Anti-Saudi Propaganda: An Exposition for the awareness of sincere Muslims.

Anti-Saudi Propaganda: An Exposition for the awareness of sincere Muslims.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

This article is an attempt to bring awareness to the sincere Muslims about the plots of Enemies of Islam against the Land of Tawheed – Saudi Arabia. This article exposes some of their plots which are based on deceit, misinformation and also the major means they are using to spread their false propaganda. After reading this exposition we request the readers to ponder over the fact that, how desperate are the Enemies of Islam/Muslims, to malign Saudi Arabia and to spread hatred against Saudi Arabia. The reason for this propaganda campaign by Enemies of Islam/Muslims is quite obvious, the Land of Tawheed is like a thorn in eyes of Enemies of Islam/Muslims because along with adhering to Tawheed and establishing shariah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also been one of the biggest aid for the Muslim Ummah around the Globe, especially for the Muslim of Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Burma, etc. Infact, Saudi Arabia has been a back-bone for the Muslim Ummah, therefore the Enemies of Islam/Muslims have sorted out that inorder to weaken the Muslim Ummah they need to attack the back-bone of the Ummah. Hence, it is important to bring an awareness among the sincere Muslims about the plots from the Enemies of Islam/Muslims to turn the Muslims against Saudi Arabia, So that the sincere Muslims don’t fall for this false propaganda and adhering to the Sunnah of Prophet(SAWS) and his Sahaba, they overlook the differences they may be having with the Muslim Government, for the sake of the Muslim Ummah[Esp. When the enemy is trying to advantage of these differences] and they stay united and defend the Land of Tawheed – Saudi Arabia, no matter where they live.

This article has been divided in the following sections:

(i). Media campaign for Anti-Saudi Propaganda.

(ii). Some Examples of the issues that were raised by the Media campaign to defame Saudi Arabia.

(iii). Sell-out Mullahs are being used to spread Anti-Saudi propaganda.

(iv). The Deviant Cults holding the Khawariji ideology are being used to incite hatred against the Muslim Governments(esp. Saudi Arabian).

(v). Views of Prominent Sunni Scholars about the Government of Saudi Arabia being a Government of Tawheed and Sunnah.


(i). Media campaign for Anti-Saudi Propaganda.

Saudi Arabia is presently the victim of an organized media campaign on both the regional level and in the Western world. The pace of the media attacks has recently intensified. Reports based on vicious anti-Saudi propaganda have been used to suggest illogical internal scenarios in the Kingdom. Many have described the campaign as fierce.

Dr. Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, tweeted:

“Saudi Arabia is facing a frenzied campaign in the regional, US and European media. This campaign is much stronger than the mere criticism that we have been used to in the past. It has assumed far more significant proportions. It is a carefully orchestrated campaign, not at all coincidental. We should seek to discover its purposes and who exactly is behind it.”

It has become evident that a media campaign has been launched against Saudi Arabia. We don’t need magic to know who is behind this drive, as it coincides with the Kingdom’s recent political moves. The aim of this campaign is to undermine Kingdom’s growing influence in the region. Of course, these developments have annoyed certain parties, who cannot tolerate a strong Saudi role in regional matters.

The question remains: Is it a planned campaign? The answer is clear and we can see why some parties are threatened by Kingdom’s positive role in the region. They don’t like the Saudi policies of reconciliation and Kingdom’s ability to convince conflicting parties to hold talks to achieve peace. The Saudi stance to defend legitimacy in Yemen, confronting terror in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain, opening up to Russia and Turkey, its refusal to intervene in the internal matters of other countries and support for the Palestinian cause, are all the reasons that have prompted anti-Saudi elements to launch this media campaign.

All this started with the publication of articles written by pseudo-intellectuals whose bias against the Kingdom is an open secret. All these writers share the same low-level sarcasm, mockery, generalization and dramatization of the Kingdom’s policies instead of providing positive and constructive criticism.

Other parties are also benefitting from this atmosphere such as the Syrian and Iranian media and their allies, who are known to underestimate the active Saudi role. The campaign used some writers who are known for their anti-Saudi positions and asked them to come up with fake analyses to promote their lies. Their readers usually have a skewed understanding of Saudi Arabia.

The campaign comes from three sides. First, from the Pro-Iranian voices in the Arab world which march to Iran’s orders and in harmony with Tehran’s position. The known bias of these voices limits their credibility and thus their influence on their audience.

Iran has expanded its influence in the Arab world; its military roams Baghdad and its militias fight in the heart of the Umayyad capital as if that were its right. The very one who used to slam foreign intervention which the Gulf is struggling against now supports Russian intervention in Syria and so clearly exposes both its inconsistency and lack of conscience. We suddenly discover that principles change according to interests rather than values.

It is strange to have an Arab standing with a country leading a proxy war, instigating sectarian conflicts in the region and expanding its area of influence in Arab countries. Yet some people still turn that way and criticize Saudi Arabia. The media campaign has noticeably intensified during the successes of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. As some say, the more painful it is, the louder the scream.

The second campaign has come from the British media which has attacked the Kingdom. The Times of London ran a series of articles that attacked the Kingdom while The Independent published an article entitled, “Saudi, the Emperor of Evil, Is the West’s Real Enemy.” The article slammed the Kingdom, saying it backed terror and supported Sunni Islam which creates terror.

The Guardian has also published completely inaccurate reports about the internal situation in the Kingdom. Ironically, some of these reports were written by reporters based in Cairo or Cyprus who have never visited the Kingdom. What adds to the irony is that these stories coincided with additional ones coming from a third side, the American media.

