Analysis of the Shia responses for the Questions in our Challenge

In regards to our “Open challenge to Shias”, after a long period we found some Shias who dared to take up this challenge. So as we had promised below are their answers(without any editing) and Our analysis that, were they able to answer the questions we asked in our challenge or not.


The first Shia brother who took up our challenge named himself “Brad”

Shia brother(Brad) Stated: Please forgive my lateness, 1 year later instead of the 3 months you have given, and hope the challenge has not finished. Since you had no takers on this challenge, i felt pity and saddened by the lack of response on your web-blog. Instead of answering your 5 questions which are based on a sectarian (& sofist) mindset; I will endevour to provide a response to the first 2 only and leave the others to who has some free time to play.

Our Answer: You are most welcome, infact we are glad that you atleast took up the challenge which none of the shias scholars or the other Shias dared or WOULD DARE to take up. Though they wanted to take this challenge, but they knew that they didn’t had any ground to stand against this challenge. So don’t worry brother even if you would have approached us 10 years later, then too, we would have appreciated your efforts. And yes we know that for an average Shia its very difficult to answer all those questions, So it isn’t weird if you chose to answer just the two. But don’t be saddened brother because it’s not just that a lay shia can’t answer all those question, but Alhamdulilah even the high ranking Shia scholars can’t answer all those questions. Which you will also realize some day(Inshallah).

This was Our First Challenge: Please explain us in explicit manner, what do you mean by GUIDANCE? In the sense that the “guidance which cannot be provided by the guide of sunnis, but which could be provided by your hidden Imam because he is alive”.

Shia brother’s(Brad) response for the First Challenge: (1) The best response in regard to guidance would be the guidance of the Prophet(pbuh & his family), which has been recorded in the Sahih books of Sunni (aswell as Shia): “I am leaving behind, **TWO** things which if you grab hold of you will NEVER GO ASTRAY after me (ie. will be guided); Quran and my Ahlul Bayt..”

Note: the Prophet (p) said 2, not 1-Quran, nor 3-Quran/Ahlul Bayt/Sahaaba, nor Quran and Sahaaba for that matter…..I am sure you can count to 2 at least; So why do you not accept (obey/follow) the Prophet?? (Note: if you think Ahlul Bayt are wives; then go ahead and follow them)…

Our counter Reply:

Brother it seems that you didn’t understand our challenge properly. You should have read it in a proper manner to understand it. But anyways these type of errors do occur from lay Shias, they jump up to take up challenges, without properly understanding them. So let us try to explain you what was the first challenge.

We asked the Shias to define “guidance” which could only be provided by the present Imam of Shias i.e Imam Mahdi. Now, you stated that, the best guidance is Quran and Ahlelbayt. But you didn’t realize that we didn’t ask that who are the “GUIDES” but we asked to define “GUIDANCE”. Your answer would have been valid if our challenge would have been that, Shias should tell us that who are their guides, but as you and the rest of readers can see, our challenge was not regarding the guides but regarding the guidance. Infact we made it crystal clear in our article that Prophet(Saw) is the Guide for Sunnis and for this era Imam Mahdi of Shias is the Guide for Shias. So this is the thing we already stated. But what you completely missed is that, we asked Shias to define “guidance” which they are receiving from their present Guide(Imam Mahdi).

Like you may say that the ahadees which are narrated FROM Imam mahdi are the guidance for Shias, or that he solves the disputes among Shias which is a type of Guidance, etc. So we are looking for defination of guidance, we aren’t asking who are the guides.

So now if you have understood the challenge and if you think that you can answer it(which even shias scholars failed to) then you are welcome, to reply back to us again.


This was Our Second Challenge: Please show us how is your hidden Imam guiding you, Since its the way through which unfortunately the Guide of sunnis(prophet(saw)) cannot guide the sunnis because he(saw) is dead? Please provide JUST ONE explicit and clear example, which could practically be proven.

Shia brother’s(Brad) response for the Second Challenge: (2) Guide of Sunnis. You contradict yourself; in your article you say the guide of the Sunnis (or Wahaabis – not sure which one it is) is the Prophet (p) himself yet in Question 2 you say unfortunately: “..[he] cannot guide the sunnis because he(saw) is dead!!”. A strange statement when the Quran says: ” Do not say of those slain in the way of God as dead! Nay, they are alive…gaining sustenance from their Lord”. (Wahaabis take note of this verse; those who say Prophet(p) is dead and gone as dust and not worth visiting). As for how Imams guide, again I will refer you to the Prophet(p) recorded in many Sunni Sahihs (eg.Bukhari and the like):

“AFTER ME, there will be 12 Caliphs/Imams/Amirs..”. Guidance is referred to Quran, then referred to Prophet and then referred to – as he(p) said- 12 GUIDES OF RELIGION after him…..So why do you not follow (obey) the Prophet(p)?

