A Verdict over the Case of Shiism by Shaikh Zubair Ali Za’ee(rahimahullah).

A Verdict over the Case of Shiism by Shaikh Zubair Ali Za’ee(rahimahullah).

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Whether it is a hadith of Leader of the Prophets, Mohammad(peace be upon him) or a narration of a Sahabi, or reports of the Pious predecessors(Salaf us-saliheen) or a reported Saying/action of some scholar, In the view of Ahlus-sunnah a Sahih(authentic) or Hasan(fair) chain for every report or saying is mandatory.

Like the renowned & trustworthy Imam Abdullah ibn Mubarak(rahimahullah) (died 181 AH) said : “The chains (of narration) are from the religion, had chains (isnaad) not been there, anyone would have said what they wanted. ” (Muqaddima/preface of Sahih Muslim vol 1 page 12, chain: Authentic. )

Imam Yahya bin Saeed Al Qattan(rahimahullah) (died 198 AH) said: “Don’t look at the narration, but look to the Isnaad (chain), if the chain is authentic(then it’s fine), If the chain is not sound, then don’t be deceived. ” (Al jaamiul akhlaaq  al-raavi wa Adaab al-saama, chain :sahih )

It’s the same thing whether Daeef(weak), Discarded & chain-less reports exist or not. As Hafidh ibn Hibban said:” The one who mentions weak narrations And the one who has no narration : both share the same ruling(hukm). “(Al Majroheen, by Ibn Hibban vol1, page 328).

In the view of Ahlus-sunnah, the books that come right after the Holy Qur’an(in terms of status) are Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim and all reports in the Sahihain(Bukhari abd Muslim) that are with-chain, connected, Marfu(A narration from the Prophet) are Sahih, because they have an acceptance with consensus of the Ummah. (See ikhtisar ul uloom al hadith al ibn kathir vol1 pages 124 – 128. ; and Muqaddima ibn salah pages 41 – 42).

For every book other than the Sahihain, only that report/reference is deemed to be acceptable which meets the following three conditions:

1) The author of the book should be Thiqqa(trustworthy) and sadooq(acceptable) in the view of Jamhoor al-muhadditheen(majority of Hadeeth Scholars).

2) The aforementioned book should be authentically proven & famously attributed to the author.

3) The chain should be connected, acceptable(sahih or Hasan ) from the last narrator or Qa’el(the speaker) or Fa’el(the one who is doing the action) to the author of the book.

Even if one of the above conditions is absent, the reference is of no use and the aforementioned report is not reliable and is to be discarded.

The books of Ahlus-sunnah pertaining to Usool al hadith & Asma ur rijaal, are famous & renown and without them, Istidlaal(reasoning ) from the reports of any book such as Musnad Ahmed, Sunan at Tirmidhi, Sunan Abi Dawud, Sunan ibn Majah, etc is wrong & is outright discarded because of being against the Usool(principle).

Having given this introduction, The Ten false & discarded reports from the book of Shia Scholar Hussain Al Ameeni : “Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima(The Case of Shiism)” are going to be presented, for which, Ameeni has taken evidence (istidlaal) from a few Ahlus-sunnah books, mentioning their references. Although the Authors of the aforementioned books have not adhered to the authenticity of reports in their books, neither are these reports Sahih or Hasan according to the Principles of hadith or Asma ur rijaal, in fact they’re fabricated, false & discarded.


Narration #1

It is mentioned in a report that is attributed to Syedna Jabir bin Abdullah al Ansari (RadiAllahu anhu), that we were with the Prophet(sallallahu alaihi wasallam), Ali(RadiAllahanhu) arrived & thereupon The Prophet said : “By the one in whose hand, my Life is! Indeed He (Ali) and his Shia will be elected to the lofty ranks in Jannah. ” [source: Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima(The Case of Shiism) page 50-51]


This narration has been quoted by Shia Scholar Hussain Al Ameeni in his own peculiar translation from some Ubaidullah Amritsari’s (? ) book : Arjah al Mataalib fi manaqib Asadullah Ghalib, with the reference of Ibn Asaakir, Khawarzimi & Suyuti (Durr Manthur).