The Washington Post has published more than one anti-Saudi story, quoting undocumented sources which contradict the basic rules of professionalism in the US media. American news channels attacked Saudi Arabia and its internal situation. The most recent of these was on CNN’s GPS in which Saudi Arabia was attacked and criticized in more than one broadcast. These reports — all at the same time and with very similar content — make us wonder about their timings.

Despite their false propaganda and false allegations on Saudi Arabia, western media outlets have ignored an important report from Princeton University on terrorist acts in the US from 1980 to 2005. According to this report, based on FBI data, most (94 percent) terrorist attacks on US soil are carried out by non-Muslims: 42 percent Latino; 24 percent extreme left-wing groups; 7 percent Jewish extremists; 6 percent Muslim extremists; 5 percent Communists; 16 percent by others.

Needless to say that most of what has been written about Saudi Arabia is based on myths. The western media ignore what Saudi Arabia has been doing to counter terrorism locally, regionally and internationally.

There was a time when the prime role of television news was to report hard facts leaving viewers to form their own opinions. Today, every reporter, anchor, professor, activist and member of an obscure think tank are political, geopolitical and strategic pundits. Moreover, almost every network has its own agenda when it comes to certain issues. News is cherry-picked or exaggerated or glossed over to suit its core editorial policies.

Guests are selected whose opinions coincide with those policies. Dished out to us nowadays is not strictly news; more often than not it’s news polluted with views. Unaware viewers are being indoctrinated on what to feel and what to think unless they have the time and inclination to delve beneath the sound bites and the strap lines.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir was recently tackled by reporters on Saudi women being unable to drive during his visit to Munich to attend a security conference, even though that subject had nothing to do with global security. His answers were impressive. “This is not a religious issue, it’s a societal issue,” he argued, while pointing out the advances in women’s empowerment that have taken place.

“We went from no schools for women in 1960 to universal education to where today 55 percent of college students are women,” he said and was right to highlight that it took 100 years for the US to give females the right to vote and another 100 before there was a woman speaker in Congress.

While there is a diversity of opinion when it comes to domestic news, the western media almost behaves like a monolithic gang with its reportage on the Middle East driven in part by government lines. This has become extremely noticeable over the past few years. Take example of Saudi Arabia. Almost every guest invited to talk about Saudi Arabia on these Channels is either an anti-Saudi propagandist or someone associated with the deviant & misguided groups such Muslim Brotherhood or Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Moreover, while the media never fails to bash Saudi Arabia on human rights, Iran that makes Saudi Arabia’s human rights record pale by comparison is currently being treated as the hero of the day, never mind that people are regularly hanged from cranes, and minorities, such as the Ahwazi Arabs, are forbidden from giving their newborns Arab names or being taught Arabic in schools. Worse, although they are the rightful sons of the soil in the oil-rich region of Arabistan (now called Khuzistan) occupied by Persia, they are relegated to low-paid menial jobs and villages without electricity.

There’s never a mention that the Lebanese are under the Iranian boot via Iran’s proxy Hezbollah. There’s scant criticism over the Iranian intervention in Syria in partnership with the regime or the money and weapons funnelled by Iran to the Shiite Houthis in Yemen who not only planned to take over governance but also to aggress Saudi Arabia. What’s really astonishing is the way the networks make excuses for the continued “Death to America” chants as meaningless rhetoric designed for domestic consumption.

Even as Iran is being welcomed into the international fold with over $100 billion in its grasp, the western media celebrates Tehran’s mega shopping spree in Europe. As far as we can tell, Khamenei’s announcement that he intends to bolster “the resistance” has disappeared under the radar. Now the media has discovered a new target, Saudi Arabia, which has emerged as a proactive regional player. Saudi bashing is the new sport. Saudi officials interviewed on any topic under the sun are invariably questioned about human rights, women’s rights and its laws, whereas Iranians are not only left off the hook, they are being courted.

An escalation in the hate campaign following the execution of 47 terrorists in the Kingdom points the finger of suspicion to the Iranian lobby that might be actually paying for such articles, a Saudi newspaper has said.

In January last year, the Daily Telegraph published an article by Con Coughlin, an expert in international terrorism and the Middle East, saying that Britain should stand by the Saudis against Iranians to answer calls for the isolation of Saudi Arabia from the international community. However, Coughlin is among a minority in the British press who realize the importance of maintaining good relations with Saudi Arabia, which is actually fighting against terrorism at home and abroad.

Coughlin wrote that some people in the UK Foreign Ministry say building strong relations with Iran might serve British interests in the long run. The British press viewed Al-Nimr, one of the 47 terrorists executed in the Kingdom last month, as innocent and ignored his real face. “Iran and China execute more people than Saudi Arabia, but no one mentions these executions. To them, negative news about the country that protects Islamic holy places is more important to broadcast. This only reflects on the hatred and bias against Islam,” the Arabic language daily said.


(ii). Some Examples of the issues that were raised by the Media campaign to defame Saudi Arabia.

Example #1: Misleading Media reports about Saudi Arabia not taking in Syrian Refugees:

With the exodus of Syrian refugees to Europe just one of the reasons used to attack and unfairly criticize the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia has defended its efforts to aid Syrians fleeing the conflict in their country, following criticism that Gulf countries have not been taking in enough refugees since the crisis broke out there more than four years ago.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Friday cited an official source in the foreign ministry as saying the kingdom wanted to make clear its role in helping refugee in light of charges it was doing nothing. The official said it was “important to clarify these efforts with facts and numbers in response to media reports, which included false and misleading accusations about the kingdom”.