Note: Ofcourse, as humans (Sons of Adam), we are averse to truth, and can downplay the importance of these Prophetic instructions, eg. Ahlulbayt are wives, they weak narrations/isnad, 12 imams are other than shia ones etc…..but that is the individuals prerogative whether he wants to be guided by Truth or by his nafs/desires/shaytan. “Verily the (true) beleivers of God are few” & “Most of them, know not”.

Our counter Reply: 

It’s apparent that you didn’t get the gist of the challenge, on the first hand you didn’t even understand the clear and explicit statement made by us. That is why you came up with such silly response. Firstly you failed to understand that our statement in second challenge was a “rhetorical” statement. We were mocking the stupid logic of Shia opponents from, Since they were the ones who claimed that since Prophet(saw) is dead then he can’t be a guide for people after him.

Secondly, though you completely failed to understand such a simple statement from us, and you concluded that we contradicted ourselves, yet you missed to see the statements of your own Shia websites. And ironically you accused us that we neglect Quran by saying Prophet(Saw) is dead, but infact it was your own reliable Shia website, who made this statement.

Here is what they stated, Shia website Stated:

{Quote}The guide must be alive in this world with the people of his time. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) is the warner to all Muslims and all mankind till eternity. But he was the guide only to the people of his time. After his death, other people were guides.” He is not the guide of the generations after his death.{End Quote}[Screen Shot]

Now after reading this, we hope that you will not accuse the renowned Shia website for propagating Wahabism. And going by your logic, as you seem to hold the opinion that Prophet(Saw) is not dead and he(saw) is alive. Then why don’t you take him as your guide, since he is the best guide. Why to take guidance from others, when you can take guidance from the best guide, who is alive according to you?

We assume that you might have realized the blunder mistake you made in your understandings, but again we appreciate your efforts, since atleast unknowingly you dared to take up the challenge, which even the Shia scholars from a year didn’t dare to. Alhamdulilah.


The second Shia brother who took up our challenge named himself “Haydar Karrar”

Shia brother Haydar Karrar Stated:

1… The Guide of Sunnis’ and Shi’is’ alike is ultimately Nabi Muhammad (saww) who guides us to . But if he were to come back…it would cause unimaginable Fitna and war, so He (saww) appointed the Imams, and there must be one alive to keep complete guidance in this world.
To have Nabi Muhammad (saww) lead us to , we first need someone to guide us to Nabi Muhammad (saww)….so this is the Guidance Imam Mahdi offers us. We are not saying that Nabi Muhammad (saww) is dead for us….just saying that he is no longer among us and him coming back, especially right now, will cause huge Fitna. This is why guidance to him is Guided by the 12th Imam …..This is the Guidance that ONE OF the existing, just hiding, Guide of the Shi’is’ gives, while the ONLY Guide of Sunnis’ refuses to come back because of Fitna… I hope I answered your question good enough.

Our Answer: 

Firstly, we appreciate you for taking up this challenge, which none of the shias scholars or the other Shias dared or WOULD DARE to take up.

Now, coming to your claim that the return of Prophet(Saw) would be a huge fitna, this is an invalid argument because Sunnis don’t say that Prophet Muhammad(Saw) have returned to guide them, but rather they say that Prophet Muhammad(Saw) is guiding them through his teachings without any return.

Further, you acknowledge that during his lifetime Prophet(Saw) was a guide, So at that time he(Saw) didn’t need any other divine guide inorder to guide people towards him. Prophet Muhammad(Saw) was a direct guide to his people.

Secondly, inorder to guide people towards Prophet Muhammad(saw), one doesn’t need to be infallible and divinely appointed, this can even be done by fallible people. Like Sahaba(ra) used to guide people towards Prophet Muhammad(Saw). And even today we guide people towards Prophet Muhammad(saw), specially our scholars, be it Sunni or Shia, yet they never claim to be infallible or divinely appointed. So it must be clear to you that, inorder to guide people towards Prophet(saw), one doesn’t need to be divinely appointed, it was your home made rule, which is proven to be illogical.

Thirdly, your present Imam isn’t guiding you towards Prophet Muhammad(Saw), rather it’s the ahadeeth of other Imams in your books, which guide you towards prophet Muhammad(saw) and those Imams according to shias were guides for their period only. Since you don’t have any teaching from Imam Mahdi(present shia Imam) which guides you to Prophet Muhammad(saw), thus the claim that Imam Mahdi is guiding you towards Prophet(Saw) is baseless.