This narration is mentioned in Suyuti’s Durr Manthur with the reference of Ibn Asaakir.

If by Khawarzimi, it is meant Mofiq bin Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Saeed al makki khateeb khawarzimi, then this person was a Mutaazili. (See Manaqib Abi Hanifah by al-Kardari, vol 1, page 88).

The aforementioned Khawarzimi’s trustworthiness is not proven, neither have we found anything about his book. And the noble scholars have made it categorical that his book (i.e. Fazayil Ali RadiAllahu anhu) has got numerous Fabricated reports.{See Minhaj us sunnah by Hafidh Ibn Taymiyah vol 3, page 10 ; and Al muntaqa min minhaaj us sunnah by Dhahabi, Pg 312). }

So we come to know that presenting the chain-less reference of Khawarzimi is useless & rejected and is utterly against the Principles of Ahlus-sunnah.

This narration is stated in Hafidh ibn Asaakir’s book : Tarikh e Damishq (vol 45, page 243) with chain, but is fabricated(mawdu) due to a number of reasons :

(i). Its narrator (raavi) Abul Abbas ibn Uqda was a thief. (al-Kamil by Ibn Adi vol 1, page 209, Chain: Sahih)

Ibn Uqda’s trustworthiness is not proven from any muhaddith. and Imam Darqutni said : He was a wicked person.(Tarikh Baghdaad, vol 5, page 22, Chain: Sahih ; Lisaan al Mizaan, vol 1, page 264)

Such a narrator’s report is Discarded & Fabricated.

(ii). The teacher of Ibn Uqdah rafidi was Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hasan al Qitwaani, who is Anonymous(majhool).

(iii). Qitwaani’s teacher, Ibrahim bin Anas al Ansari is Anonymous.

(iv). Ansari’s teacher, Ibrahim bin Jafar bin Abdullah bin Mohemmed bin Musallima, is Anonymous.

To see how the narration of a Majhool (anonymous) narrator is Fabricated, Check : Hafidh ad Dhahabi’s Talkhees al Mustadrak, vol 3, page 60.

The conclusion of this research is that, this narration is fabricated. So, to mention it without criticism is not allowed.



It is mentioned in a narration attributed to Ibn Abbas(ra) that Prophet(peace be upon him) said to Ali(ra) :

” Those people are you and your shia, who will be happy & pleased on the day of judgment.” (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, page 51, with reference to Ibn Mardawiya, Huliya tul Auliya by Abi Naeem, al Firdaus al akhbaar by al Daylimi and durr Manthur by Suyuti)


This is attributed to Ibn Adi in durr Manthur (vol 6, page 379)

The book by Ibn Mardawiya is not known, neither is this narration mentioned in any of the three books, namely, al Kamil Ibn Adi, Huliya tul Auliya by Abi Naeem, al Firdaus al Daylimi, so this is without a chain, hence rejected & false.

Hafidh Ibn Taymiyah said: It is agreed upon according to the muhadditheen that it is a fabrication. (Minhaaj us sunnah an Nabawiya, vol 4, page 70)

Hafidh Dhahabi said: we consider it a fabrication without a doubt. (Al muntaqa min minhaaj us sunnah by Dhahabi, Pg 458)

In short, this narration is a lie and fabricated according to Ahlus-sunnah so it is prohibited to quote it infront of the people, by taking the names of Ibn Mardawiya, Ibn Adi or some Amritsari.


Narration #3

It is mentioned in another narration attributed to Ali(ra) that Prophet(peace be upon him) said to Ali:

” O Ali, haven’t you heard the saying of Allah? “Indeed, they who have believed and done righteous deeds – those are the best of creatures.” Those are you and your shia, and the promised place for Me and you, is hawd al kawther. ” (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima i.e. the Case of Shiism page 52 , with reference to Ibn Mardawiya, Khuwarzimi and Durr Manthur)


Ibn Mardawiya’s book is non-existent & this narration in Durr Manthur (vol 6, page 379) is mentioned with the reference of Ibn Mardawiya, Therefore its chain is unknown.