Gulf States say they have taken in hundreds of thousands of Syrians since the civil war there began in 2011, just not as refugees.

“Saudi Arabia was keen to not deal with them as refugees, or to put them in refugee camps, to preserve their dignity and safety, and gave them complete freedom of movement.”

“Saudi Arabia gave whoever chose to stay in the kingdom, which are in the hundreds of thousands, proper residency … with all the rights that are included like free health care and engaging in the workforce and education.”

The kingdom has also provided about $700m in humanitarian aid to Syrians and had set up clinics in various refugee camps, the statement by the SPA said.

The official source said more than 100,000 Syrian students were receiving free education in the kingdom.

The country has also provided humanitarian aid to countries hosting Syrian refugees and through international relief organizations.

Dr. Abdullah Al Matouq, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs, said Gulf countries are among the first nations to provide aid to Syrian refugees since the crisis began in 2011. Kuwait hosted three donor conferences which collected $7.7 billion for the refugees, he added. GCC states were the largest donors at the conference. “As special envoy for the UN, I am duty-bound to showcase the GCC’s efforts on the matter,” he told Kuwait News Agency.

In the UAE, government sources said in a statement carried by the AP that more than 100,000 Syrians have come to the UAE since 2011. There are nearly 250,000 Syrians living here. “We don’t treat the Syrians as refugees,” government sources told Gulf News. “We treat them as any other resident of the UAE — with the same rights.” Their residency procedures have been relaxed due to their humanitarian situation.

According to official figures, the UAE has donated $540 million to house Syria’s 4 million refugees living in camps. In January, the UAE pledged $100 million, and $44 million of that has already been disbursed.

Mohammed Khalid Alyahya, Associate Fellow at the Saudi Arabian King Faisal Centre For Research And Islam Studies stated, On why Saudi Arabia hadn’t taken in any Syrian refugees:

“Zero is a very inaccurate number because Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a refugee policy. There are 500,000 Syrians in Saudi Arabia that have been given visas, 3000 of which, based on a recent royal decree, have been given scholarships to attend university inside the kingdom. They are also given healthcare for themselves and their families but they are called visitors, they are not called refugees. Many of them are there to visit their families, who already live in Saudi Arabia. I can’t speak to other Gulf countries but the number in Saudi Arabia is 500,000. We can argue that this number is LOW but I would say the entire international community has done very little to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.”

He then adds :

“… we have seen a lot of focus on the refugee crisis after there was a spike in the number of refugees coming into Europe and after we saw these heart-breaking photographs of drowned civilian children and civilians but the refugee crisis has been going on for 4 years. It’s as if people have forgotten Syria until that one picture of the child surfaced.”
“25 million refugees, that’s where we are headed right now. There is no concrete plan of action to stop the root of the problem which is Bashar Al Assad.”

The reporter, Lyse Doucet, than asks : “It’s not going to end tomorrow, the war, and if there is this growing sense that there’s a short-term emergency crisis on the humanitarian side, would Saudi Arabia consider treating some the Syrians as refugees because of course there’s a different status if you’re a refugee than if you’re a student for example. Refugees would imply whole families would come in and would be in certain rights.”

Mohammed Khalid Alyahya replies “Whole families have come in and they have been given visas and their statuses have been formalised in Saudi Arabia. Just the fact that they’re not called refugees doesn’t mean that they aren’t refugees. Putting the number at zero is extremely misleading. It just ignores the fact that there are 500,000 Syrians in Saudi Arabia as a result of this war that WEREN’T in Saudi Arabia before it.
For more details refer this article: {Source 1} ; {Source 2}.

Example #2: Rumour of Saudi Arabia offering to built 200 Mosques in Germany for Syrians:

There was the rumour circulating in the Media, never confirmed by any Saudi official that we know of, that the Kingdom had offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for the Syrian refugees. This caused a negative reaction among some German politicians, who criticized the alleged offer by saying that the refugees needed economic assistance more than mosques. This rumour served again to make the Kingdom look bad, not that mosques for the refugees would be a bad thing, but in terms of priorities this was seen in the West as insensitive and helped play on the fears of some right-wing Germans that Muslims want to take over their society with their mosques and Sharia law.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry denied media reports that the country offered to build 200 mosques in Germany. Various media reports stated that Saudi Arabia offered to build the mosques to accommodate the influx of Muslim refugees in Germany if German authorities approved.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques and the birthplace of Islam is committed to supporting Muslim communities around the world. Building mosques in other countries is arranged in close coordination with the governments of those countries in order to facilitate the ability of Muslim citizens and residents to practice their faith,” said Ambassador Osama Ahmed Nugali, head of the Media Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement, according to a press release.

In response to the reports that the country offered to build 200 mosques in Germany, Nugali said, “This issue is not under consideration and no discussions have taken place with the German government about it. Therefore, the reports are without basis or truth.”

Example #3: Baseless stories about the reasons for the stampede in Mina during Hajj:

Some UK newspapers published incorrect stories about the reasons for the stampede in Mina. Colin Freeman, the chief foreign correspondent for The Telegraph, was criticized on social media for a story alleging that “the deadly crush had been caused by police closing two road entrances because of a visit by VIPs to the nearby palace of King Salman.”

In reality, the stampede took place on a street which is far from the palace. Journalists who are aware of the topography of the area laughed both at the spurious story and at the writer’s ignorance.

