٍ ع فِي الْمَسْحِ عَلَى الْخُفَّيْنِ تَقِيَّةٌ قَالَ لَا يُتَّقَى فِي ثَلَاثَةٍ قُلْتُ وَ مَا هُنَّ قَالَ شُرْبُ الْخَمْرِ أَوْ قَالَ شُرْبُ الْمُسْكِرِ وَ الْمَسْحُ عَلَى الْخُفَّيْنِ وَ مُتْعَةُ الْحَجِّ
From Zuraarah said, I said to Abee Ja`far (AS) about wiping upon the khuffayn (socks) (under) taqiyyah. He(as) said: ‘There is no taqiyyah in three (circumstances)’. I said: ‘And what are they?’ He (AS) said: ‘Drinking wine or He(as) said: Drinking intoxicant, wiping upon the khuffayn (socks) and muta of the hajj’. [Source: Al-Kulayni, Al-Kaafi, vol. 6, pg. 415, hadeeth # 12 ; Grading: Al-Majlisi said that this hadeeth is Hasan (Good). Mir’aat Al-`Uqool, vol. 22, pg. 275]

(ii). Ahmad ibn Muhammad from has narrated from al-Husayn ibn Sa‘id from al-Nadr ibn Suwayd from Durust from Muhammad ibn al-Fadl al-Hashimiy who has said the following:“Once my brothers and I went to see abu ‘Abd Allah(AS) and we wanted to perform al-Hajj. Certain ones among us were for their first al-Hajj. He (the Imam) said, ‘You must perform al-Hajj al-Tamattu‘ (advantageous); I because of taqiyyah, fear from Sultan; do not give up al-Hajj al-Tamattu‘ (advantageous), do not ignore staying away from intoxicating liquor and do not wipe over the shoes.’” (Al-Kafi H 6991, Ch. 51, h 14)

(iii). Shia Ayatullah Sistani stated:

  1. Wiping performed on socks or shoes is void. But if one is unable to remove his socks or shoes because of severe cold, or fear of life, or a robber, the obligatory precaution is that he will wipe on the socks or shoes, and then perform tayammum al so. And if a person is under Taqayya (hiding one’s faith), he can perform wiping on his socks and shoes.

[Source: Official Website of Ayatullah Sistani] {Screen Shot}.

(iv). Grand Ayatullah Lankarani stated:

  1. Wiping performed on socks or shoes is void. But if one is unable to remove his socks or shoes because of sever cold, or fear of life, or a robber, he will wipe on the socks or shoes. And if the shoes are Najis, then something Pak should be placed over it, before wiping.

[Source: Official Website of Ayatullah Lankarani] {Screen Shot}.

(v). Shia Ayatullah Sayyid Abulqasim al-Khoei stated:

  1. Wiping performed on socks or shoes is void. Hence, if it is very cold or socks or shoes cannot be taken off on account of the fear of an enemy or a beast etc., one should perform tayammum. (See, Article No. 708). And in case a person is under Taqayyah (hiding one’s faith) he should perform wiping on his socks and shoes and should also perform Tayammum.

[Source : Islamic Laws of Ayatullah Khoei: Chapter 4 Ablutions] {Screen Shot}.

Comment: As per Shia Ayatullahs, in normal circumstances wiping over the socks is unlawful, however in extreme conditions it is allowed, since in extreme conditions unlawful things become lawful.

Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

However, as per the authentic Sunnah of Prophet(SAWS) wiping over the socks(kuffs) is allowed in Islam even in normal circumstances, and this has been narrated from multiple companions of Prophet(SAWS), including Ali ibn Abi Talib(RA).

(i). Shuraih b. Hani said: I came to ‘A’isha to ask her about wiping over the socks. She said: You better ask (‘Ali) son of Abu Talib for he used to travel with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). [Sahi muslim: Bk 2, Number 0537]

(ii). Narrated Ali ibn AbuTalib: If the religion were based on opinion, it would be more important to wipe the under part of the shoe than the upper but I have seen the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) wiping over the upper part of his shoes. [Sunan Abi Dawud #162; Grading: Sahih]