Fourthly, you said that your Imam Mahdi is guiding you towards the Prophet Muhammad(saw). But this isn’t an answer to our question, unless you provide us a proof which shows THE WAY OR METHOD in which Imam Mahdi is guiding you towards Prophet Muhammad(Saw). Like is he providing you some written commands which guides you towards Prophet Muhammad(saw) or his sayings? Or do you receive any verbal commands from him in this regards?

Keeping these things infront of our readers, we would like to inform you that, you have miserably failed to answer the first question from our challenge.


Shia brother Haydar Karrar Stated:

2… Our Imam:AlyhisSalam: meets with people he chooses to, people that he can trust….Nabi Muhammad (saww) is the guide of the Shi’is’ as well but I will give you an example…..In the old ages when Khulafah ruled, the Khalifah would be in one city and appoint Governors in different cities….The Khalifah still new what was going on in the whole empire…but still appointed the Governors to take care of problems in case he couldn’t come back….similar is the case with Imamah…just instead of different cities it is with different times. Nabi Muhammad (saww) knows everything in this world, but He (saww) and appointed Imams because the presence of Nabi Muhammad (saww) openly will cause fitna…but he is seen in dreams….Some Mujtahids meet with Imam Mahdi and He even met with a boy….you have to earn his trust before meeting him, and also He will not meet just for fun, He will meet for reasons. Maybe one day you and I will meet him and only then we can know the complete answer to your question…….I hope i answered your question good enough.

Our Answer:

Firstly, can you please provide us any AUTHENTIC source from Shia sources which supports your answer. Because the view that people can meet Imam Mahdi among Shias is disputed.

Here are few examples:

From al-Kafi,

عدة من أصحابنا، عن جعفر بن محمد، عن ابن فضال، عن الريان بن الصلت قال: سمعت أبا الحسن الرضا عليه السلام يقول – وسئل عن القائم – فقال: لا يرى جسمه، ولا يسمى اسمه

Imam al-Reda(as) when asked about al-Qaim, said: ‘His body will not be seen nor his name will be mentioned’. It is graded as Muwaththaq(reliable) by Majlisi.

Hasan b. Ahmad relates that he was with ‘Ali b. Muhammad Samarri some days before he died. A letter came from the Imam which he read for the people. The contents were as follows:

In the name of God. O ‘Ali b. Muhammad Samarri, may God reward your brethren in your death, which is going to take place in six days’ time. So take care of your affairs and do not appoint anyone in your place, since the complete occultation has taken place. I will not appear until God permits me to do so (may His name be exalted) and that will be after a long time and after the hearts become hard and the earth is filled with wickedness. In the near future there will be those among my followers who will claim to have seen me. Beware, those who claim this before the rise of Sufyani and the [hearing of the] voice from the sky are liars. (Bihar al-anwar, Vol. 51, p. 361).

When esteemed Shia Shaykh al-Radhy was asked about the incidents of scholars meeting Imam al-Mahdi(a). He replied that it is not possible to prove or disprove such incidents.
لا يمكن نفي أو إثبات الرؤية بمجرد الكلام
فلقد جاء في بعض الروايات ( من أدعى الرؤية فكذبوه) ، فقد يتشرف الإنسان بالإمام ولكنه لا يتكلم ، وقد لا يراه ويدعي الرؤية ولذلك يصعب الإثبات أو النفي .
موقع الهداية
مكتب سماحة العلامة الشيخ حسين الراضي
And according to Shia scholar Syed Fadhlallah these incidents are not proven as authentic/established.
س) هل علماء ائمة اهل البيت يشاهدون امام العصر و هل صح روايات مقابله محمد بحر العلوم لامام المهدي؟
بإسمه تعالى:
ج) لم يثبت عندنا ذلك، فإن مقتضى غيبة الإمام المهدي (عج) الكبرى هو عدم إلتقائه بأحد.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
مكتب الاستفتاءات لسماحة آية الله العظمى
السيد محمد حسين فضل الله

Shia Ayatullah Syed Fadhlallah doubts even the possibility of meeting Imam in ghayba al-Kubra. [Click this to see the screen shot of his answer].

So, it’s apparent that the view which you hold is a disputed one among Shias, and there doesn’t seem to be any authentic proof which could be established to support your opinion.