“Rather than accepting wild allegations, he should have crosschecked with people on the ground concerning the location of Street No. 204 (where the tragedy occurred) and the location of King Salman’s palace,” said Jamil Radwan, an Egyptian journalist who is covering Haj. “The two are poles apart. Also, there is absolutely no VIP movement in that area,” he reiterated.

In a statement to the media, Saudi Ambassador to the UK, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, said claims that the stampede had occurred because of VIP movements were completely false. “This is a malicious falsehood which has no basis whatsoever in truth. The vehicles of Saudi dignitaries do not travel through this area,” he said and explained the source of the rumour.

“To the best of our knowledge, the rumour originated on Iranian state-controlled channels, Press TV and Lebanese Adiyar, which recently falsely claimed that 200 mosques were being built in Germany by Saudi Arabia for Syrian refugees.”

He said it was unfortunate that mainstream British newspapers had accepted the story as true without checking the reliability of the sources.

Muslim World League chief also denounced Iranian criticism of Saudi Arabia.
“Irresponsible statements from some Iranian officials are aimed at harming Saudi Arabia and its leaders,” said MWL Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki. “They want to harm Muslims who have faith in Saudi Arabia and its leadership which serves the two holy mosques.”

A Saudi, who tweets with the handle @nawaf442, posted a tweet in which he said: “Just for information: A stampede at a stadium in Sheffield, England, during a Liverpool vs Nottingham match, attended by 40,000 spectators resulted in 100 deaths.”

Saudi Arabia’s enemies should be ashamed of themselves for trying to score political points against the Kingdom by using the innocent victims of these tragedies. If the Kingdom had been truly negligent in taking care of the pilgrims, we don’t think anyone would object to such criticisms. But when the Kingdom has spent billions of riyals and man-hours planning and improving the various pilgrimage areas, it is not only unfair to blame the Kingdom for these disasters. It is downright cynical. What we really need are constructive suggestions on how to make the Haj safer for everyone involved.

Example #4: False reports that the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Madinah may be removed:

Reports that surfaced in Western media outlets claiming that the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) in Madinah may be removed, were strongly rejected and denied by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques.

“This is the personal opinion of a researcher, who had expressed his views in a study, and it does not reflect the views of the presidency or the Kingdom,” said Ahmed Al-Mansouri, the presidency’s media spokesman.

The spokesman urged media outlets and researchers to refrain from spreading speculative rumours about significant holy sanctuaries, affirming that a provision is made against such actions in the presidency’s charter.

“We are discussing the prospect of taking legal action against the British daily with our legal consultants,” Mowafaq Al-Nowaiser, deputy editor-in-chief of the “Makkah” newspaper, told Arab News.

The researcher Ali bin Abdulaziz Al-Shibi, based on whose study the Media published those reports, as it allegedly suggested the relocation of the Prophet’s tomb. The Researcher himself nailed UK media lies. In response to questions that his study calls for moving the grave of the Prophet (pbuh) from its current location to the Al-Baqea Cemetery, he said: “God forbid, and I seek refuge from the wrath of God about what the Independent newspaper claims I said, which is that the grave of the Prophet should be moved or demolished. This is something I have never said and neither I nor anyone else has the right to say this, and it is false and fabricated.”

Al-Shibi added: “This is a matter that cannot be changed, as this is our religion and our Prophet (pbuh), and those who claim I said this are lying and fabricating the truth in order to create false matters with which to distract people as they carry out their plans.” “We are pleased in the Kingdom with the role of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to protect the Two Holy Mosques, and all our enemies are trying to interfere in order to stir up chaos among our people”.

For details refer this {source}.

Example #5: False propaganda against Dar al-Hadith Dammaaj:

Iranian news agencies have – for the past year at least – been spreading false propaganda against Dar al-Hadith Dammaaj, claiming that “Takfiri militants” are arriving in the region to attack al-Houthi Shias. In a typical propaganda piece from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency makes dated 30/10/2013 and titled, “Saudi Arabia provokes takfiris to launch war on Houthi Shias in Yemen”.

This is part of Iranian-sponsored propaganda to justify the Houthi aggression against peaceful Sunni, Salafi students who have come for no other reason but to study at Dar al-Hadith Dammaj. This centre of study has been in operation since the 1980s, initiated by Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee who had a significant role in converting hundreds of thousands (a BBC report mentions millions) of Zaydi Shias into mainstream Sunnni Muslims. Attempts to portray students at Dammaj as “Takfiri militants” are blatant lies and part of an organized propaganda campaign to win local and international sympathy for the Houthi aggressors. In the late 1990s certain prominent Houthis converted to Twelver Shi’ism and thereafter received support and funding from the Rafidah of Iran.

Example #6: False reports of Saudi King gifting a Golden Toilet to his daughter on her marriage:

Some Media outlets, such as indiatoday and, have spread a fake story that, King Abdullah spent upwards of $3o million on his daughter’s wedding dress and that He gifted her a toilet made of Gold. This news spread quickly and before long people’s timelines were filling up with this piece of crazy news and was being hastily shared by many along with commentaries about how ludicrous and extravagant the Saudi royal family is.

However, a quick online search or even a bit of basic knowledge about the Arab world would have quickly shown that the news was Fake. The pictures of the ‘princess’ and her groom were not of a Saudi couple but were in fact of a Moroccan couple, and the golden toilet photos were actually from a display at the 11th World Toilet Summit and Expo held in China in 2011. It became quickly evident that the story was fake and that the photos being used were not from Saudi Arabia but from Morocco and China.

