Examining the Shia claim of being ‘innocent lamb’ oppressed for no reason other than being Shia.

Bismillahi al-Rahmaan al-Raheem

Salam be upon you all,

First and foremost I’d like to stress out that I am against violence against any group, be it religious or non-religious group. I’ve seen that in the area where I am from (not really far away from Quetta) Shia killings have led to nothing but (even more) hatred. Neither Sunnis have the right and go and kill randomly Shias nor the other way around. I know that every country has the right to execute offenders, same goes for Islamic or Shiite states, and Iran actually does execute apostates or people who insult Shiite symbols, at least what I’ve seen are fatwas of Shia Marjas calling for the death of apostates and those who insult Shia Marjas. Latest case was about an Iranian rapper who made it even into the Pakistan news (due to a Shia grand Ayatullah calling for the permissibility of shedding his blood!).
Yet it is mind-boggling to me when I see, watch and read about how Shias protest about being the innocent lambs who are being oppressed and killed for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than being Shiites (a quite Jewish mentality if you ask me, always asking for recognition and an extra treatment). Now is that true I’ve asked myself? Is it really like that? I’ve read tons of Shiite propaganda and the message was always the same, ‘we Shias are being oppressed for being the lovers and followers of the holy household of the Prophet’. Now I have always had a problem with this polemic slogan, because that, effectively means that the Sunni masses at large must have been (to this day) rabid Anti-Ahlu al-Bait (household of the Prophet) bigots who have nothing to do but to oppress and kill (whenever they can) the so called follower of the Ahlu al-Bayt. After doing my research it didn’t take me actually long to spot the fallacy of this Shiite claim.  This is because:

  • Sunnis never believed that the Shiiite sects (especially 12ers, Ismaelis and other extreme groups) are actually sects based on true and authentic teachings of the Ahlu al-Bait Imams.
  • Most so called Sunni dynasties who oppressed Shias did it because they regarded Shiism and Shiites as deviants and not because they were jealous or mad at the Ahl al-Bait
  • Most so called Sunni dynasties were not ruled by orthodox Sunnis. Many of the were Mutazilite who are to this very day closer to Shiism than to Sunnism (go ask any Hanafi Maturidi or Shafi’i Ash’ari and he will confirm that)
  • Even the early Sunni dynasties like the Umayyads had many evil rulers, they spared no one. Take for instance al-Hajjaj the mad-man of Iraq. He killed a few thousand tabi’eens and Sahaba! This alone demolishes (the emotional) rant of the Shiites who make it look as if the Ahl al-Bait only suffered at the hand of the tyrants (remember Imam Ahmad was almost tortured to death by the Caliph of his time and so were many other great Muslim, non-Shiite scholars, including Sahabah and tabi’een).

So taken all that into consideration, how can Shias claim that they were the only real oppressed people in history? Worse than that, how can they actually claim that they (Shiites) were oppressed and killed by the authortities for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Was that always the case? Does not Shiism by default arouse suspicion, rather hatred in the heart of every practicing Muslim, considering the fact that Shiism preaches that most of the Sunni figures are apostate kafirs who are worth to be cursed day and night?

To be honest, in the past I actually believed and even sided with them and fall for their propaganda (them being innocent lambs), until … until I actually realised that the horrendous Shia believes that all of us have definately heard here and there (at least once) are actually not ‘lies against Shias’ by ‘evil Wahhabis’. Quite the opposite! Years the layman Sunni has been told that the so called ‘evil Wahhabi preachers’ lie when they claimed that:

– Shias believe that the absolute majority of the Sahaba are apostate kuffar (yet the Shias and their miserable Ayatullahs are believers!)

– Shia believe in the distortion of the Qur’an (Shias tried very hard to hide that one)

– Shia actually invoke their Imams directly (they just use intercession as an excuse, similar to the Catholics who literally pray to her)

– Shias do Taqiyyah whenever they can. another one Shias tried to play down. They often tried to claim that Taqiyyah is only allowed in extreme situations. A big and fat lie. Everyone knows through their websites and own writings of some Shias, basically the more open ones, that Taqiyyah is actually done to lure Sunnis into Shiism by hiding alot of beliefs (when they meet a very ignorant Sunni).

I am not saying that no Sunni scholar went overboard or that nobody lied about Shiism, but by Allah, all the major accusations turned out to be more than true, in fact I’ve watched Shia scholars uttering kufri and shirki statemenst that even their worst enemy would have never imagined to be uttered by the Shiites (because even many Sunni scholars in my country who hate Shiism don’t actually know that Shiism is far worse what they have already seen of innovations, blatant shirk and other kufr).

I personally have seen with my own eyes how Shias (laymen and scholars) curse, insult and make takfeer on very highly respected Sunni personalities (including a number of the wives of the Prophet). I’ve read how their biggest classical scholars such as al-Mufeed and others clearly made takfeer on the first three caliphs and a bunch of other major Sahaba. I’ve seen how even their contemporary scholars such as Khomeini (who ironically called to unity, propably not knowing that one day the Internet will expose the reality of his whole sect even in some small village in Tunisia!) authenticated the most disgusting (and obviously fabricated) narrations full of cursing such as Du’a Sanamay Quraish (the du’a of the two Idols of Quraish i.e. Abu Bakr and Umar!).