Secondly, in regards to meeting Imam Mahdi, how could a person be so sure that the one whom he met was Imam Mahdi? Since no one has seen him, then how could one believe a person claiming to be Imam Mahdi?  Also some of your Hadeeth states that Imam Mahdi couldn’t be seen, so you may say that his voice could be heard, but again the question that will raise is that, how could one be certain that the voice he/she heard was of Imam Mahdi?  Isn’t it possible for mischievous Jinn to make such voice to deviate and misguide people?

Anyways lets proceed further, you said that the Imam Mahdi guides people to Prophet Muhammad(Saw) this is his duty, then if this is the case then why is it that from 1000 years there is a disagreement among Shiites regarding several ahadeeth. A group of shia scholars considers hadeeths (for example regarding tahreef of quran) to be authentic, while the other doesn’t. So how is it that Imam Mahdi guiding them?

Thirdly, it seems that you are unaware that there are lot of sunnis who claim that they met prophet(saw) after his death, and there are several stories related to this issue. So how will you respond to those sunnis, who will claim that they can be guided by Prophet Muhammad(saw) directly? If you say that those stories are fabricated then the same will apply to the stories Shias believe in regarding the meeting of Imam Mahdi. And if you say that you don’t have any problem with the idea that Prophet(Saw) met people after his death, then why don’t you take him as a guide now, since he is the best guide which humanity could ever have?

Fourthly, you claimed that Imam Mahdi comes in the dreams of people. So brother this quality is not just restricted to Imam Mahdi, even Prophet Muhammad(Saw) comes in the dreams of people. On the contrary we find ahadeeth that Prophet(saw) said: He who sees me in a dream has certainly seen me, because Satan cannot take my form” (Bukhari). However we don’t find any such ahadeeth which states that Satan cannot take the form of Imam Mahdi in dreams of people. So how could people follow Imam Mahdi, based on their dreams?

Thus, after analyzing your second answer to our second question, we conclude that even this answer was filled with illogical conjectures. This has proved before us that you have no certain proof that how differently is Imam Mahdi guiding the Shias.


Shia brother Haydar Karrar Stated:

3… The answers for the past two SHOULD be good enough…but if not, then please tell me….and we are guided by the Sunnah of the Imams and the biggest Imam is Nabi Muhammad (saww) of course….but lies have been said against him and especially in our time it is difficult to know the complete true Sunnah and Hadith….and by the way….many Sunnah and Hadith do not deal with these times so we have the Imam now….I hope i answered you question good enough.

Our Answer:

It’s true that many lies have been attributed to Prophet Muhammad(saw) by liars and fabricators that is why Ahlesunnah developed a science to differentiate between authentic hadeeth and fabricated hadeeth, Known as Hadeeth science and Ilm ul Rijal. With the help of this science we were able to certify the true guidance of Prophet(Saw). But since you seem to have said that, it’s difficult to differentiate between the true sayings of Prophet(Saw) and the false ones, thus you need Imam Mahdi. Then this should mean that Imam Mahdi should let you know that which are the true sayings of Prophet(Saw) and which are the false ones. But unfortunately it’s the Shia scholars who are doing this divine job of Imam Mahdi.

Moreover, from 1000 years there is a disagreement among Shism regarding the ahadeeth. A group of shia scholars considers hadeeths on various issues of creed(for example regarding tahreef of quran) to be authentic , while the other doesn’t. So how is it that Imam Mahdi guiding them towards the correct ahadeeth and doing his duty?

Secondly, why did the Shias adopt Ilm ul rijaal or Hadeeth Science, when Imam Mahdi was there to let them know about the authentic ahadeeth of Prophet(Saw). Doesn’t this step of Shia scholars shows that Imam Mahdi isn’t guiding them properly or not doing his job properly, due to which they had to adopt something which was formed by Sunnis?

Even, this answer of yours proves that the beliefs of Shias are illogical and unproven. And your Imam Mahdi isn’t guiding you in any way.


Shia brother Haydar Karrar Stated:

4… The Dunya survived after the Prophet Muhammad (saww) with the Imams….just there presence is sufficient, but that is no excuse not to listen to them….And I cannot predict the Future…maybe Imam Mahdi will not die until us, maybe he will appoint another Da’i like He did appointed the few before the Major Occultation….but …..
I hope I answered your question good enough.

Our Answer:

Sorry, brother but you didn’t answer our question in satisfactory manner but rather you proved before our readers that there are no logical or sane replies a shia could give when they are questioned regarding their beliefs. And all your assumptions which were based on Qiyas(which is haram in shiism to make) shows that you don’t have a definate answer to our question. You based all your views on conjecture.

Secondly, it seems that you made these assumptions out of your ignorance, because you aren’t aware of hadeeths mentioned in your books. You should have atleast read our article completely before taking the effort of answering those questions.