Ironically, the media picked up some fabricated story about how extravagant Saudi royal family is, but on the other hand when it came to the simple and modest burial ceremony of the same King Abdullah, his funeral procession was reported in various media outlets, such as the BBC. In their reports, they mentioned:
“His burial was conducted in line with the traditions of Wahhabism – the ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam followed by the kingdom – where funerals are austere and simple. {Source}.

These concepts and indeed the manner in which the funeral of King Abdullah was performed is not “in line with traditions of Wahhabism” rather these are the very teaching of Islam, the practice of all true Muslims and the Sunnah and guidance which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) left behind.

Indeed the new King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman ibn AbdulAzeez said:
The enemies of the Da’wah, have confused the message of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn AbdulWahhaab with the term ‘Wahhabiyyah,’ a doctrine that does not exist here.

Example #7: Baseless reports of Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia passing a Fatwa that a Muslim can cannibalize and eat his wife:

Several pro-Iranian media outlets, such as the online portal of Al Allam news channel Lebanon’s website, without backing it with any evidence or specifying a reference source have carried the story that, “The Grand Mufti Of Saudi Arabia Passed A Fatwa That A Muslim Can Cannibalize And Eat His Wife”. Although this was a blatant lie, as Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh has denied issuing a fatwa (religious edict) which allows a hungry man to eat his wife, or parts of her body, in the case of famine or if eating his wife would result in saving his own life.

Sheikh has issued a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) where he brushes off such media reports as “attempts by enemies to distract society from their main cause at the moment, which is standing together behind our wise leadership against attempts to distort the Ummah [the world’s Muslims].” “This is also falls under attempts to distort the image of Islam which has honored the human-being without discrimination between men and women.”

In the past few days, Saudi ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad al-Assiri as well as former Prime Minister Saad Hariri have criticized Lebanon’s state television and other media outlets and accused them of being exploited in attempts to insult Saudi Arabia.

As for the original source of the fake fatwa, CNN Arabic has reported that the imaginary edict was first mentioned in a sarcastic column written by a satirst Moroccan blogger called “Israfel al-Maghribi.” Despite The Onion-like column carrying the name “Akhbar al-Tanz” (which in Moroccan dialect means ‘sarcastic news’), several media outlets, including various pro -Iranian ones, still went on to report what was meant to be a joke as news.

Respected Readers, after reading these cheap attempts by Anti-Saudi Media Outlets to defame Saudi Arabia, there remains no doubt that, how desperate they are to defame Saudi Arabia and Muslims. Hence, we suggest that, next time you come across any such news trying to defame Saudi Arabia, just don’t blindly accept it. Follow the command of Allah in this regards; Allah(SWT) said in Quran:{ Believers, if a troublemaker brings you news, check it first, in case you wrong others unwittingly and later regret what you have done (49:6)}. Don’t believe anything you hear or see until you’ve channel surfed, read the newspaper fine print and armed with solid facts, then and only then, you decide.

What is strange and unfortunate is that, some Muslims blindly rely on the Fasiq(troublemaking) Media Outlets[Iranian, Western, etc] whereas, when Arab Media clarify the real scenario and refutes the false propaganda reports, this is not accepted by those Muslims. They are like, this News comes from Arab media owned by Saudi princes. They can influence news in their favour. Well, then why don’t you make the same assumption while reading anti-Saudi news? Western Media are owned by Zionists. Iranian Media is owned by Rafidah. They can influence news against Arabs. Gradually Zionists and Rafidah have succeeded in gaining favour of Muslims. Unfortunately Horse-mouth for Muslims too is the same Western Zionist Media.

Nevertheless, Praise is due to Allah! Saudi Arabia has always been strong and united in spite of campaigns and attempts to stir conflict and sow dissension.

And they have indeed planned their plan, but their plan is with Allah, though their plan was such that the mountains should pass away thereby. (Quran 14:46)


(iii). Sell-out Mullahs are being used to spread Anti-Saudi propaganda.

It’s quite unfortunate, but it is true that some sell-out Mullahs are being used as the medium to sow the seeds of hatred for Saudi Arabia among the lay Sunnis, and to create a soft corner for Iranian Regime among the Sunni community. So, it’s not just that the media alone in this race of defaming and spreading hatred against Saudi Arabia, but even the sell-out Mullahs are active in the groundwork. Even though it is true that, certain Sunni schools of thought such as Sufis dislike Saudi Arabia due to religious differences however, the enemies of Islam have taken the advantage of these differences and are using the sell-out Mullahs from these groups to fuel the hatred against Saudi Arabia and at the same time trying to develop a soft corner for the sectarian Iranian regime. So it’s important that those Sunni groups overlook the differences they may be having with Saudi Arabian Government, for the sake of the Muslim Ummah, as this is the way prescribed in the Sunnah of Prophet(SAWS) and His companions.

The authoritative Sunni organizations of different schools of thought must be cautious of such individuals whose aim is to create hatred for Saudi Arabia and turn the lay Sunnis into Pro-Iran; The responsibility even lies on the Sunni audience, since they must be cautious about such Mullahs, who are trying to spread Anti-Saudi and Pro-Iran propaganda, they must take a note of such Mullahs and report this to the authoritative leaders of the recognized organizations, working in favour of the Ummah.

We would like to present one example from the many, for the benefit of readers, so that they get an idea that how some Fitna mongering Mullahs are trying to spread false propaganda and hatred for Saudi Arabia. The Mullah in the clip is Farooq Razvi who hails from India, but beware that the strategy used by Enemies of Islam/Muslims isn’t restricted to Mullahs of just one region or country; certainly, it is being implemented in several regions.