Now I want to ask any Shia to think about it, ponder over it, imagine Sunnis (who do live in Iran and Iraq) go to Qum and ask (or simply take it for granted) for the ‘freedom’ of cursing the 12th Shia Imam left and right. What would happen to them? What would happen to their Majlis? Forget about the 12th Imam, let me give you a more extreme example. What if in Iran a Nasibi group would hold massive majlis (gatherings) on a regular basis and given lectures of how kafir the twelve Imams are and how important it is to curse them. Come on, in all honestly, would any Shia government or Shia environment tolerate such blasphemy under the pretext of ‘freedom of expression’? Certainly not, the Shia scholars and laymen would make takfeer on such individuals and nobody would be really shocked if the Shia laymen would lose their minsd and actually go for the killing of those dirty Nasibis. At least nobody would be shocked (don’t say yes, I’ve provided a link with a living Shia Ayatullah who passed a fatwa, calling for the killing of an Iranian rap artists who did not even directly insult one of the twelve Imams, he ‘only’ mentioned him in a very disrespectful way).

No Shia can disagree all day long about the fact that most of the Sahaba were believers, especially Abu Bakr and Umar, fact is that they are actually considered as one of the greatest Muslims who ever lived (according to Sunnis), slandering them is just like (as serious as) slandering Imam al-Kadhim or any other Shia Imam for that matter. Having said that, I wonder how Shias (like in Pakistan) openly (basically in public) boast around about how they attend major gatherings in Pakistan (majority Sunni country just as Iran is a majority Shia country) where the most beloved religious personalities of the Sunnis are cursed and declared as Kuffar in detail.[click this link to see an example]

Let me repeat that Shia killings are neither right nor productive but will the unbiased observer (maybe even some sincere Shias) now admit that the narrative does not go as Shias claim i.e. that they are being oppressed and killed for no reason whatsoever. No reason? Seriously?! And don’t think the given example is some exception, Shiism was always based on making takfeer (and not just opposing) the Sahaba. Again, I am not saying that insulting Sunni figures justifies Shia killings, I am just saying that we over here live in a conservative environment (such as Pakistan), a religious person will never stomach (and forgive) what Shias do, the least it will result in is deep hatred for the Shias (and no sane and religious Sunni will side with them), but don’t forget that there are many extremist religious persons and those who have little knowledge who are lead by their emotions. Now how can you (or anyone for that matter) guarantee that nobody will ever lose the plot (out of anger) after hearing, seeing, watching etc. of the likes shown in the example.Would any Shia be surprised that a group of Nasibis got lynched by a Shia mob when they (Shias) found out that the Nasibis hold gatherings where they curse the Twelve Imams and make Takfeer on them?! True, every sane Shia (just like every sane Sunni) would disagree with the barbaric behaviour of lynching, yet the outcome would be a big surprise, really … (taking in mind the stupidity of the Nasibis or Shias who hold gatherings were they curse and make takfeer of the symbols of the opponents!).

I am really shocked at:

a) The audacity of Shias around the world who only show one side of the coin i.e. Shia killings in Sunni majority countries, yet they don’t mention that Shi’ism (and many to say the least, including their top-scholars) actually encourages by and of itself the killing or at least the oppression of Shiites. Don’t tell me that the likes of Sistani and other grand Marja’s don’t curse. That doesn’t matter. Their followers do curse and every Sunni can count one and one together and understand that what the likes of Sistani (due to political interests) can’t say openly, will in return be preached by their followers (the facebook status above and the incident in Pakistan is the best example).

b) That there are people living like the Shia above in Pakistan who openly attend gatherings were Sunni symbols are cursed and declared as infidels. I want to see the day were an Iranian Sunni can claim that he cursed a single Ayatullah in Qum and declared as an homosexual and kafir, I am sure he won’t last a day (after stating such opinions).


Something which is so shocking that it left no doubt in my heart that Shiism is pure evil, pure useless, pure deviation:

Now I actually understand why Sunni scholars call Shias Jews, now I understand why Sunni scholars tried to warn us laymen since hundreds of years about the fact that Shiism aims to destroy Islam from within. I was told that Shiism is the manifestation of kufr because it casts doubt on those who actually narrated the Sunnah (i.e. the Sahabah), now I’ve found out that those ‘hate preachers’ (who were 100% right in everything they said about Shiism) were actually either to soft or still a bit ignorant in regards to Shiism, because its reality is much worse. Just read the following and spread it everywhere, by Allah, Shiism is the highway to hell, to Atheism! They have no doubt about the existence of an perfect infallible Imam (whom nobody has seen and who guides nobody) yet they have no problem casting doubt and rejecting the authenticity of the wonder of the last Messenger Muhammed (saws), the holy Qur’an. [See this example]

Infact the Imamiyyah believe the book is useless without Ahlul-Bayt, while during their presence the book is also useless as who needs it when you got an infallible divine leader walking around?

“See how they will lie about themselves, and all that they used to forge will vanish from them.” [Quran 6:24]

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