عن أبي بصير قال: قلت للصادق: يا ابن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، سمعت من أبيك أنه قال: يكون بعد القائم اثنا عشر مهدياً، فقال: إنما قال: اثني عشر مهدياً ولم يقل: اثني عشر إماماً، ولكنهم قوم من شيعتنا، يدعون الناس إلى موالاتنا ومعرفة حقنا
Narrated abi baseer: I Said to al Sadiq: O Son of rasul allah PBUH, I heard from your father that he said: After al Qa’em there will be 12 other Mahdies, Imam replied: He said 12 Mahdies not 12 Imams but they are a folks from our shia and they will call upon the people to follow our path and know our rights.
Source: كمال الدين: (335)، البحار: (53/145).
Bihar al Anwar 53/145, Kamal Al Deen 335.

In another narration:
: إن منا بعد القائم اثني عشر مهدياً من ولد الحسين
From us there will be 12 Mahdies from the son of hussein after al Qa’em.
Source: البحار: (53/148)، غيبة الطوسي: (285).
Bihar al Anwar 53/148, Ghaybat al Tusi 285.

وعن أمير المؤمنين رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: يا علي، إنه سيكون بعدي اثنا عشر إماماً، ومن بعدهم اثنا عشر مهدياً، فأنت يا علي أول الاثني عشر الإمام
Ameer Ali RAA Said: The prophet PBUH said: Ya Ali after me will be 12 Imams and after them 12 Mahdies and you O Ali are the first of the Imams.
Source: غيبة الطوسي: (105)، البحار: (36/261) (53/148).
Ghaybat al tusi 105, Bihar al Anwar (36/261)(53/148).

الباقر: والله ليملكن رجل منا أهل البيت الأرض بعد موته ثلاثمائة سنة، ويزداد تسعة، قال: قلت: فمتى ذلك؟ قال: بعد موت القائم
Al baqir Said: By Allah Men from us will rule the earth each 300 years and nine, I asked; When will that be? He said: After the death of al Qa’em.
Source: تفسير العياشي: (2/352)، مختصر البصائر: (130)، البحار53/146)، غيبة النعماني231)، غيبة الطوسي: (286)، الاختصاص: (257)، البرهان: (2/465).
Tafseer al Ayyashi 2/352, Mukhtasar al Basa’er 130, bihar al anwar 53/146, Ghaybat al nu’umani 231, Ghaybat al Tusi 286, al Ikhtisas 257, Al burhan 2/465.

Now, if you say that after the death of Imam Mahdi, his appointed Da’i(representative) will lead the people, then this will contradict the Shia belief that the earth can’t survive without an Imam. Since the Da’i can’t be considered as an infallible Imam. If you say that he too will be an infallible Imam, then the Shias should change their belief in 12 infallible Imams to 13 infallible imams.

Thus, even this answer of yours proved that how weak and illogical shia beliefs are, which can’t stand the challenge of sense and logic.


Shia brother Haydar Karrar Stated:
5… I think that the definition of Faith plays a big part in this….and the misguidance of other sects can be proven….well, i probably could not do a good job at it but ask the Grand Scholars…I hope I answered your question good enough.

Our Answer:

Again, you failed to answer this question properly friend, because it’s the duty of the guide to guide people towards correct path, as we explained in the question. Atleast, Prophet Muhammad(saw) is guiding us through his teachings and Sunnah even in this era, but unfortunately your Imam Mahdi is not even doing that, since you don’t have any authentic ahadeeth narrated by your Imam Mahdi which solves the disputes that are present in your sect from centuries. This shows how unreal your claim that Imam Mahdi is guiding you is!

Your Imam Mahdi is SUPPOSEDLY guiding you from 1100 years, we don’t find any authentic hadeeth from him. Atleast he should have written a hadeeth book and should have handed over to his Shias, So that no disputes among Shias take place. Yet we don’t find any such thing from your Imam Mahdi.


The third (unnamed)Shia brother who took up our challenge

Shia brother Said: Imam Mahdi appointed people who are guiding us.

Our Response:

Who are the ones that were appointed by Imam Mahdi to guide Shias? Because we find that the Shias are guided by “al-Wali al-Faqih” for example Ayatullah Khomeini, etc. And the election of Wali Al-Faqih is not done by Imam Mahdi but rather by Shia scholars. When Ayatollah Khomeini died, it was the body known as the Majles-e-Khobregan (the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership) who voted for his successor. The Majles-e-Khobregan consists of 86 of the most prominent Shia Mujtahids, or Maraje’ (top scholars). These 86 individuals conducted Shura (mutual consultation) and eventually decided on two men: Grand Ayatollah Golpaygani and Grand Ayatollah Khamenei. After further deliberation, the latter was chosen by the Majles-e-Khobregan. And we know that similar thing happened after Prophet(Saw), where the Sahaba elected the Caliph, who guided people based on the teachings of Prophet(Saw). So what is the problem to shias in accepting that?