Here is the clip[in Urdu] from the lecture of Mullah Farooq Razvi:

Mullah Farooq Razvi states that Saudi Arabia committed a biddah(innovation) in religion by printing the picture of the ruler over their currency notes, then He states that there are countries which are free from this (Bidah)innovation, and He says “Iran is one of such country”. However, apart from the ignorance of this Mullah about the definition of Bidah(innovation) in religion, he blatantly lied that the currency notes of Iran don’t contain any picture. The currency notes of Iran do contain pictures of their leaders, especially picture of Ayatollah Khomeini. Hence, this clown(Razvi) was badly refuted by another scholar, in an academic manner in the same clip.


(iv). The Deviant Cults holding the Khawariji ideology are being used to incite hatred against the Muslim Governments(esp. Saudi Arabian).

The deviant cults which have adopted few ideologies of Khawarij such as Ikhwanul Muslimin(Muslim Brother-hood), Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamaat Islami, etc, are being used by Enemies of Islam to incite hatred against the Muslims Rulers/Governments to disunite the Muslims and to further weaken the Muslim Ummah. The deviance and hypocrisy of these cults is that on one hand they criticize the Muslim Rulers and the Righteous Scholars and on the other hand they flatter Iran, and don’t utter a word against the oppressive & sectarian Iranian regime; they even praise the terrorist organization Hizbullah. The khawariji ideology which these cults possess has made them a favorite tool for the Enemies of Islam, who wanted to weaken the Muslim Ummah and Muslim states. Hence these cults are being used by the enemies of Islam for the very same reason, they are funded & protected by the Enemies of Islam and are given a platform to spread their corrupt views and ideas among the Muslims.

These cults attempt to overturn everything that Allah had bestowed upon Muslim countries – Esp. Saudi Arabia and its inhabitants, who live in pleasant unity, harmony & agreement and in total loyalty to Allah and his Messenger. These cults defrauded the people who were mostly following the straight path. In all honesty, take everything that these deviant cults say, and put it to the test of Allah’s verses and the Sunnah of his Messenger(SAWS), any decent and knowledgeable man will not pronounce them anything but Khawarij!

By Allah, the leaders of these deviant cults are interested only in reining over this world and know nothing of the world to come. They are engaged only in inciting people against one another. We know from the course of history, that the opposition to a ruler did not produce something good or put an end to something evil. Infact, they are the faithful disciples of global Freemasonry, which is the daughter movement of Zionism. One can read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and read about the global Freemasons movement.

The irony is that the members of these deviant cults know nothing of monotheism(Tawheed) beyond what simple people know. In fact, any child amongst the children of monotheism can teach their senior officials, the meaning of genuine monotheism, not only in words but in deeds. Nor, did they produce a Muslim religious scholar, let alone a Faqih or Muhaddith. Yet, these shameless people bad mouth the righteous scholars; dishonour them by calling them with offensive names. They criticize the righteous scholars who served their life teaching the Ummah the religion of Islam, by calling them boot-lickers of rulers or paid-scholars even though these deviants aren’t even worth the dust on the shoes of these Scholars. Infact, these deviants are following the foot-steps of their spiritual fore-fathers – The Khawarij, who used to bad mouth the noble scholars of their time- the Companions of Prophet(SAWS).

We advice the sincere readers not to listen to a single word uttered by these deviant cults and the secularists, who are interested only in opposing the rulers under the pretext of seeking freedom and justice! Anyone who follows them will become convinced of their deception, and will see that they are causing religion and the world to dissipate and flounder, but by then it will be too late.


The best example which illustrates the threat of these deviant cults to the Muslim Ummah is the story of four persons living in a room. They have a neighbor who envies their room. So, this envious neighbor realizes that the ventilation of the room is not perfect, hence he plays a trick by telling these people living in the room that, the room they are living in doesn’t have proper ventilation; it needs to have proper ventilation, so they can dig holes in certain spots to get a perfect ventilation. Two out of the four, say that the current condition of room is fine and what they have is sufficient, it may not be perfect but they are satisfied with it, but the rest of the two guys argue that the room does need proper ventilation; they decide to improve the ventilation of their room and to make it perfect. Even after strong objection from the other two sensible guys, these two idiots start making holes in the walls at the spots pointed out by envious neighbor. Eventually they end up damaging the pillars of the room and also the walls, due which the whole room collapses.

In this story the envious neighbor resembles the Enemies of Islam, the two sensible persons resemble the people adhering the correct methodology of Ahlus-sunnah and two idiots who feel for the trick of that neighbor resemble the deviant cults such as, Ikhwanul Muslimin(Muslim Brother-hood), Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamaat Islami, etc, who call for bringing perfection in the Muslim states, not realizing that the means through which they claim to bring perfection, could lead the Muslim States/Muslim Ummah to destruction.

Hence, the lesson to learn from this story is that, we must be thankful to Allah Almighty for what He has granted the Muslim Ummah, especially the Land of Tawheed Saudi Arabia. But the presence of these deviant cults threatens the security of Muslim Ummah, because these fools aren’t aware that the means through which they want to bring perfection within the Muslim Ummah, could eventually lead to its destruction, hence it is a very important duty of the Muslims adhering to the correct methodology of Ahlus-Sunnah to stop and rectify these deviants.


(v). Views of Prominent Sunni Scholars about the Government of Saudi Arabia being a Government of Tawheed and Sunnah.