As for Khuwarzimi, check Hadith# 1 (stated previously).

It is concluded that this narration is fabricated & Rejected because of being chain-less.



It is attributed to Syeda Umm Salama(RadiAllahu anha) that The Messenger of Allah(sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said to Ali(RadiAllahu anhu)

“O Ali! Rejoice, for you & your Shia will be in the Paradise. ” (Source : Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima. page 52, with reference to Manaaqib Sahaba by Sanbalani)


Najmuddin sanbalani al-marandi is totally anonymous and if he was really someone worthy of being mentioned, then the chain is unknown from him to syeda Umm Salama(RadiAllahu anha). So the narration is fabricated.

After quoting four of these fabricated narrations in his book, Shia Scholar Ameeni wrote : “Those who want to see further details, should check the book Arjah al Matalib, page 657 to 659. ” (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima page 52).

Are four of these fabricated & false narrations anything less that people are being asked to go & check Ubaidullah Amritsari’s unreliable & fabrication-filled book i.e. Arjah ul Mataalib ?

What’s the use of referring to such a book? that you after referring to, have extracted this “cream” of four False narrations, which according to Academic field & the principles of Ahlus-sunnah, has no status. Rather it doesn’t matter whether it exists or not.

We advise and request you and all the Muslims that those who want to see the truth should refer back to Qur`an, Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih al Muslim. In sha Allah there will be benefit for you in it, If the mercy and blessings of Allah are with you.

Deduction from all the other books of hadith should be done after researching the chains and texts on the Principles of hadeeth and knowledge of the narrators(Asma ur rijaal).



Shia Scholar Ameeni has quoted from the reference of some Abdul Hussain(?! ) Sharfuddin Mooswi (Shia ) that : Prophet(Sallahu alaihi wa sallam) once said putting his hand on Ali’s(RadiAllahu anhu) neck :

This Ali is the Imaam (Leader) of the righteous & Qaatil of the sinners. The one who aided him, is successful and the one who turned his back on him, is likewise not to be helped.

Imam Hakim has stated this hadith to be Sahih ul Isnaad, narrating it from Hazrat Jabir(RadiAllahu anhu), in Mustadrak, Vol 3, page 129. But Bukhari & Muslim have not included it. ” (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, page 56-57).


About this narration Hafiz dhahabi(rahimahullah) said in talkhees of mustadrak : “Rather, By Allah! (this narration ) is fabricated and Ahmed (bin Abdullah bin Yazeed al Haraani) is a Liar. ” (Talkhees al mustadrak, Vol 3, Page 129, notes 4644 )

Did Ameeni not see this criticism or is it that the whole thing is fishy.?!

Hafidh Ibn Adi said about Abu Jafar bin Abdullah bin Yazeed al moudib : ” He used to fabricate Ahadith in Surr man Raa’i (A place in Iraq). ” (Al kaamil li ibn Adi, Vol 1, page 195, 2nd Manuscript, vol 1, page 316).

Imam Darqutni said : He used to narrate Munkar (Rejected) Ahadith from AbdurRazzaq & others,   His hadith shall be abandoned. (Tarikh Baghdaad, Vol 4, Page 220, Chain : Authentic). Further see, adh dha’ufa wal mutrakoon lil dar qutni. (page 128, Translation 68).

After the Severe criticism by Imam Ibn Adi, Imam Darqutni & Hafidh Dhahabi, there’s no reliability of Hakim’s authentication here.