Secondly, some shias try to say that like Prophet(Saw) appointed people to guide people in places outside madinah. So in similar way Imam Mahdi appointed our ulama to guide people, then the answer to this is that, those people whom Prophet(Saw) appointed, guided people based on the teachings of Prophet(saw), since he was the present guide at that time. But according to you, your present Imam is Imam Mahdi, yet the shia Ulama instead of guiding people on the teachings of present Imam, they guide people on the teachings of previous Shia Imams. So when people can be guided by some fallible(scholars) from the teachings of previous Imams, then why can’t sunnis be guided by fallibles based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(Saw)?  So this point is not in favour of Shias, but is rather against them. It shows that the Prophet Muhammad(Saw) is guiding Sunnis in a better way than your Imam Mahdi is guiding you.

May Allah guide Shias to straight path.



With this we end our analysis of Shia responses and the counter replies to their responses, but again we appreciate these Shias for trying to answer these important questions which even the Shias scholars didn’t or wouldn’t dare to. However, we would like to say that we welcome any other Shia who wants to take up our challenge.

And our readers might have realized from the responses of Shias, that how unreal, unscientific and illogical the beliefs of Shias are in regards to Imam Mahdi being their guide. We found that how shias are clueless when they are asked some logical questions and How they attempt to save their cult by giving some silly answers based on conjecture and analogies(qiyas).

We would like to share with our readers an authentic hadeeth from Shia books which speaks about the role of Imams, and from that any sane person can easily understand that the present Shia Imam is not doing his duty. He is not guiding them at all.

In chapter of “The earth must always have a Hujjah” Shia book al-Kafi vol.1 pg.178:
عَلِيُّ بْنُ إِبْرَاهِيمَ عَنْ أَبِيهِ عَنْ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ أَبِي عُمَيْرٍ عَنْ مَنْصُورِ بْنِ يُونُسَ وَ سَعْدَانَ بْنِ مُسْلِمٍ عَنْ إِسْحَاقَ بْنِ عَمَّارٍ عَنْ أَبِي عَبْدِ اللَّهِ ( عليه السلام ) قَالَ سَمِعْتُهُ يَقُولُ إِنَّ الْأَرْضَ لَا تَخْلُو إِلَّا وَ فِيهَا إِمَامٌ كَيْمَا إِنْ زَادَ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ شَيْئاً رَدَّهُمْ وَ إِنْ نَقَصُوا شَيْئاً أَتَمَّهُ لَهُمْ .
Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from Muhammad bin abi `Umayr from Mansour bin Yunis and Sa`dan bin Muslim from Ishaq bin `Ammar from abu `Abdillah (as): “The earth does not exist without an Imam in it so that if the believers add anything it is rectified and if they take away anything it is completed for them.” [Shia scholar Majlisi said “Hasan Muwaththaq”(good reliable) and another shia scholar Behbudi said “SAHIH”.]
Comment: This hadeeth clearly shows that the job of Imam is to preserve the religion, if the believers add something like an innovation, he removes it, and if they forget some religious ruling, he reminds them. And unfortunately the present Shia Imam is not doing this job in any ways, ironically NONE of the Shia Imams did this.We find Shias doing all sorts of innovations, one shia groups criticizes them and other group backs that innovation and they rebuke that group which criticize them. Had it been that the present Shia Imam did his job properly then, there wouldn’t have been these problems in Shia cult.

We pray to Allah that he grants the shias who read this dialogue, the true guidance which only Allah(swt) can provide. And that He guides Shias towards the true and straight path which was shown by the guide of Sunnis Prophet Muhammad(saw).

May Allah shower his blessings and mercy upon Prophet Muhammad his family and his companions.

14 thoughts on “Analysis of the Shia responses for the Questions in our Challenge

    • We suppose this is the answer for our first question. Let us re-quote our first challenge for your benefit and the benefit of the viewers.

      THIS WAS OUR FIRST CHALLENGE: Please explain us in explicit manner, what do you mean by GUIDANCE? In the sense that the “guidance which cannot be provided by the guide of sunnis, but which could be provided by your hidden Imam because he is alive”.

      YOUR RESPONSE IS: For guidence from Imam Mahdi(atjfs): that is spritual.