(iii). Abu Ubaidah bin Muttammad bin Ammar bin Yasir said: “I asked Jabir bin Abdullah about wiping over the Khuff. He said, ‘O my nephew! It is the Sunnah.’” [He said:] “And I asked him about wiping over the lmamah. He said, ‘[Wipe1 the hair [with water].'”[ Jami` at-Tirmidhi# 102 ; Grading: hasan]

(iv). It was narrated from Hudhaifah that: The Messenger of Allah performed ablution and wiped over his leather socks. [Sunan Ibn Majah Book 1, Hadith 587; Grading: Sahih]

(v). It was narrated from Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) wiped over the Khuffs. [Sunan Nasai, Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadith 121 ; Grading : Sahih]

(vi). It was narrated that Bilal said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) wiping over the Khimar and Khuff.” [Sunan Nasai, Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadith 106; Grading : Sahih]

(vii). Narrated Al-Mughirah ibn Shu’bah: The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) wiped over the socks. [Sunan Abi Dawud #161 ; Grading: Hasan Sahih].

Hence, we find that the Twelver Shia adopted the Sunnah of Jews in deeming wiping over the socks as unlawful, over the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS), who deemed it to be lawful.


Due to these reasons some of the great Scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah accused Shias for having similar beliefs like the Jews.

(i). A great scholar of Ahlus-Sunnah Sayyidina Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani(rah), also known as Hazrat Ghaus-i-A’zam by some Sunnis’ has stated in his book:

The Shiite beliefs are akin to the Jewish beliefs. According to Allamah Sha’bi, the “love” borne by the Raafzis (Shiites) is like the love borne by the Jews. The Jews hold that, the right of Imamat is only for the House of David. The Shiites believe that the right of Imamat is only for the House of Ali Ibn Abi Taalib. The Jews are of the view that until Dajjaal appears and until Hazrat ‘Isaa (AS) does not(delayed so long for one reason or another) descend from the heaven, it is wholly wrong to wage Jihaad. Similarly, the Raafizis (Shiites) hold that unless Imaam Mahdi appears and unless the heaven testifies to his Imaamat, it is not permitted to unleash Jihad. [Ghunyatut Taalibeen, pages 288289]

(ii). Sheikh ul-Islam Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah(rah) stated:

“..The ordeal of the Raafidhah is similar to that of the Jews. The Jews said kingship can only be in the family of Daawood, and the Raafidhah said that Imaamate can only be from the children of ‘Alee. The Jews said, ‘There can be no jihaad in the path of Allah until the Pseudo-Christ(dajjal) emerges forth and the command to fight is given.‘ The Raafidhah said, ‘There is no jihaad in the path of Allaah until Mahdi emerges and a caller calls from the heavens to fight… [Minhaaj As-Sunnah, vol 1, page 24]

[Note: These scholars of Ahlus-sunnah have listed out many other similarities between the Shiites and Jews, however it must be noted that,  NOT ALL of the points mentioned by these scholars are regarding Twelver Shias in specific. Some of those beliefs were only found in other Shia sects. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani(rah) in his book has listed out the different sects of Shiites that existed during his time.]



It is true that certain practices of Islam are similar to Judaism. However there were instances where Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) clearly distinguished his Sunnah with that of the Jews. But the Twelver Shia due to their hatred with the People upon Sunnah(Ahlus-sunnah), ended up adopting the Sunnah of the Jews which was contrary to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS).

We also find that Twelver Shiism is a reactionary sect, whose main goal is to oppose people upon Sunnah(Ahlus-sunnah). Unfortunately due to such concept of opposing people upon sunnah, Twelver Shiism ended up abandoning almost every Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) and replacing it with innovations(Bidah). And the result of it was Shiism becoming the head quarter of innovations, which is running under the banner of “Madhab of Ahlulbayt”{Ahlulbayt are free from all these innovations ascribed to them}, take example of Self flagellation, Blood-shedding rituals, Nazr-o-Niyaz in the name of Ahlulbayt, and many other un-islamic and polytheistic bidaah(innovations). However we would like to advice the truth seeking and unbiased Twelver Shiites who are well aware of Shiism being fully diluted with un-islamic and polytheistic innovations, to abandon this deviant and misguided school of thought, and to accept the pure and simple path of people upon Sunnah(Ahlus-Sunnah). Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) said: He who turns away from my Sunnah, he has no relation with Me.[Sahih Muslim #1401]. Imam Abu Jafar(as) said: Whoever may transgress against the Sunnah, he must return to the Sunnah.” [Al-Kafi, H 207, Ch. 22, h 11]