Shia Scholar Ameeni has also mentioned another narration, in which he mentioned that the Prohpet(Sallahu alaihi wa sallam) said to Ali(RadiAllahu anhu) : “After me the ummah will be split into disagreements, so only you will clarify the true path to them”

After mentioning this hadith, in Mustadrak Vol 3, Pg 122, Imam Haakim has mentioned that this hadith is sahih as per the parameters used for Bukhari and Muslim, but both have not mentioned this hadith, however, dalimi has mentioned the narration from Anas(RadiAllahu anhu) as mentioned in kanzul amaal Vol 7 pg 156”. (Source: Shiaiyat Ka Muqaddima, page 57, Haashiya i.e. notes).


About this narration Hafidh dhahabi(rahimahullah) said: ”but I believe that it was made up by ‘daraar (bin sard), ibn ma’een has (said about him) : Liar. (Talkhees al Mustadrak, Vol 3, page 122, Notes 4620).

Abu na’eem Daraar bin Sard al kufi has been criticized by Imam Bukhari and Many Muhaditheen and Imam Ibn Ma’een rahimahullah said: Kufa has two kazzaab (Liars): Abu Na’eem al-Nakh’ee and Abu Na’eem Daraar bin Sard. (Kitaab al jarh wa tadeel, Vol 4, page 465, chain : Authentic )

This narration from Daraar bin Sard has been considered to fall under the fabricated ones. Do remember, that these were never the standards set up by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim(rahimahullah) that they benefit with narrations from kazzaab (liars) narrators. Therefore, how can we possibly make istidlaal(deduction) in regards to the mistakes from Haakim?


The narration of Dalimi , as mentioned by suyuti (kanzul’amaal 11/615 Notes 32983) was also reported from Abu Na’eem Daraar bin sard. Refer to Musnad al-firdaus (Makhtoot Musawir, Vol 3, Page 2/135).



Shia Scholar Ameeni has mentioned a narration with the reference of Tarikh at-Tabari(Urdu vol.1, page 89) that Prophet(Sallahu alaihi wa sallam) announced about Ali (RadiAllahu anhu) in front of the whole Bani Hashim:

“He is my brother, my wasee & my Khalifa amongst you. Listen to what he says & obey him. “(Source : Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, pages 61, 163-164).


In the original Arabic manuscript of Tarikh ibn Jarir Tabari, that we have, this narration is there on page 321, vol.2. and there’s a narrator in its chain, called Abdul Ghaffar bin Qasim Abu Maryam al Ansari (a Rafidi),   about whom Imam Abu Dawud Al Tiyasi said : I bear witness that Abu Maryam is a kazzaab(Liar) because I have met him and heard (ahadith)from him. (Kitab al dua’fa by al-aqeeli, vol 3, page 100-101, chain: Good)

Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal rahimahullah said : ” His Aam (general) Ahadith are Baatil (false) “. (Kitab al Jarh wa tadeel, vol 6, page 53, Chain : Authentic).

In its chain, there are narrators called Mohemmed bin Hameed ar raazi, who is extremely Majruh (criticized) and Mohammed bin Ishaaq bin Yasaar, who is a Mudallis. But this narration is fabricated because of Abdul Ghaffar bin Qasim.



Shia Scholar Ameeni has written:

“Abu Sa’eed Khudri(ra) has narrated that upon research over the day of Ghadir Khum, Prophet(Sallahu alaihi wa sallam) commanded some people to clean the area under the tree and the thorns were brushed off from the area under the tree. Then he called Ali(ra) and took both his hands and pushed them up into the air, so much so that people could see the whiteness of the Prophet’s(Sallahu alaihi wa sallam) armpit. Then he said: “Whomsoever’s Mawla I am, Ali is (also) his Mawla.” Even then the people were not mutafarriq when the ayah was revealed: “{ This day, those who disbelieved have given up all hope of your religion, so fear them not, but fear Me. This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”} Then the Prophet(sallahu alaihi wa sallam) said:”Allah’s deen being perfected, Allah’s favor being fulfilled and upon my Prophethood and upon the wilayat of Ali, upon Allah being pleased with us”. (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, Pg 171, Reference arjah al mutaalib Pg 80, Abu Na’eem wa Abu Bakr Mardooyah anhu wa an abi huraira, wa suyuti fi dur al manthoor wal daylami (Sah) wa Abu na’eem feema nazal minal qur’aan fee Ali).