      OUR COUNTER RESPONSE:Brother we suggest you to answer our challenges after going through them thoroughly, otherwise you will end up missing the gist of the challenge. Now we are sorry to say but the answer you provided for this serious and important question is too silly. We asked the Shias that how is the guidance Shias are receiving from their hidden Imam different than the guidance Sunnis are receiving from their Imam Muhammad(pbuh)? We say that we are receiving spiritual guidance from Prophet Muhammad(Saw). So what is the need of your Imam then? Don’t you consider Prophet Muhammad(Saw) to be the best Imam? If yes then why don’t you take spiritual guidance from him?

      If you say that what is the proof that Prophet Muhammad(Saw) is spiritually guiding Sunnis, then we ask that what is the proof that your Imam Mahdi is guiding you spiritually? Then you will inshallah realize how foolish your response is.

      So we advice you to do some proper research or if possible consult your scholars before answering these question.

      May Allah guide you.

  1. Although we cannot see our
    12th Imam, Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), but
    he can see us and knows when we are in
    need of his help and comes to help us.

    • We suppose this is the answer for our Second Challenge. Let us re-quote our first challenge for your benefit and the benefit of the viewers.

      THIS WAS OUR SECOND CHALLENGE: Please show us how is your hidden Imam guiding you, Since its the way through which unfortunately the Guide of sunnis(prophet(saw)) cannot guide the sunnis because he(saw) is dead? Please provide JUST ONE explicit and clear example, which could practically be proven.

      YOUR RESPONSE IS: Although we cannot see our 12th Imam, Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), but he can see us and knows when we are in need of his help and comes to help us.

      OUR COUNTER RESPONSE: Please pay attention to the bold part from our challenge. We need a practical proof, not just proof-less words. Because you might be aware that there are SOME PEOPLE(we don’t) who claim that even Prophet Muhammad(Saw) sees us and knows when we are in need of his help and he comes to help us. So why don’t you join them, because they prove the existence of your Imam to be of no use, since they are being guided by Prophet(Saw). Now you might argue that they are liars and they don’t have any proof, so my dear friend we can argue the same with you, even you don’t have any authentic(sahih) and valid proof to support your claim.

      Secondly, our question is regarding guidance, and you might agree with us that Shias are in need of guidance especially those Shias who consider Imam Mahdi to be their 12th Imam and yet believe that Quran has tahreef. I know not all Shias believe in this, however there is a portion of shias who believe in this. So don’t they need guidance? If yes then why isn’t your Imam Mahdi approaching them to guide them and correct their deviant beliefs? Ironically some of your esteemed Shia scholars held deviant beliefs yet Imam Mahdi didn’t approach them or guided them. So this proves your claim to be a failure. And you don’t even have a proof to support it unfortunately.

  2. Rply to ur Q# 2:

    Prophets are alive
    in their graves

    Rasool Allah (saw) said:

    Allah has declared it forbidden for the
    earth to eat the bodies of the
    prophets. So the prophets are living
    and they regularly receive their


    Ibn Majah narrated this sahih (sound)
    hadith in his Sunan, b. of jana’iz (funerals)
    ch.65 (1:524#1636-7), b. of iqamat-us-
    salat was-sunnah fiha (establishing prayer
    and its sunnahs) ch.79 (1:345#1085);
    Abu Dawud, Sunan, b. of salat (prayer)
    1:275 (#1047); Nasa’i, Sunan, b. of
    jumu’ah (Friday prayer) 3:92; Ahmad bin
    Hambal, Musnad (4:8); Ibn Hibban, as-
    Sahih (3:191#910); Darimi, Sunan
    (1:307#1580); Ibn Khuzaymah, as-Sahih
    (3:118#1733); Ibn Abi Shaybah, al-
    Musannaf (2:516); Hakim, al-Mustadrak
    (1:278); Tabarani, al-Mu’jam-ul-kabir
    (1:217#589); and Bayhaqi in as-Sunan-ul-
    kubra (3:249).

    Rasool Allah (saw)
    is aware of actions
    of Ummah

    “Your deeds are presented to me. If
    they are good, I express my gratitude
    to Allah, and if the deeds are not good,
    then I pray to Allah for your