(i). Shaykh Al- Allamah Saleh Al Fawzaan said :

This is a blessed State—the State (under the authority) of the family of Saud; the State of Islamic Monotheism and in it the pure Islamic Legislation is implemented, enjoining good and forbidding evil is established, and in it is found continuous knowledge sessions to teach the sciences of the Islamic Legislation, the language sciences and the technical sciences. This State provides service to the two noble sacred mosques (i.e. takes care of them), it gives high regard for the safety of those who perform Hajj and Umrah and those Muslims who come to them by Allaah’s tawfeeq. It spends in establishing the Islamic call in (Saudi) and in the Islamic world. It spends generously in assisting the needy and distressed Muslims in every place and plays a role in solving the problems of the Muslims. Indeed, this State was established upon the legislated Islamic oath of allegiance—preserving unity, carrying out the (divine) legislated Islamic punishments against criminals and corrupters with that which preserves the Religion, honour, wealth, safety and stability, since there can be no safety without unity and there can be no unity without ruler ship, and there can be no ruler ship without listening to the (ruler) and being obedient to him. Ruler ship is made binding by the oath of allegiance of the people of authority and not by way of western elections….

(ii). Shaykh Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) said:

I call Allah (The Most High) to witness to that which I say and you also bear witness; Indeed, I do not know of anyone in the earth today who implements the laws of Allaah in the (manner in which) this land implements it—I mean the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And there is no doubt that this is from the blessings of Allaah upon us, so let us preserve what we are upon today; rather let us increase in (establishing) the laws of Allaah (The Mighty and Majestic) more than what we are upon today; because I do not claim perfection and that we are at the peak with regards to implementation of Allaah’s Laws. And there is no doubt that we are devoid of many of it, but we are better—and all praise is due to Allaah— due to what we know of other countries. We live in blessings in this land after we had been in a state of poverty, in security after we had been in a state of fear, (bestowed with) knowledge after we had been ignorant and in a state of honour after being in a state of humiliation due to the virtue of holding onto this Religion—which is a (source of) fury in the hearts of the people of malice and a (source) of restlessness (for them) on their beds. They wish that what we are upon should cease to exist…..
[See: Dawla At-Tawheed Was-Sunnah of Shaikh Ahmad Baazmool: page: 11]

(iii). Shaikh Ahmad Bin Umar Bin Saalim Baazmool (may Allaah preserve him) quoted Shaikh Saaleh Al-Luhaydaan (may Allaah preserve him) who said:

This country is the heart of Islaam and its sanctuary. It has been blessed with many affairs of peace and security whose match is not found in the world. There is no doubt that it is unrestrictedly the best of governments in this World. And this neither means that it is (perfect) nor that anyone says that it is perfect, rather it has mistakes and we have mistakes; however it is the best of governments upon the face of the earth. And for that reason, it is incumbent upon every Muslim within and outside of it to supplicate for it to be upon firmness, strong upon truth and giving assistance to the oppressed. And the reason (for its success) is that it has remained upon the Pure Creed of of Tawheed, and because it establishes the prescribed Islamic legislated laws when the conditions for its establishment are fulfilled. [Source: Dawlatu at-Tawheed Was-Sunnah: page: 14]

(iv). Shaikh Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz (rahimahullaah) said:

Allaah brought about King Abdul Azeez and benefited the Muslims through him. He (Allaah) brought about unity, raised the truth, aided His religion, and established the enjoining of good and forbidding evil by way of him, resulting in tremendous knowledge, a lot of blessings, establishment of justice, aiding the truth, propagating the call to Allaah (i.e. Tawheed, the Sunnah and the way of the Salaf) which none can enumerate except Allaah. Then his sons after him traversed upon this path–in establishing truth, spreading justice, and enjoining good and forbidding evil. This Saudi State is a blessed State—Allaah aided the truth, the religion and brought about unity by way of it and closed the means to corruption. Allaah brought about safety in the land by way of it and there occurred great blessings, which none can enumerate except Allaah. [Quoted by Shaikh Ahmad Baazmool in Dawla At-Tawheed Was-Sunnah: pages: 9-10]

(v). The Muhaddith of the Era Imaam Naasirud-deen Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah) said:

”I ask Allaah to preserve the blessings in the Arabian Peninsula and in all the Muslim lands, and that He preserves the State of Tawheed (i.e The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)—[Source: Dawlah At-Tawheed Was-Sunnah of Shaikh Ahmad Baazmool: page:12]

Shaykh Naasirud-deen Al-Albaanee(Rahimahullaah) also said in as-Silsilah as-Saheehah (volume 7) whilst commenting on the hadeeth ( بايعنا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على السمع والطاعة), and after refuting the doctrines of the Khawaarij, he said:

And the intent is that they revived an evil way into Islam, and they took revolting Against the Muslim Rulers as a deen (to be followed) over the passing of time and [the passing of] days, despite the warning of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) from them in many ahaadeeth.From them is his (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam’s) saying, “The Khawaarij are the Dogs of Hellfire”, and despite them not having seen kufr bawaah (manifest, plain, clear kufr).Rather [they see] what is less than that of dhulm (oppression) and fisq (sin). And the day, and history repeats itself, as they say, for [factions] of Muslim youth have sprung up who did not understand the religion except little and they considered that the rulers do not rule by what Allaah has revealed except little, and thus held the view of revolting against them, without consulting the people of fiqh (jurisprudence) and hikmah (wisdom) amongst them. Rather, their leaders drove and kindled tribulations blindly, and they shed blood in Egypt, Syria, Algeria and prior to that in the tribulation of the Haram of Makkah. So they opposed this authentic hadeeth by way of that upon which the Muslims have acted, both the Salaf and the Khalaf, except the Khawaarij.