We anticipate some irrational counter arguments from some stubborn Shiites; They might argue that Jews pray keeping their hands on their chest, So do SOME of the Sunnis, however those Shiites should not forget that as per authentic Shia reports, Shia women are recommended to pray keeping their hands on their Chest, and we hope they won’t claim that this practice was adopted from the Jews. They would certainly say that this was taught by Prophet Mohammad(SAWS). The Sunnis who pray keeping their hands on Chest say the same. And they believe that Prophet Mohammad(SAWS) didn’t teach the prayer to Men and Women separately. In terms of actions, then Prophet(SAWS) made a general command that, “Pray as you have seen me praying.”[ Sahih al-Bukhari #6008].

May Allah’s(swt) blessings be upon His Messenger, his household, and his companions.


“Whomever disobeys Allah and his Messenger, and steps beyond the limits, Allah will cause him to enter the fire, in it shall he abide, and he shall have an abasing chastisement.” (Quran 4:14)

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    Daesh is manipulating ignorant Sunni to join them. Syrian and Iraqi Sunni invited them as their Sunni brothers to help them. They named themselves ISIS (Daesh) in Syria. Now Daesh is beheading the Sunnis too.
    I came across the following information about the origin of Sunni name. I asked 100’s of Sunni scholars but nobody knew the origin of Sunni name then I researched myself from Sunni books and found the following reason.
    1- Umer bin Khatab appointed a small council from his death bed to appoint his successor with the condition that his successor has to follow the Sunnah of his predecessors (AbuBaker and Umer) and if the nominee does not accept this condition his head should be cut off. The council offered Khilafat to Ali  with this condition but Ali (as) said .
    ““I shall act according to the Book of God, and the Sunnah of His Apostle. As for following the precedents of Abu Bakr and Umar, I have a judgment of my own, and I am going to use it.”
    The council  did not cut his head. Uthman accepted that condition and became Khalifa.
    After the death of Uthman, Ali  became Khalifa and Muaweeya became against him.
    Muaweeya needed something against Ali  so he told his followers that Ali  rejects the Sunnah of AbuBaker and Umer but Muaweeya accepts the Sunnah of AbuBaker and Umer. Muaweeya called his followers AHLE-SUNNAH. There were no newspapers, TV, Radio, good transportation at that time. Ruler’s orders were the only news. If anybody was against the ruler, they used to cut his head off. Many people joined Muaweeya and were known as Ahle-Sunnah. Muaweeya fought with Ali  and made a fraudulent pact with Ali . Muaweeya realized that he could not fool Muslims forever so he declared that he had treaty with Ali . NOW WE ARE UNITED AS ONE UMMAH. He added WA JAMAIT to show unity among all Muslims. Ahle-Sunnah wal Jamait became the religion of rulers. It fitted well for them. Every ruler after Muweeya protected this Ahle-Sunnah wal Jamait because it accepted them Khalifa.
    Ottoman empire started as SULTAN not Khalifa but then they realized the political benefits of Ahle-Sunnah wal Jamait. They became Ahle-Sunnah wal Jamait and declared themselves KHALIFA.
    This is the origin of Ahle-sunnah wal Jamait (SUNNI).

    • You have been brainwashed with lies and false information. The first person to use the term Ahlus-sunnah was Abdullah ibn Abbas(ra), who is a member of Ahlulbayt, as per Sunnis.

      Al-Lalika’i mentioned in ‘Sharh Usul I’tiqad Ahl as-Sunnah’ (1/72) that the first person to have actually used the term ‘Ahl as-Sunnah’ was Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas, when explaining the verse: {“…on the day when some faces will be brightened, and some faces will be blackened…”} [Al ‘Imran; 106] He said: “Those whose faces will be brightened are Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. As for those whose faces will be blackened, then they are the people of innovation and misguidance (ahl al-bida’ wad-dalalah).” [‘Sharh Usul I’tiqad Ahl as-Sunnah’ volume 1 page 72].

  2. If AbuBakr and Umar were following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad then why Imam Ali rejected their Sunnah and rejected the Caliphate ater the death of Umar?

    Umar rejected the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and said that Quran was enough for him….


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