    Haythami transmitted it in Majma’-uz-
    zawa’id (9:24) and said that that tradition
    had been reported by Bazzar (in his
    Musnad) and its sub-narrators are all of
    sahih (sound) hadith. ‘Iraqi has confirmed
    the soundness of its chain of transmission
    in his book Tarh-ut-tathrib fi sharh-it-
    taqrib (3:297). Ibn Sa’d has recorded it in
    at-Tabaqat-ul-kubra (2:194). Qadi ‘Iyad
    has inscribed this tradition in ash-Shifa
    (1:19); and Suyuti, recording it in al-
    Khasa’is-ul-kubra (2:281) and Manahil-us-
    sifa fi takhrij ahadith ash-Shifa (p.3), has
    commented that Ibn Abi Usamah in his
    Musnad has reproduced it through Bakr
    bin ‘Abdullah al-Muzani and Bazzar in his
    Musnad who have relied on its narration
    by ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud with a sound
    chain of transmission. It has been
    endorsed by Khafaji and Mulla ‘Ali Qari in
    their commentaries on ash-Shifa, i.e.
    Nasim-ur-riyad (1:102) and Sharh ash-
    Shifa (1:36) respectively. Hadith-scholar
    Ibn-ul-Jawzi has reproduced it in al-Wafa
    bi-ahwal-il-mustafa (2:809-10) from Bakr
    bin ‘Abdullah and Anas bin Malik. Subki
    has copied this tradition in Shifa’-us-
    siqam fi ziyarat khayr-il-anam (p.34) from
    Bakr bin ‘Abdullah al-Muzani, and Ibn
    ‘Abd-ul-Hadi in as-Sarim-ul-munki
    (p.266-7) has authenticated its veracity.
    Bazzar’s tradition has also been recorded
    by Ibn Kathir in al-Bidayah wan-nihayah
    (4:257). ‘Asqalani narrated it through
    Bakr bin ‘Abdullah al-Muzani in al-Matalib-
    ul-’aliyah (4:22-3#3853). ‘Ali al-Hindi
    copied Ibn Sa’d’s tradition in Kanz-
    ul-’ummal (11:407#31903) and from
    Harith (#31904). Nabhani related it in
    Hujjatullah ‘alal-’alamin fi mu’jazat sayyid-
    il-mursalin (p.713).

    • Dear friend,

      You have shot your leg with your own axe, the narrations you quoted shows that Prophet Muhammad(Saw) who is the present Imam and Guide of Sunnis can guide them. So why don’t you take guidance from the greatest Imam , Prophet Muhammad(Saw) ? Your hidden Imam isn’t even a Prophet. So its more logical and sensible to take him as your guide, As the Sunnis have done.

      Lastly we would like to provide you a gift from your own esteemed Shia scholar, who admitted that your hidden Imam doesn’t guide you, So stop fooling your ownself. And if you want to attain Jannah then take Prophet Muhammad(Saw) as your present Guide and Imam, like the Sunnis. Actually your esteemed Scholar proved that Shias have miserably lost the Challenge.

      Esteemed Shia Scholar exposes the bitter truth about the 12th Imam.

      May Allah Guide you.

  3. Al Hindi Al Nasabi~

    Ys we consider Our Beloved PROPHET(saww) the best of bests….He was the Imam of Imam Ali(as)

    More over
    ”We do not follow Ali(as) becoz he was better than Muhammad(saww), we follow Ali(as) becoz none like him followed Muhammad(saww)”

    Imam Mahdi(ajtfs) has himself stated If any one wants to come close to Prophet(saww),come close to me,becoZ m closest to Him(saww).

    Imam Mehdi(as) or our any other Imam(as) are Wasila to PROPHET(saww) n PROPHET(saww) Is wasila to

    we are not saying Only Imam Mehdi(As) is giuding us….call upon any VALI of AllAH he vl defnitily guide u when u r Troble

    • Brother, there is nothing to discuss since your esteemed scholar have admitted that your Imam Mahdi is not guiding the Shias. So there no need to give these silly responses inorder to save your cult from humiliation. Firstly shiawebsite openly declared that Muhammad(Saw) is NOT the GUIDE FOR SHIAS, as we have shown in our article, you can even check the screenshot from shiawebsite which made this bold claim. Secondly you say that you follow Ali(as) but the issue is that your current Imam is Mehdi not Ali(as). So the unanswerable question for shias still remains unanswered that how do you follow your Imam Mahdi?

      Also you say that your wasila is your Imam Mehdi, but the question is not about wasila rather its about guidance of the current Imam. Lastly you say that you don’t claim that ONLY your Imam Mahdi is guiding you, any wali(friend) of Allah will guide you. By this point you have sent the belief of Shias regarding Mahdi being the present guide into dustbin. We hope the other Shias will not make your takfeer due to this comment, since you are an ignorant who speaks without knowledge. So please don’t waste our time with these silly answers. Next time we won’t be answering any of such foolish comments, it would be good for you to ask any of your Shia scholar to help you out in answering these questions.

    • how are sayings of imam Mehdi known to people when he is not seen by poepel or meets them

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