It is said, that there is not a single sanad/chain of narration for this particular narration in any books of the Ahlussunnah wal jama’ah and nor has there been any knowledge of the isnaad of Abu Na’eem wa ibn mardooyah.

This narration was not even found in dur manthoor (Vol 2, Pg 398) and nor does it exist in Daylami, therefore, this chainless narration is mawdoo (Fabricated).

Hafiz Ibn Taymiyah(rahimahullah) has requested for the chain of this narration centuries ago (See Minhaaj us sunnah an nabawiyyah, Vol 4 Pg 15).

Hafiz Ad-Dhahabi(rahimahullah) has graded it mawdoo (Fabricated). (See Al muntaqa min minhaaj us sunnah Pg 425).

It is requested to Ameeni and his companions, to try and make efforts and present the chain of narrators of this narration, so that the narrators can be analyzed and if they are unable to present a chain of narrators, then why are they spreading this chainless narration among the people?

If we present a weak or rejected narration from the books of shia e.g. usool ul kaafi, will the shia accept that?

For now, read this narration from Shia book Usool al Kafi. The summary of one narration (narrated Abi Abdillah) from Usool al Kafi is that :

After the birth of Prophet peace be upon him, he stayed for days without milk. Then Abu Talib took him to his breast and Allah sent milk into it (breast of abu talib) so he breast-fed the Prophet( peace be upon him ) for days till he found Halima Alsadia and gave him (Prophet) to her. (Al Usool Min al Kafi Vol 1 Pg 448, Kitab ul hujja Abwaab at tareekh baab mawlid un Nabi salllallahu alaihi wassallam, notes 27)

Under the foot-notes, it is mentioned about its narrator Ali bin Abi hamza saalim al bataini, that he is kazzaab(liar) muthim mal’oon(accursed).

Al-Kashi has mentioned a lot of narrations in his muzammat (pg 448).

Mamqani has said: He is strong, If his news is not contrary to the authentic news, then it is taken, and accepted.(Tanqeeh al maqaal Vol 1 Pg 105, T8111).

It is from Justice, that no narration should be presented against anyone which can not be considered a proof against them.

It is being mentioned out of good will and Islaah (advice) that Ali(RadiAllahu anhu) has said: One nation will love me, so much so (due to excessive praise) that they will enter hellfire due to their love for me. And another nation will keep bughz/hatred for me, such that they will be caused to enter hellfire due to it. (Fazail us sahaba , Imam ahmed 2/565, notes 952 with authentic chain, kitab us sunnah of Ibn abi asim :983 with authentic chain)

Ali(radi Allahu anhu) further said: In regards to me, Two types of men will be destroyed, excessive praiser/ ghaali and one who kept bughz/hate against me. (fazail e sahabah 2/571 notes: 964 with authentic chain. )

In these statements, Ameer ul momineen Ali(RadiAllahu anhu) has informed us of the destruction of Shi’a, Khawarij and Nawasib, and since these statements are related to the unseen, therefore, fall under the hukm(ruling) of Marfoo.


Narration #9

Ameeni  has narrated from Waheed uz zamaan hyderabadi and Shah Ismaa’eel dehelvi, the same hadith, that: “The one who dies and does not recognize the imam of their time, then his death will be upon jahiliyyah”. (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, Pg 190-191, wa lafzul awwal)

Waheed uz zamaan said: ”Even though this hadith is mentioned with such words in books of the creed of Ahl us sunnah , but I did not find any similar wordings in the books of hadith”.

Ameeni writes: ”This does not have any affect on the hadith in any way”. (Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, page 191).


We say, Why does it not affect?! Isn’t a narration without a chain considered rejected? Can we present chainless narrations against sh’iism?