(vi). The Imām, the Allāmah, ash-Shaykh, Muqbil bin Hādī Al-Wādi’ī:

“What I Witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” Date: 15th of the month of Rabi al-Awal in the year 1422 after Hijri (only a month or so before his death), corresponding to the 7th of June 2001.

This recantation is a clarification of some statements he, rahimahullah, had made, in some of his works, in criticism of Saudi Arabia. Having spent a long time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during his illness which led to his death over the last year or so of his life, he witnessed many things directly that led him to make the following clarification, in which he took back all of what he had previously stated.

The clarification is itself a refutation of the Hizbiyyoon and the Thawriyyoon who intend evil and also of the Hizbiyyoon who would utilise the Shaikh’s previous statements in order to cause confusion amongst Ahl as-Sunnah, by justifying their innovated ways and methods by way of the previous ijtihaad of Shaykh Muqbil in this matter.

We ask Allah, subhana wata ‘ala, that He bestows vast mercy upon our noble father and scholar, Muqbil bin Hādī Al-Wādi’ī. And that he raises his ranks in Jannah for having caused much of the goodness by calling the people to Salafiyyah, by the will of Allah, in the land of Yemen and other than it. Here The Link : {Source}.

(vii). Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen on the Government of Saudi Arabia:

Question: What is your reply to one who says that most of the evils present in the land of Tawheed (referring to Saudi Arabia) come from the government itself, and that the leaders are not Salafee (following the righteous Muslim predecessors)?

Response: Our reply is that this is just like those people who used to say the Prophet (may peace, mercy and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was insane or a poet. We reply with the famous Arabic phrase:“No harm will come to the clouds from the barking of the hounds.”

There does not exist today a country like ours with regards to Tawheed and ruling by the Islaamic legislation. Of course, it is not free of problems just like every other country in the world. Even in Madeenah during the time of the Prophet (may peace, mercy and blessings of Allaah be upon him), there were some people who used to commit crimes such as stealing and adultery.

And he (Ibn Al-`Uthaymeen) also said: Some people today have been tested with backbiting and speaking bad about certain groups from the Islaamic nation like the leaders of its affairs: the scholars and those working within the governments. They let their tongues loose when they sit, talking about the scholars, the callers, those in authority, and the governments in general which are higher in position than the general authorities. Backbiting these people is an even greater sin and its effects are worse, causing dissension and division within the Muslim nation.

Oh brothers, certainly backbiting those in authority like the leaders and scholars is not only backbiting those individuals, but it’s also backbiting and destroying what they stand for regarding their responsibilities. So when people talk badly about the scholars, the overall status and importance of scholars diminishes in the eyes of the people. Furthermore, what the scholars may say and advise with from the legislation of Allaah then loses its weight. This in turn results in people not acting in accordance with the legislation – all caused by that initial backbiting. In that, there is a weakening of the religion of Allaah among the common people. So people who speak badly of those in authority like the nation’s leaders and governments, they harm the entire society. They don’t harm only the government, but the whole society.

This leads to infringement upon the safety and security of the society, its stability, and public order. When people dishonor their leaders (kings, presidents, etc.) and governments, their status and reputations are lowered among all the common masses. They begin to renounce allegiance to them, stop acting in compliance with what they command, and disregard whatever they may prohibit. At such a time, anarchy becomes acceptable to the society, each individual becoming his own leader. Then the affairs of corruption set in and the people live in chaos and disorder having no direction and leadership. So backbiting is a major sin and not something to be taken lightly.

[Source: Al-Fataawaa Al-Al-Shar`iyyah Fee Al-Qadaayaa Al-Asriyyah; From the cassette: ar-radd alaa Ahmad Salaam]

Quran States: {O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah and be just witnesses and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do} [Al-Maeda 5:8]

5 thoughts on “Anti-Saudi Propaganda: An Exposition for the awareness of sincere Muslims.


    • Aale Muhammad has a very broad meaning, it means followers of Prophet Muhammad(SAWS), and it can even mean family of Prophet(SAWS) including HIS WIVES. But unfortunately, Shias have gone against the very message of Salat o Salam on Aale Muhammad, either by making takfeer of the people upon the Sunnah of Prophet(SAWS), Ahlus-sunnah or by making takfeer on certain wives of Prophet(SAWS). For details refer our article : {The Fact about Aale Muhammad regarding which Shias are unaware}.

      As for Islam getting branded with violence and terrorism, then it is due to the Shias and their spiritual father’s the Khawarij. Infact the most common attack on Islam by orientalists, that it was spread by sword, can be proven true by them from the example of force conversions of Persian Sunnis into Shias by the Safavids, where thousands of Sunnis were killed for not accepting Shiism. For details refer this article: {Non-Shias in the view of Taqiyyah-free Twelver Shiism}. The fact which people aren’t aware of is that, it was Shiism that was spread by sword not Islam.


    • When the Quran was talking about majority, it was talking about the population of the world as a whole, not just any isolated group. So you cannot used that formula anywhere you feel like. If this doesn’t gets in your empty head then you must start believing that Itna asharis are astray because they are majority among Shia sects. Or the Usoolis are astray because they are majority among itna Ashari. See how foolish your (mis)understandings are.

      As for majority choosing Busg Trump etc then the same majority elected Khomeini, Khamenei and Ahmedinejad. So before opening the lid from the pot of your stupidities, think twice that it doesn’t backfires on you.

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