Do remember, that by ‘Books on creed’, what is mentioned are the books from some mutaakhireen Ahlul bid’ah whose books are unauthentic and without chains, and such should never be considered as books of Creed of Ahlussunnah wal jama’ah.

Hafidh ad Dhahabi said about the aforementioned narration : “Rather, by Allah! The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has not said like this. ” (Al Muntaqah min Minhaj us sunnah, page 28 )

Hafidh Ibn Taymiyah demanded the chain of this narration. (See Minhaj us sunnah an Nabawiya, Vol 1, page 26).

But No Shia or Non-Shia has been able to present its chain, to this date, and it is an astounding evidence that the stated narration is a fabrication.


Narration #10

Ameeni has quoted from Abdul hayi Lakhnawi, “Mu’adh(ra) has been reported to have said that when the Prophet(sallahu alaihi wa sallam) would stand up for prayer, he would raise his hands to his ears while making takbeer and then he would lay them straight” (Fatawa shakh Abdul hayi Lakhnawi Vol 1, Pg 326, 1st Edition, Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima, Pg 236-237)


About this narration, which was mentioned in Tabarani’s ‘Al mu’jim al kabeer (Vol 20, Pg 74, Notes 139) in the chain of Khaseeb bin Jahdar.

Hafiz Haithmi mentioned about this narration: ”It is mentioned by Tabarani in al kabeer and its narrator is Khaseeb bin Jahdr and he is a kazzaab (Liar)”. (Majmoo’ az zawaid Vol 2 Pg 102)

About Khaseeb bin Jahdar, Imam Yahya bin sa’eed al qittaan has said: He was a liar. (Tarikh ibn ma’een riwaya ad dooree 3327).

Imam Yah’ya bin Ma’een said : Al khaseeb bin jahdr kazzaab. (Kitaab al jarh wa ta’deel 3/397 with authentic chain)

In short, this narration is a fabrication.



We have presented these Ten(10) false and fabricated narrations from Shia scholar Ameeni’s book ‘Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima ‘, as an example, So the eyes of Ahlus-sunnah get opened that they are being tricked/deceived in so many ways, and what kind of efforts are being made to deviate them from the Straight path by taking the name of Qur’an and Hadith.

This is definitely not sufficient that a Sunni Scholar brought a narration in his book, such as; Abdul Hayi Lakhnawi wrote this or Ubaidullah Amritsari wrote,   Tibrani narrated so or Imam Tirmidhi narrated, It is mentioned in Musnad Ahmed or stated in Tarikh Dimashq of Ibn Asakir, etc etc.   Rather, it is necessary for every narration and every reference to be authentic and proven, and this can only be achieved after a proper Analysis/research.

In the end, I request my brothers in Ahl-ul-Sunnah to leave all weak and fabricated narrations and instead make sahih and authentic narrations their manhaj and aim.

If you adopt this manhaj, then remember, that all the deviants sects (e.g. Khawarij , Shia , Jahmiyyah, Murji’ah, Mu’tazilah, Qadariyyah, Jabariyah, Nawasib and Munkireen e hadith, etc) will always remain defeated. In shaa Allah.

Don’t blindly follow the writer of any book that you pick up, rather, do research and establish strong contact and relationship with the scholars of correct creed, keep in mind the kitab wa sunnah i.e. Quran and ahadith and then ijma and fahm/understanding of salaf us saaliheen(pious predecessors), and follow the path of righteousness, if you maintain your al Wala(love ) for the truth and people of the truth, and al Bara (hate and disassociation) for the falsehood and people of falsehood), then you will never be misguided. In Shaa Allah.

May Allah’s (swt) blessings be upon His Messenger, his household, and companions.


Note: This article was extracted from the Monthly Magazine al-Hadeeth#87 (pages 15-29) of Shaikh Zubair Ali Za’ee(rahimahullah), where the Shaikh refuted the Shia book, Shiaiyat ka Muqaddima(The Case of Shiism) of Shia scholar Ameeni. 

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